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Flushed Away Free Download English and Hindi Dual
Flushed Away is a British – American computer animation film by directors David Bowers and Sam Fell from 2006 The comedy is based on a film script of fur, which it jointly with the scriptwriters. Peter Lord , Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais wrote. The film, a co-production of DreamWorks Animation and Aardman Animations , launched on 7 December 2006 in German cinemas.
Roddy St. James, a spoiled rat in the London district of Kensington , has virtually everything you need to live: a golden cage, plenty to eat and a TV with DVD player he when his owner out of the house , as a drive-in theater used. The only thing it lacks are friends because the game characters with which he delivers to are not particularly talkative. All this changes when one night the filthy and football enthusiasts sewer rat Sid comes out of the sink and intends to remain in Roddy’s house. Roddy tries to pretend Sid that the toilet is a hot tub is to get rid of the uninvited troublemaker again. However, Sid sees through the trick and flushes Roddy instead into drains down. After a tumultuous journey through the sewers he sees that there’s a city below, which looks exactly like London. The greatest desire of Roddy However, it is returned to the upper world to come. An old sea dog advises him to Rita, captain of the Jammy Dodger to turn.
Roddy goes in search of Rita and finds them too. It has a supposedly genuine ruby , the cold-blooded Upper Rogue Toad would like to own. In a chase them but manage to escape and at the same time to steal the main cable for a machine of the toad, which is now inoperable. However, they discover that the ruby is not real. Roddy and Rita agree that he’ll give her real rubies, they should help him get back home. On the way back to the upper world they visit Rita’s family. Roddy finds that Rita and her family despite their rustic and financially tight lifestyle are far richer than he ever was. The hot-headed toad has not given up and wants to put their plan into action, with the help of the machine (which is a closed sluice gate operated) the whole city during the final of the soccer World Cup to drown, so he and his tadpoles the place of rats can take over in the sewers. However, at the end, he needed the main cable that uses Rita since her escape as a belt. Because his two henchmen, the stupid white laboratory rat Bleichie and the hot-headed rat Spike, but are more than incompetent, he sends his French cousin Le Frog going to eliminate the two friends and retrieve the main cable.
Roddy and Rita make it though to get away from him and his cronies, but when the chase is sinking the Jammy Dodger in the depths of the sewer. However, Roddy and Rita arrive with the help of a Plastiksackes that they use as a parachute, in the upper world. In Roddy’s house arrived, he handed over to Rita the promised real ruby from a casket of his owner, but then presents Rita finds that Roddy lives in a cage. However, he is too proud to admit that he is not free. Rita decides to return to the underworld, where it Le Frog and his cronies succeed Rita capture and return the main cable of the toad. This can bring the deadly machine again. Roddy finds himself meanwhile with Sid together the FIFA World Cup on. When he mentioned happened that Roddy should not drink too much, so he only in the mid-term must go to the toilet, Roddy is clear, what is “the plan of the toad.”
Roddy decides to leave Sid’s place in Kensington, so that he can save the city and especially Rita from flooding. Roddy manages the incredible and he can also put the toad and frog Le incapacitated. Roddy has now in the underworld everything he needs to be happy, especially his Rita. Sid, however, has it comfortable in his new home, and his mistress him a “playmate” brings: A cat.
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Flushed Away Free Download English and Hindi Dual

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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