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Hotel Transylvania English 480P & 720P Free Download

Hotel Transylvania is a film of computer animation in 3D produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures , which was released on September 28, 2012. The director is Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of Samurai Jack , Dexter’s Laboratory , among other original series Cartoon Network) and is produced by Michelle Murdocca. It features the voices of Adam Sandler , Andy Samberg , Selena Gomez , Kevin James , Fran Drescher , Steve Buscemi , Molly Shannon , David Spade and Cee Lo Green .

After the tragic death of his wife Marta, builds Dracula Hotel Transylvania, a five star establishment, so that the monsters of the world can be safe from human civilization. Some of the most famous monsters become frequent visitors, including the Frankenstein monster “Frank” and his wife Eunice is, Murray the Mummy, werewolves Wayne and Wanda, Griffin the Invisible Man, Bigfoot, among others.

At present, and as the occasion of the 118 birthday of his daughter Mavis, Dracula allowed to leave the hotel to explore the human world and tells you that you can visit a nearby village, but in reality it is an elaborate hoax by the same Dracula in zombies that their employees disguised as humans intimidate Mavis, who is frightened enough to return to the hotel. However, this farce inadvertently attracts the attention of a young common traveler named Jonathan, who was exploring the surrounding forest, follows the zombie to the hotel staff. Once Jonathan enters the hotel, Dracula frantically tries to hide it from customers, painting her face and dressing him as a Frankenstein (claiming to be a cousin of Frank), to go unnoticed as a human, but in the end, the young man is discovered by Mavis who it is impressed by the young, forcing Dracula invent that Jonathan is a party planner willing to change the boring meetings. Thus, Jonathan begins to liven up the activities in the hotel and everyone has fun like never before, after so many years of visits and ends up winning hotel Dracula jealousy at first. Unfortunately, the chef Quasimodo realizes that Jonathan is a human and the catch to cook, forcing Dracula to intervene directly, paralyzing the chef.

After rescue from the hands of Quasimodo, Dracula takes Jonathan to a secret hotel room to tell the truth, but Jonathan discovers a picture with the image of Marta on the wall and tells him that there is a legend about it, Jonathan tells she fell in love with a count long ago, but one night a fire broke out and both died, however it was said that you could still feel his love, but Dracula reveals that the legend is wrong and that woman that speech is actually his late wife, who was killed by humans, this being the reason why he built the hotel and he did it to protect his daughter, thanks to this Dracula now he has respect for Jonathan (the discover who knows something about Marta). The next night, the birthday party is a success, until Dracula overreacts by the innocent kiss of Mavis and Jonathan. Dracula, in his fury, accidentally confesses that Mavis misled with fake village, Mavis who is outraged at being manipulated by her own father demands to know the whole truth. But things get worse when the Chef Quasimodo (still frozen) interrupts the party and reveals the true nature of Jonathan. Although the clientele is startled by the revelation, Mavis still loves him and expresses his desire to be with Jonathan even though it is human. Jonathan accepts the love of Mavis, however this feels compelled to reject Mavis for the love of his father and left the hotel in the middle of the party. Mavis Dracula tries to console, but this responds to his father screaming furious, saying: “This is all your fault” . Later, Dracula realizes that his efforts to protect Mavis had left him dearly. Mavis Dracula shows him the gift that his wife Marta Mavis had left him before he died. It turns out the story of how she and her father met and also “clicked”; knowing this Dracula, Mavis confesses that he thought he felt that “click” with Jonathan, but as Dracula interfered all this time and broke her heart to her own daughter. Mavis, tearfully decided to stay in the hotel forever.

Trying to make amends, Dracula Frank convinces his friends, Wayne, Griffin and Murray (who were about to leave the hotel) for help to find Jonathan. Dracula decides to risk being destroyed and is able to walk in broad daylight to prevent Jonathan leaves. When searching for Jonathan, who is at the airport in Transylvania and about to take flight, the group encounters a quaint village on the road where humans celebrate “The Annual Festival Monster” , in which many humans they are disguised as monsters tribute. To clear the way, Frank tries to scare them , but they discover that humans instead of panicking and attacking them , give them happily welcome you in place and then these provide them a route shadow across the city using layers imitators Dracula and thus allow the real Dracula forward at full speed. However, when it finally reaches the airport realizes it is too late because the flight of Jonathan this off. But Dracula, in a desperate attempt to do it again, he decides to fly to the plane in daylight. But despite being burning it does not give up . Finally, Dracula is able to reach the plane and tries to apologize to Jonathan, however this does not hear because of the noise of the plane, so Dracula decides to use mind control pilot and talk through it and apologizes to Jonathan , then he explains that he wants to return to be with her daughter. Jonathan accepted the apology and this Dracula manipulates the pilot of the plane to return to the airport, but passengers complain begin this, but Dracula responds by saying: “Do not be garish I’m burning out here.”

Later, Dracula returns to the hotel with Jonathan, who finally tells her he loves her and Mavis why he had to reject it because his father had threatened to kill him. Dracula gives his blessing to their relationship, Jonathan and Mavis kiss and the hotel has another party to celebrate the release of her daughter, the age of majority before Jonathan and Mavis go travel.

The film ends with Dracula and his friends singing “” and we click “.” during the credits shown Hotel Transylvania characters shown in traditional animation style cartoon director Genndy Tartakovsky .


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