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Tangled English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P
Tangled  is an animated film American inspired adaptation of the eponymous tale of the Brothers Grimm , directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno . It is the 118 th feature film animation and 50 e “Classic animation” of Disney . The film was released on24  November  2010the United States and Canada , the1 st  December  2010 en Europe1.
One day, an old witch named Mother Gothel, attended a rain a single drop of pure light who created, where she fell on the floor, a magical flower with the ability to heal wounds and diseases . She used to stay young, invoking its powers singing “golden flower petals, spread your magic, reverse time, give me what took me, it took me . “
Years later, the queen of a neighboring kingdom fell ill while expecting a child. His guards were then sent in search of the legendary flower, found and plucked, while the witch Gothel was hidden nearby. Return to the castle, they manufactured a potion with flower, which saved the Queen. The latter gave birth to a beautiful little girl with blond hair named Rapunzel . One night, Gothel entered the castle and tried to cut a lock of baby’s hair, thinking that the powers would be retained. But the bright golden hair lose their shine and their powers once cut. She then kidnapped the child and raised him as her own daughter, preventing out of an isolated tower, nestled deep in the forest where she was hiding. Time passed, however, the witch never seemed to age: Rapunzel’s hair preserved his youth. However, each year, on the anniversary of Rapunzel, the Kingdom sent thousands of flying lanterns into the sky in memory of the missing princess. From the window of her tower in the forest, Rapunzel attended this show which left puzzled and wondered what it meant. She dreamed to attend and solve this strange mystery.
Tangled Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Rapunzel tower recreated in the park Magic Kingdom in Florida.
For eighteen years, Rapunzel, who owned as a pet chameleon named Pascal and extremely long blond hair was still cloistered in the tower of the witch. Although security than happy that he procured this secluded place where she remained imprisoned, she expressed more need to go out and want to discover the outside world. For his birthday, Rapunzel then emboldened to ask that she thought was the girl to let her go see the flying lights. But, citing unexpected dangers and bad encounters that might make the young scatterbrained – all those people who envy him the powers of her magnificent hair and seek to divert to their own benefit – the witch refused.
Meanwhile, thieves led by Flynn Rider stole the tiara of the missing princess. In his escape, Flynn gave his accomplices in a crevice, and coming across the tower Rapunzel, determined to hide. During the pursuit, the horse of the main royal guard, Maximus, lost his jumper, which did not prevent him to continue research in solo, using his qualities smell like a dog. Once inside the tower, Flynn received a blow stove Rapunzel struck him on the head and lost consciousness. Rapunzel hid in her wardrobe, and hid the tiara (ignoring that it was intended to birth).
Rapunzel then expressed his alleged mother’s wish to have a special paint to complete one of the many pictures she painted for fun. Despite the three-day trip that he must do to pick her up, the witch accepted. While the latter was going to begin his long journey, Rapunzel out the thief of the cabinet and offered him a deal: if he took her to see the mysterious lights and brought back, it would make her tiara. Good to finally see qu’exaltée issued, Rapunzel was not less torn between his new freedom and guilt of disobeying. Along the way, the two young men stopped at the tavern “lame duck”, a disreputable place filled with bandits and scoundrels who represented all many dangers against which Gothel had indeed put the girl in custody. But ultimately, Rapunzel and Flynn made lots of friends there who shared with them having dreams.
Meanwhile, Gothel discovered the leak Rapunzel tiara – guessing immediately that it was intended – and a search against Flynn that he had kept in his wallet. She immediately went to look for them and do not find them soon at the tavern.
The royal guard came into the bar with two prisoners accomplices Flynn. The regulars of the establishment indiquèrent then the two young men a secret passage. It should facilitate their escape, but led straight on a dam . The royal guard discovered the passage and very nearly caught Flynn. Yet it still managed to escape. While inadvertently Maximus destroyed the dam threatened by the stream that flowed, Rapunzel and Flynn were forced to take refuge in a cave . However, the water level kept rising and the two young people were likely to drown. Flynn tried hard to find a way snorkeling, but could not do so because of the darkness that reigned in the cave, so much so that he cut his hand. Believing himself about to die, then he confessed that he was called Rapunzel actually Eugene Fitzherbert and nobody knew his true identity. Rapunzel confessed to turn his hair was magical and shone when she began to sing. Then realizing the party she could pull her hair out for the perilous situation in which they found themselves, once Rapunzel sang songs and lit the bottom of the cave. Flynn was able to find a path that allowed them to escape and, at the same time, to escape drowning. Meanwhile, the witch Gothel was allied to both former cronies Flynn, promising them against their complicity, to offer them the opportunity of revenge.
Later, around a campfire, Rapunzel Flynn nursed hand by wrapping it in his hair and singing. Flynn Rapunzel explained why he had been a thief. They gazed eye to eye for a few seconds and fell in love. While Flynn had gone to get wood for the fire, appeared before Gothel Rapunzel and asked him to return. Rapunzel refused, arguing that the world was not as dark as Gothel had told him. Gothel Rapunzel then warns that the only thing that interested Flynn was the tiara and he abandon once he had recovered the precious object. Then she gave the bag to Rapunzel and disappeared into the night. The next morning, Maximus found Flynn. However, Rapunzel became friends with the horse and got him a reprieve he agreed to let Flynn free the day of his birthday. The combined group arrived in the kingdom and participated in festivities marking the anniversary of the death of the princess. Several prospectus and on the walls, Rapunzel then noticed a symbol consisting of a golden sun evoking the flower that allowed the queen to survive. She also noticed drawings representing the royal couple and their daughter.
At nightfall, while they were on a boat to see the show better lanterns, Rapunzel Flynn told his fears she was afraid that her dream is not as beautiful as she had hoped. Flynn hastened to reassure her. While the royal couple, and the inhabitants of the kingdom launched the lanterns in the sky, Flynn gave Rapunzel a lantern so that it can also participate in the show. In return, she gave him his wallet. He pushed the bag carelessly aside, saying that the tiara was no longer interested, then he took her hand and confessed to him that she was his light. At the same moment he was going to kiss her, he saw his former accomplices on shore and decided to make their tiara. But having made a covenant with Gothel, they captured him. They then organized a staging to believe his escape on a boat with Rapunzel tiara that can be witnessed his alleged treason. But as they tried to capture Rapunzel, they were struck by Gothel; however, this was also a staging provided in the scheme of the witch to believe she had to rescue Rapunzel. She consoled her adopted daughter and brought her into his lap.
Tied up in the boat, docked near Flynn guards the kingdom took him prisoner. He was sentenced to hang but was saved by the regulars of the Lame Duck Tavern (who had been warned by Maximus). They managed to do away the horse, which took him to the tower to find Rapunzel.
Meanwhile, Rapunzel had understood that she was the missing princess, especially because it found the golden symbol on many paintings adorning the walls of his room. She announced this discovery to Gothel and told him she would let her hair as more use potion of youth. The witch then went into a rage. When Flynn reached the tower, it was to find a Rapunzel bound and gagged. But while trying to rescue her, he was fatally stabbed in the stomach by Gothel. Rapunzel promised to remain with Gothel forever if she could heal the wound Flynn. Gothel accepted. But before Rapunzel can not save him, Rapunzel Flynn said he could not bear it sacrifices his life for him and finds himself trapped by his fault. He cut the long blond hair of Rapunzel suddenly, destroying their healing power. Weeping with rage, Gothel suddenly began to age visibly. She tripped on the Rapunzel hair cut, stretched by Pascal, and fell from the tower window, turning into dust when it hit the ground. Flynn and Rapunzel proved their mutual love and Flynn died of his wounds. Rapunzel cried and began to sing, but nothing helped. As she collapsed in tears, a tear fell on her cheek Flynn. It was then that his wound was closed and he returned to life. Crazy happiness, Rapunzel kissed Flynn. The couple returned to the castle where the queen recognized his daughter, despite her new hair color, due to the fact they had been cut. The royal family was finally reunited and Flynn invited to share their joy. After the celebration of the return of the missing princess, Flynn and Rapunzel got married and lived happily ever after. The robbers tavern Lame Duck saw their dreams come true, and Maximus became a respectable officer of the Royal Guard.
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