Zootopia English 480P and 720P Free Download


Zootopia English 480P and 720P Free Download

Zootopie ( Zootopia ) is the 135 th feature film animation and the 55 th “Classic Animation” for Disney directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore . Entirely in CGI , the film is a comedy police and a buddy movie released in theaters in 2016 . It tells the story of the optimistic and fearless rabbit Judy Hopps, lieutenant and new recruit of the Zootopie police, exclusively populated city of mammals anthropomorphic , and seeks to prove by investigating the disappearance of an otter with using the fox scammer Nick Wilde.

The United States , the country of manufacture , the film is acclaimed criticism , commendation on the animation, the actors giving their voices to the characters and the scenario ; it highlights the news of the themes the film as the prejudices and stereotypes.

Zootopie is also the fourth animated film of the history of cinema to spend a billion dollars of revenue in the box office worldwide.


Zootopie is a city cosmopolitan , where only animals and where each species lives with others; that is a predator or prey, everyone is accepted Zootopie. Judy Hopps is a rabbit 9 years who lives in the country with his parents. While all family members are cultivators, Judy announcement during his school show she wants to live Zootopie the metropolis and become a police officer, which terrifies her parents who believe it too dangerous job for a rabbit. Leaving the show, Judy intervenes seeing Gideon Grey, a rogue fox, trying to extort money from his classmates. Gideon react violently, scratching Judy on the cheek, and mocks his dream of becoming rabbit before cop to go. Judy traumatized by fate, but even more determined to fight crime.

Fifteen years later, Judy came to the police academy with a program of positive discrimination established by the Mayor of Zootopie but has trouble facing the hardships imposed. Despite its difficulties, she persevered and ultimately triumphed using his cunning and agility. Output valedictorian, she was appointed lieutenant in the central police station Zootopie. Having bid farewell to her family, she takes the train to Zootopie. She moves into a shabby apartment downtown, and began his service the next day. Upon arrival, the chief Bogo (buffalo) openly despises and assigns parking as contractual, while the big guys (elephants, rhinos, bears, lions, etc.) have the right to investigate the case the time: fourteen citizens, all predatory animals, have mysteriously disappeared.

During his tour, Judy follows a glacier in a fox suspect, Nick Wilde. She sees wanting to buy a huge ice on the anniversary of her son elephants who refuse to serve a fox. Outraged by this discriminatory treatment, and Judy takes itself offers little in the ice before resuming service. Later she recrosses both individuals and realizes she was rolled Wilde and his pseudo-son who is actually a fennec have melted the huge elephant ice and transformed into dozens of small ice they sold, making a huge profit margin. After the departure of fennec, Judy accusing Wilde of lying to her and threatens to arrest; but the latter, cunning, shows him that his operation, albeit dishonest, remains under the law, and makes fun of her naivety by revealing that, despite appearances, prejudice and discrimination are indeed present in Zootopie. After firmly told him that she will never be a real cop, Wilde goes, leaving behind a demoralized Judy. Once back home, she gets a call from his parents vent their relief after learning that it is only contract, the post less dangerous, which completes the shoot.

The next day she resumes her tour, drivers verbalized complaints did not improve his mood, but found his enthusiasm when she overhears a weasel trying to flee after stealing flowers. After a chase through the miniature neighborhood Little Rodent, it will eventually stop, saving in passing a shrew that the thief had nearly crushed. Instead, it is reprimanded by Bogo to have abandoned his contractual position and endangered small people of Little Rodent. Judy asks her to give him a real job, but Bogo abruptly refuses, saying he has something else to do that please him. This is where Mrs. landed Otterton (otter), the wife of one of the fourteen animals missing , came to implore Bogo to find her husband . While Bogo regrets that its investigators are occupied, Judy jumped at the chance and tells Mrs. Otterton it handles the case and she will find her husband. Bogo threatens to discharge Judy for insubordination, but was prevented by the arrival of Bellwether, Deputy Mayor (a sheep), enthusiastic to learn that their new signing deals with the investigation. Once Bellwether and Mrs. Otterton parts, Bogo, furious, issued an ultimatum to Judy, if it has not resolved the matter within 48 hours, it must resign.

In assessing the case and photos taken by the cameras of the city, Judy discovers qu’Otterton had bought one of his ice Nick Wilde just before disappearing. Judy will see Wilde to ask what direction Otterton left after buying her ice cream. Wilde refuses to help the rabbit until it threatens to arrest for tax evasion, having recorded with his pen Dictaphone when he boasted of the benefits gained by his shenanigans: she will make her freedom if it helps resolve the investigation. Wilde says he saw Otterton enter a club naturist . Club owner confirms qu’Otterton came that day to follow a yoga class and a white limousine picked the exit. After a stint in the service of registrations run by lazy , Judy and Nick find the limousine that turns out to belong to Mr. Big, the godfather of the Mafia Toundraville which Nick has been deceiving the enemy on goods he had sold him.

By inspecting the limousine in which they find the Otterton portfolio amid multiple claw marks, Judy and Nick are caught by polar bears Mr. Big and taken to his villa. The godfather (who turns out to be a shrew ), unhappy to see Nick accompanied by police, is planning to first kill until his daughter intervenes: the young shrew which Judy had saved the life . Recognizing the Mr. Big Savings and invites them to the wedding reception of his daughter, in which he agreed to answer questions: it admits having sent a limousine to Otterton who his florist and had something important to tell him but Otterton never came to visit. Mr. Big gives them the address of the Jaguar driver who was driving the limousine: Manchas, the only one to tell them what happened to Otterton on the ride.

Judy and Nick go into the area of ​​the rainforest, where Manchas lives. They find him at home, slashed to the eye and terrorized. Manchas their ad that is Otterton that put him in this state during the ride in the limo, Otterton suddenly became berserk and savagely attacked for no reason. Manchas their ad qu’Otterton also started raving and talking about “nocturnal howler”. While Judy and Nick wonder what the “night howlers” Manchas is taken in turn convulsions, also becomes wild chases and Judy and Nick fours. Judy managed to handcuff him crazy jaguar to a lamppost, saving Nick’s life in the process, and prevent reinforcements. But when the chief Bogo and the brigade arrived, the jaguar disappeared to the surprise of Judy. Believing she pays her head and refusing to regard Nick as a credible witness, Bogo, out of patience, requires Judy makes her badge on the spot but Nick, who became friends with her, intervenes and reminds Bogo she still ten hours to complete the investigation.

When Judy thank Nick for having defended the latter explains that he himself was persecuted since childhood because he is a fox, stereotyped as untrustworthy, which led him to become a scammer. Nick suddenly the idea of ​​examining surveillance cameras video to discover what happened to the jaguar handcuffed to the lamppost and Judy led the mayor. Deputy Mayor Bellwether, despised and treated as a secretary by his boss, Mayor Leodore Lionheart, giving them access to videos. The cameras reveal that they are wolves who captured the crazy jaguar and took him away in a van to the abandoned hospital Cliffside, outside of the city. Judy and Nick say these wolves must be the famous “night howlers” and go to Cliffside, where they are breaking by distracting the guards. Inside, Judy and Nick are enclosed in plexiglass cells not only Otterton and Manchas, but also thirteen other predators were gone, all gone wild. They also discover that the mayor was aware and he harasses the doctor to find a cure; the mayor being a lion, he is concerned that this epidemic does not cause panic among citizens against predators of the city and only cost him his job.

The alert was given, but Judy and Nick managed to escape the building and contact the Chief Bogo to announce that they have found all the missing. The brigade stormed the hospital and arrest the mayor and his accomplices, the latter insisting that he only acted to protect the city.

After the crackdown, Bellwether replaces Lionheart as mayor and Judy made headlines and became a hero to the entire city. Became friends with Nick, she invites him to join the police with him before going to the press conference in the lobby of the police station. However, asked about the reason for the sudden madness of missing predators, Judy announcement to the press what she heard from the mayor and the doctor the day before these predators are victims of their genes, which traces deep aggressive nature to the surface and made them as wild and vicious as ever. Nick warmly evil Judy’s comments on predators, which remind her suspicion that he suffered from his youth, and blamed his irresponsible remarks when she comes to see him. Judy explained that she was not thinking of him saying that, but Nick accuses always consider him an enemy, showing the example of the anti-fox spray offered by her parents she carries on his belt. Judy, alarmed by the behavior increasingly edgy Nick, puts his hand on his gun reflexively prepared to defend itself. Nick sees this gesture confirmation of his words and hand, disappointed and bitter.

During the following weeks, incidents caused by feral predators multiply. Panic and racial hatred seized the city, predators are increasingly feared or persecuted and riots broke out. Considering themselves responsible for the situation, Judy leaves the police and returned to her parents in the country.

While she is trying to sell carrots at the stand of her parents, she was surprised to see happen Gideon Grey, became pastry. His parents explained to him are inspired by her openness, they are associated with Gideon. The latter, seeing Judy, immediately apologized to her for having behaved like a thug in his youth. Judy, touched, accepts his apology. In the following conversation, she learned that the “night howlers” are a variety of very toxic crocus and a brother of his mother once went berserk after eating one. She understands that it is the toxin of those flowers that made wild predators and return immediately to Zootopie.

Once back in town, she finds Nick and begs for forgiveness and help one last time. Before his tears, he finally agreed and the two friends reconcile. They go up the track with Duke Weaselton, the thief flowers that Judy had stopped and, with the help of Mr. Big, make him confess that he had to deliver the “night howler” that he tried to steal. Weaselton reveals they were for Doug, a mysterious ram who lives in an old abandoned subway station.

Nick and Judy go there and discover a clandestine laboratory housed in an old subway car in which Doug, assisted by two other rams, cultivates and refines the “night howlers” in a serum which, injected into a drawn capsules rifle or air pistol, instantly makes wild victims. Doug gets a call from a mysterious sponsor, revealing that he is responsible for all cases of wild predators. Judy takes control of the train, with the intention of bringing the entire laboratory to the police as evidence. Chemists chased after them, after informing their boss. Judy and Nick managed to sow, but the train derails, causing them to jump on before it exploded, destroying vital evidence. Fortunately, Nick saved the case containing the air gun loaded with a serum cap. Then they cut the natural history museum closed for renovations, Bellwether appears, accompanied by several policemen sheep, but Judy, suspicious, recognizes it as the real brains of the operation. While she tries to flee with Nick, she hurt her leg, preventing him from running, forcing them to hide when Nick refuses to give up. Bellwether, while attempting to flush out, says she orchestrated the attacks to create a climate of racial hatred against predators (too advantaged in their society and enjoying too many privileges) to unite 90% animal prey living in Zootopie against a common enemy. After being trapped, Bellwether retrieves the gun and decides to finish by pulling Nick, before warning the police that a wild fox killed the lieutenant Hopps in the museum. Fortunately, Nick was substituted blueberries in serum capsule and pretended to chase Judy in its grip, while the latter recorded the confession of Bellwether on his pen. Bellwether tries to flee, but sees his pension cut by Bogo and his team who arrested him, and his hand sheep.

Bellwether ends up in prison, an antidote to the “night howlers” is found and all victims return to normal. Calm returns to town. Judy convinces Nick to return to the police, both end and teammates together patrol the streets to maintain law.


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