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Princess Mononoke

IMBD Rating: 8.4/10 343,899 Votes

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Original Title: Mononoke-Hime

Cast: Yôji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida, Yûko Tanaka

Princess Mononoke Full Movie Plot

The film takes viewers to Japan in the late Muromachi period, when the first firearms appear. The village of Emishi people (modern Ainu ), including the main character, a young prince named Asitaka ( Japanese ア シ タ カ), was attacked by Nago ( Japanese 名 名)- a giant boar obsessed with hatred that turned the animal into a demon. Defending the village, Asitaka is forced to kill him, but during the battle, the demon manages to touch the prince’s right hand and transfer his curse to him. The village sorceress reveals to the prince the reason for the boar’s obsession and predicts his death from the wound. He cuts off his hair and leaves the village with Yakult, a faithful red antelope.

On the way, he comes across samurai killing unarmed villagers. Several samurai decide to attack Asitaka. Reflecting on their attack, the prince discovers that the wound gives him supernatural powers. Having gotten rid of the attackers, he enters the town, where he attracts the attention of a wandering monk. First, the monk helps Asitaka out of a predicament when he tries to pay for rice with golden sand and later helps to hide from the robbers, attracted by the sight of the jewel. At a halt, Asitaka tells the discerning monk about his misfortune. In the morning they part.

Princess Mononoke 480P

Princess Mononoke Full Movie Continuing his journey to the west in search of healing from his illness, the prince involuntarily becomes a participant in the confrontation between People and the Forest. Iron Town men are at hand prudently and purposeful Mrs. eboshi ( Jap. エボシ). The city confronts an ancient forest, the protected animals – a huge wolf Moreau ( Jap. モロ), wild boar Okkotonusi ( Jap. 乙事主 Okkoto ), as well as adopted daughter Moro, a human girl named San ( Jap. サン), which is the main character, “Princess Mononoke”. In the depths of the forest, the wonderful Spirit of the Forest ( Jap. Shishi God Сисигами ).

Goddess Moro, San, and two giant wolves (Moro children) attack a rice caravan heading for Iron City. They want to kill Lady Eboshi to avenge deforestation for the extraction of iron ore. In the battle, people die, and bulls and barrels of rice fly into the abyss. Moro rushes to Eboshi, but she manages to wound the wolf with a firearm and avoid death. Immediately after the battle, the caravan hastily continues its journey, throwing people and cattle who have fallen off the cliff. The two seriously injured men are found by Asitaka, giving them first aid. It is at this moment that he first sees Sun and the two wolves.

Princess Mononoke Characters

AshitakaYōji Matsuda
SanYuriko Ishida
MoroAkihiro Miwa
Lady EboshiYūko Tanaka
Jiko BouKaoru Kobayashi
SureSumi Shimamoto
OkkotoHisaya Morishige
GonzaTsunehiko Kamijō
KōrokuMasahiko Nishimura
KayaYuriko Ishida

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Princess Mononoke Full Movie

Movie Quality: 480P

Download Size: 560 MB

Film Language: Hindi and English

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