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Ice Age 2 The Meltdown Free Download Dual Audio

Ice Age 2  is an animated film American of Carlos Saldanha , released in 2006 .
This is the sequel to Ice Age (2002).
In English, the initial teaser trailer of the film was shown with the film Robots , the March 17, 2005 .
In wanting to take his cock (stuck on a glacier), Scrat triggers water leaks. It, wanting recap leaks wings on a waterslide and drops his acorn. For now, the people of the Ice Age have it good for warming and Sid the sloth, runs a summer camp with children but was humiliated by them and when Manny and Diego arrive on the scene and initiate a dispute, Sid decides to leave. Manny and Diego discover that some of Tony Chat tells stories about the end of the world. Manny refuses to believe it and discovered that it would be the last of the mammoths. The two friends catching up in extremis Sid who wanted to commit suicide from the top of a glacier and discover that Tony was right, the ice is melting!
The trio of Manny (mammoth), Sid (sloth), and Diego (Smilodon), has a natural water park run by Sid. Thanks to Sid, they discover that the place where they are – a valley surrounded by ice – will soon be submerged due to melting ice around them: they are in fact a huge lake isolated by an ice dam . A vulture admonished them, without hiding them he did not want all managed to escape. Them and the rest of prehistoric animals have only one chance to save themselves: get a huge boat located at the opposite extreme of the basin. So far, Manny has not reviewed mammoths and rejects being the last mammoth or race is endangered, sustained by any other hypothesis. It also turns out that Diego is afraid of water, but he does everything to appear brave and without weakness. Two monstrous and hungry marine reptiles, Cretaceous and Maelstrom (Maelstrom is a Metriorynchus Globidens and Cretaceous), hibernating in the ice, wake up with the thaw.
During the trip, the trio encounter a mammoth, Ellie. Manny, happy to have shown that this is not extinct as everyone thought here, however, is faced with a problem: Ellie, who travels with his two “brothers” possums Crash and Eddie, is also believed to be an opossum (and behaves as such, which sometimes leads to problems). At some point, they meet Maelstrom and Cretaceous break the ice beneath them: Sid falls into the water and fled with Diego, paralyzed at the sight of water, and Manny through his defenses, returns reptiles in water. They manage to where Ellie child was found by possums: she realizes that she was adopted by them and is aware of being a mammoth. Manny Ellie approaches awkwardly, trying to explain that they are probably the last two mammoth on earth, and have a duty to safeguard and perpetuate their species. Ellie does not like and away angry. They are made ​​in advance of rocks unstable edge of a precipice. On this occasion, Manny and Ellie excuse to avoid falling, and through the instructions Diego, everyone helps each other and saved. All resting, except Sid, seen as a messiah by his own eager to offer a sacrifice was a very eventful night.
The next day, despite the jeers of vultures, the protagonists see the giant ark on a hill with all the animals climbing. But advancing, they just find them and ship an area full of geysers. Manny wants to go anyway, because the time to shop around, the ice dam will break. But Ellie wants to make a detour, and share with possums. Manny, Sid and Diego manage to cross the geysers, while the dam bursts effectively. They ask the other animals they saw Ellie, but in the meantime, the valley is flooded and the flood begins. All animals hurry as Manny remains to ensure that all rise, but Ellie, meanwhile, is stuck in a cave with his two brothers. They manage to go out and ask for help. Nobody listens, but the two opossums meet Manny and explain to him what happened. The mammoth decides immediately to save Ellie, Sid and Diego.
They turned back and arrived at the cave along the flood. The current collapse is the ground. The two possums are found in a tree just emerging from water and Manny tries to open the cave with a trunk. Meanwhile, Sid dives to save the possums, but hits his head against a block of ice and losing consciousness, so that the catch opossums and retain difficult. Diego overcomes his fears and dive, swim and somehow saves Sid and opossums. Meanwhile, Cretaceous and Maelstrom attack Manny and pull down, but this one has an idea: putting himself near the trunk, and dodge monsters charge: Cretaceous and Maelstrom push the trunk and drop a block of stone the results to the bottom. Ellie can finally get out but it is too late to join the ark and the water continues to rise dangerously. Fortunately Scrat inadvertently creates a breach in the barrier of ice, water is then discharged through the breach and everyone ends up safe and sound. Then a herd of mammoths advantage of the break to make its appearance. Manny, Sid and Diego encouraged, expressed Ellie, but refuses to join the herd because it will not let Diego and Sid. The six animals leave wondering how to start a family.
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Ice Age 2 The Meltdown Free Download Dual Audio
Movie Language: English and Hindi Dubbed( Dual Audio files)
Movie Size 305 MB
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