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The Good Dinosaur English 480P & 720P ESub Free Download

The Good Dinosaur in Quebec ( The Good Dinosaur ) is the 134 th feature film animation of Disney and 16 th feature film animation Pixar made of synthetic images by Peter Sohn . The film was released in November 2015 .

There are 65 million years, the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs in our world touches the Earth, leaving intact its population.

Millennia later, reptiles have become smart and mastered agriculture. Two apatosaures farmers, Henry and Ida, gave birth to three children, Buck, Libby and Arlo, who at birth is struggling to overcome his phobias.

Growing up, the children help on the farm and Arlo be given to work the care and feeding of poultry he fears. His elders manage to impress their parents enough for that reward, they leave their mark on the grain silo built by Henry. Arlo has the ambition to do the same but failed in all his attempts to overcome his childhood fears. Wanting to push an achievement, his father load watch a trap corn thief was caught, then kill it. When Arlo realizes that the thief is a young human child, he is unable to kill him and prefers release. Disappointed, Henry took matters in hand and chases the boy, accompanied by Arlo to show the example. They follow the footsteps of the boy who moves like a quadruped into the gorges of the river where a storm surprises. Henry sees the arrival of a flash flood and puts Arlo security, but is caught in the storm and drowned.

After the funeral, life on the farm gets more bitter because Arlo must compensate for the lack of his father. It surprises again the boy to fly and blaming him for the death of his father, continuing on the steep banks of the river where it falls. Felled by a rock, Arlo drifts and wakes up on a bank far from home. Remembering the advice of his father, Arlo starts to go back in the river despite his injuries. He left with a leg stuck through scree and tried in vain to escape, eventually falling asleep, exhausted. When he awoke, his leg is free and Arlo sees traces of human small beside him who dug the earth and to release the guide to the bays for the dinosaur to be nourished. Arlo sees the boy defend against a snake and following the advice of a wise Styracosaurus who directs leave with him to go home safe and sound. Arlo guess the name of the boy, Spot. They begin to communicate by gestures and with twigs, Arlo taught the family concept. Spot understands and responds in the same way, showing that his parents are dead and he is the only survivor of his family. Arlo is affected by the drama of the boy and fully accepts his company. A storm breaks out and panicked, Arlo fled, losing the banks of the river he followed.

In trying to find her, he crosses paths with three pterodactyls who say look for survivors in the storm that just ended. Arlo helps to locate and rescue a small mammal that is immediately devoured by carnivorous reptiles. Arlo saves Spot was next on the list and fled, getting lost in the mists generated by geysers. He seems to see a powerful and friendly aposaurus but it is actually two T-rex young confused by the fog and perspective. These put to flight pterodactyls. Nash and his sister Ramsey are charged by their father Butch to find the herd of buffalo that primitive Nash lost. Arlo offers the services of Spot that incomparable flair despite the doubts of Butch. The boy found the horde and Butch Arlo use as a bait to find the rustlers attacking. Butch is in trouble but Arlo, caught in the storm, finds the strength and courage to help him and put the thieves fled. Impressed, Butch keeps it time for him to find his trail. Arlo finally recognize the mountain near his farm and goes away, happy to have finally conquered fear.

On the way back, howling Spot eventually attract the attention of an adult man. Arlo is suspicious and turns spotlight of attention for it to remain close to him. While another storm breaks, pterodactyls advantage of the confusion to remove Arlo Spot and fly to the mountain. In wanting to retain, Arlo fall and finds himself prisoner of lianas. He fainted. When he awoke, he joy and surprise to find his father in front of him that wants to bring him home. Arlo accepts but soon realizes that his father did not leave traces in the mud. Arlo understands that he is hallucinating and decided to turn back to save spot, putting the vision of Henry in joy before it disappears. Arlo wakes up and pulls creepers, finding spots hidden in a trunk near the river, surrounded by pterodactyls. Arlo defeated them one by one but can not avoid being rushed to spot in the river. Arlo plunged despite a new flash flood which sweeps everything in its path, managing to recover the trunk in which spot is hidden, is failing far downstream on the shore.

Approaching his house, Arlo hear again the screams of human approaching, accompanied by his family. Spot comes and refuses at first to leave, preferring to stay with Arlo. But the dinosaur pushed the boy to stay with them, saying it will be happier with members of its species. Spot includes the reasons why Arlo to reject and accept ultimately join his new family after a last farewell.

Arlo finally come to his house where his mother welcomes ecstatic after thought dead too. The young dinosaur is happy and proud to finally make its mark on the silo to the other members of his family.


The Good Dinosaur English 480P & 720P ESub Free Download

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