How to Train Your Dragon Free Download HEVC Dual Audio 480P


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How to Train Your Dragon Free Download HEVC Dual Audio 480P

How to Train Your Dragon is a full-length animated film produced by the studio ” DreamWorks Animation “, which premiered in Russia on March 18 2010 in the following formats 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D . Cartoon directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois based on the eponymous series of books by British children’s author Cressida Cowell .
Cartoon tells the story of friendship boy and the dragon , through which bitter rivals – the Vikings and dragons – found a common language and became friends. This animated film was nominated for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ” Oscar ” 
During the six months rental box office movie made ​​almost half a billion dollars . Critics gave the film positive reviews almost alone, noting the high quality of visual effects and special representations touching relationship between the characters.
Seven generations of Vikings rose island boobies. Live peacefully prevented them pests – dragons . They burned houses, carried away livestock and products. But everything changed the adventure that happened to the son of a tribal leader.
Viking teenager named Hiccup was not like the other Vikings nor the power of the body, neither the ability to killing dragons. But he was sure that as soon as one of the reptiles destroy his life will improve. One night dragons made ​​another raid on the village. Hiccup, not listening to his father, took part in the defense of the village. During the battle he used a clever trap of his own invention, catapults tried to catch one of the Dragon – Night Fury, the most mysterious species of dragons. Boy tracked down and shot it in the woods, but could not find the strength to finish a helpless animal. Hiccup dragon freed by cutting the rope . He rushed at the boy, knocked him roar and harmlessly, disappeared behind the trees.
The same evening, Hiccup’s father – a tribal leader named Stoick – told his son that goes to another in search of swimming dragons lair. In his absence, Hiccup must study and train in the arena with the other guys. The winner would get the right to kill their first dragon. The first training session was unsuccessful – Hiccup nearly fried dragon his fiery breath. After training, wandering through the forest, Hiccup stumbled upon a hidden rock valley where they found tempered dragon, the Night Fury. Tail due to injury, resulting in the fall, the dragon could not fly.
The next day, Hiccup returned to the valley for a dragon fish. Fury cautiously crept up and took refreshments. Hiccup thought that the dragon has no teeth (which were actually hidden in the gums). So Night Fury, a new name – Toothless. Hiccup fashioned a prosthesis for the tail , and along with the dragon, they began to learn to fly. Over time, a boy and a dragon friends. During his time with Toothless, Hiccup learned a lot about dragons. With a few tricks he has learned to subdue the deadliest and dangerous ones. This helped him in training in the arena, where he surpassed all other result warlike children.
Stoic expedition was not a success – Dragon’s Lair has been found. However, her son’s success overshadowed fail. Hiccup won the final match and got right in front of the whole tribe to kill dragon. No joy it is not delivered, and he decided to leave the island. But follow him girl named Astrid, his fellow students. Astrid found Toothless and ran for help to the village. Hiccup riding Toothless overtook her, grabbed and carried her to the top of the tree. Hiccup to persuade the girl to the harmlessness of Toothless, persuaded her to fly with him on a dragon. Air travel has changed the opinion Astrid.
During the flight, Toothless joined the flock of dragons, who carried the prey into the lair – a huge dark cave on the Island of dragons. It turned out that the dragons steal food not for himself: they have to feed the living in a cave of a giant dragon. Guys narrowly escaped a meeting with his teeth. Returning home, Astrid offered immediately report what they saw. Hiccup asked him to wait until he’ll think of something – otherwise, the Vikings will not spare Toothless.
Hiccup in the arena decided to show that the dragon can cope without the help of arms. He was almost silenced one of the most feared dragons, but a sharp sound that issued leader, frightened animal, and it struck the boy. Toothless, sensing danger to a friend, burst onto the scene and rescued Hiccup, but he was in captivity. Stoic, learning from his son about the existence of a den ordered ships to lower the water.
Vikings on their own could not cope with the giant dragon and were prepared to accept certain death in the last battle. But with some help from the guys: Hiccup, Astrid and their friends for training came at a crucial time riding a dragon, which had fought in the arena, and now, thanks to Hiccup, found a common language. In a fierce battle Hiccup and Toothless plunged common enemy – a huge dragon. In battle, Hiccup lost his leg and gained, like his friend, the prosthesis. Rousing himself already in his native village, Hiccup discovers that humans and dragons live together.
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How to Train Your Dragon Free Download HEVC Dual Audio 480P
Movie Language: English and Hindi Dubbed ( Dual Audio)
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