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Mr. Superb (real name Bob Parr) – a famous superhero . After the next night, when he saved from bank robberies, suicide and death from train wreck in his life, the problems begin. Disgruntled saved showered him with lawsuits, and Superb forced to change their lifestyle and retire.
Held for 15 years. Mr. Superb settled down, started a family and lived undercover, working as a clerk in an insurance company. Bob’s wife – Helen Parr, in the past also superheroine Elastika – bore him three children (Violet, Shastik and Jack-Jack). All of them are also carriers of unusual abilities.
Bob Parr longs for the old life at night and stole a police radio wave listening with Freon. Sometimes a secret from their wives, they are taken to the old and save someone. Office work more bored Bob and after a quarrel with his boss fired. On the same day, Bob receives a message from a girl who calls herself a Mirage, which implies that there is a demand of his superpowers. Unknown organization hires him to work on a single test combat robot new design. Mr. Superb successfully destroys the robot, and to seek his services again and again. At home, he does not say that once again took up the old craft.
This goes on for two months, while Mrs. Parr not suspected wrong, finding fresh patch on his old super suit. Why he needed a husband? It was during this assignment Mr. Superb in trouble. For a secret organization, on which he worked, is his former fan. 15 years ago, a boy named Buddy, a young inventor who dreams of becoming a superhero, was asked to help exceptional and was refused. It’s scary offended Buddy and he harbored a grudge against all superheroes and Mr. Exceptional in particular. All these years he built a plan for revenge. The last task was to send Mr. exclusively on the light. However, to help her father and her husband sent members of the Incredibles. In order to survive, they have to become a team, which claimed superpowers each of them: Violet – force field and invisibility Shastik – speed, and Jack-Jack – superhero-polymorph.
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The Incredibles Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Movie Language: Hindi & English (Dual Audio)
Movie Size 360 MB
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