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Ice Age 1 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Ice Age is an animated film American of Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha , released in 2002.
The story takes place at the beginning of a glacial era . An unusual trio, consisting of a mammoth , Manny , an ancestor of the animal sloth , Sid , and a saber-toothed tiger , Diego , is found with a human baby. They decide to go to his parents but the child is the right of a prehistoric tribe of hunter tigers. Diego is instructed by his clan attract Manny and Sid into a trap to recover the child.
The film is set in prehistoric times , at the beginning of the “Ice Age”, there 20,000 years. A herd animals of all kinds moves south to escape the cold. Among them should be Sid, a clumsy sloth incapable of caring for himself, but he was abandoned by his family while he slept. A mammoth, decided to go solo, take the file against the grain. Shortly after, Sid falls from the tree on which he slept, realizes he has been abandoned and decided to walk alone. But he is pursued by two angry rhino for after market droppings, cleaned his paws in the salad of fresh leaves they would eat. Fortunately for him comes the mammoth Manfred, who saved his life after a brief struggle. Sid saw Manfred as a protector, calls Manny and follows him everywhere against his will.
Meanwhile, near a human village not far away, a pack of saber-toothed tigers, led by Soto and Diego, is organized. These are about to remove and devour the newborn son of the village chief for revenge, since man killed several of their companions. The next morning, Diego and other members of the pack attack the village. Tigers covering, Diego manages to reach the son of the village chief, when his mother took the baby and fled. Diego chases, but arriving at a waterfall with her son in her arms, she has no choice and throws him. Diego, annoyed, realizes Soto, who ordered him to bring him the baby, live, rock called Pic Headless, otherwise it will take its place.
At the bottom of the waterfall, Manny and Sid found the child still alive, while his mother, dying, is driven by the current. Sid wants to reduce human and tries to climb the rock wall of the cascade, while Manny stays away to enjoy the scene. But Sid accidentally dropped the baby. Manny is about to receive, but Diego jumps and catches it with his teeth. Manny and Diego delights him, preferring to avoid confrontation, said that humans are gone and he wants them back. Sid and Manny ride to the village, but it is indeed deserted. After a brief discussion with Diego, it fails to retrieve the child, but guide the duo to humans. However, this is an opportunity for Diego, who wants to bring both children, Manny and Sid Soto.
Along the way, baby, hungry, crying a lot. The trio meets a colony of dodos and tries to steal their three watermelons, which were the stocks of dodos for the glacial period, and that will be lost with a lot of dodos. At night, Diego tried unsuccessfully to seize the baby and stick to the original plan. It shall inform the other tigers. Sid meets rhino who always want their skin, and this time pretends to be dead and causing Diego bringing it to take it into his jaws. Diego then miss not pass up the opportunity, but Manny gets to that point. In an old cellar full of cave paintings are discovered painted the history of Manny: he had a family, a wife and a son he loved, lived a happy life. But one day, the little involuntarily attracted hunters and, despite the timely intervention of Manny, mother and son are trapped and killed by the men who crushed with rocks. Since then, Manny is known as “the lone mammoth.” After toying with the drawing, all out of the cave not without difficulty and ultimately reach their destination.
However, in view of the Pic Headless, an accident occurs: the trio unknowingly passes over a river of lava melts ice. Jump jump, they get out of danger but Diego following a long jump, clings to one end of the ice. Manny dangerously risk to achieve it, saves her life … and takes his place. He manages to bring Diego, but did not have time to hide and is precipitated with a block of ice to a certain death. But miraculously, the ice in contact with an explosion of lava raises powerful enough to eject the pachyderm reaction, bringing it to the surface safely. After this mishap, while the group sits in a cave, Diego begins to repent of his intentions, especially as the child seems to cling to him.
They reached the peak Headless and Diego finds that the Tigers have already circled. Enjoying a cave, he decides to reveal everything to Manny and Sid. Manny is first furious against him for his betrayal, but Diego made him understand that if they do not trust him, the pack will eliminate them. They invent a plan, which is to attract half of the pack on Sid with a fake child to Manny. The plan succeeds, but Soto takes Manny and stuck in the cave with his henchmen. Sid, meanwhile, gets hidden while getting rid of a baby tiger. Diego turns against Soto and two tigers engage in a duel while Tigers take Manny respect. Soto, stronger, emerges victorious and jumps on Manny, Diego intervenes. Soto is about to run, but Sid returns with the child. Soto, having finally found its prey, moves toward him. But Manny pushes on a rock where a stalactite the rain ends.
Tigers, confused and lacking leadership, fled. But Diego is down to using his own body as a shield to protect Manny. On his orders, Manny and Sid leave it where it is to reach humans, which move away from the Headless Pic. Manny and Sid join them, and Manny shows his son the chief, not without having first tested its intentions at the sight of mammoth. Then he let the child go to his father. Before leaving, however, Manny and Sid make a promise to the baby, none of them will not forget, and the hunter made ​​them understand that he will never forget the noble gesture of Manny. Then humans leave with the child. While Manny and Sid are preparing to leave for the south, they see Diego, still alive, came in time to make his farewell to the child. Finally Manny, Sid and Diego went together to the south to escape the cold. The last words we hear are Sid: “You know what would be great? A global warming! “Prelude to making Ice Age 2 .
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Ice Age 1 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
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