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Princess Mononoke Download

IMBD Rating: 8.4/10 343,899 Votes

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Original Title: Mononoke-Hime

Cast: Yôji Matsuda, Yuriko Ishida, Yûko Tanaka

Story (Princess Mononoke Download)

A giant wild boar invaded by a demon attacks an emisi (wd) village. The last prince of Emisi, Asitaka, is forced to kill him in battle, but the wild boar curses. [3] The curse settles on his right hand, and although he gives him superhuman strength, he knows that he will eventually kill him. Asitaka therefore, on the advice of the village’s fortune teller, Hii-sama, leaves his people and goes west to find a cure. Along the way, he meets Jigo, a wandering monk, who tells him that he can get help from the spirit of the forest.

Whose forest is inhabited by huge animals. Vasváros, next to the forest (Tatara field; Hepburn: Tatara Ba ?, ‘Tatara Place’) (in new synchrony Iron Factory) is constantly clearing the forest to heat their iron smelters to produce iron and firearms with which they can fight the beasts of the forest. Among the animal gods living in the woods are giant wolves like Moro, the wolf goddess who adopted Sant, a young girl, when her parents died. The people of Iron City were only the ‘Princess of the Wilds’ (Princess Mononoke; Mononoke Hime ? ) call. [4]

On his way west, Asitaka finds two damaged iron towns wounded by wolves. With the wounded, he travels through the forest to Vasváros when he sees the Spirit of the Forest (Shishi God; Sisigami; Hepburn: Shishigami ? ) (Vadistent in new sync), a creature that takes on a kirin- like shape during the day and a shapeless walking giant (wd) towering over a forest at night.

Princess Mononoke Characters

Asitaka ( Jap. アシタカ) – the young prince Emishi tribe. Becomes a victim of the curse. Performs the rite of cutting hair and leaves the village to the west in search of the cause of the mad hatred of the beast. Masterfully wields a sword and a bow, possessing superhuman strength throughout the film due to the action of the curse, but at the same time tries to do without violence to the last. Loves San.

Seiyuu: Youji Matsuda (English) Russian.
San ( Jap. サン) – aka Princess Mononoke [comm. 1]. In early childhood, she was abandoned by the wolves, because of which she was raised by the she-wolf goddess Moro. I am ready to give my life to my forest and its inhabitants. People (except Asitaka) are treated with contempt and hatred.

Seiyu : Yuriko Ishida (English) Russian.
Ms. eboshi ( Jap. エボシ) – the head of the Iron City. Domineering, intelligent, purposeful woman. She is cruel towards her enemies, but she cares about the inhabitants of her city. Loses his arm after Moro’s posthumous attack. The loss of her right limb is symbolic: Eboshi distributed favors to lepers and slaves with one hand, but with the other hand she cruelly and methodically destroyed the forest and its inhabitants. Consequently, one of her hands did not know what the other was doing, and Moreau eventually gave her what she deserved. Having survived, Eboshi decides to rebuild the city in peace with the forest.

Seiyuu : Yuko Tanaka (English) Russian.
Gonzo ( Jap. ゴンザ) – assistant eboshi. Rude, but devoted and strongly attached to the mistress.

Seiyuu : Tsunehiko Kamijou (English) Russian.
Toki ( Jap. トキ) – is a strong, energetic, cheerful woman, who operates a plant in the absence of Ms eboshi. Often scolds, but still loves her husband Koruka.

Princess Mononoke HD

Seiyu : Sumi Shimamoto
Dzik-Bo ( Jap. ジコ坊) – Buddhist monk, who cleverly manipulated people and events to their advantage. Helps Eboshi kill the Deer God, counting on the emperor’s reward. He tries to shift all the dirty work onto the shoulders of others. It looks good to Asitaka, his henchmen at a critical moment try to kill Asitaka, he helps them, in the end, however, resigning himself to the fact that it is necessary to return the head to the Spirit of the Forest, and “you cannot defeat fools.”

Seiyuu : Kaoru Kobayashi (eng.) Russian.
Moreau ( Jap. モロ) – the goddess-she-wolf, San’s foster mother. He tries to keep the inhabitants of the Forest from fighting, although they disagree – they prefer death in a battle “which people will never forget”, to the slow extinction and degradation of their kind. Moro dies while saving San from Okkotonushi.

Seiyuu : Akihiro Miwa (English) Russian.
Okkotonusi ( Jap. 乙事主) manages a herd of wild boars, trying to drive out the people of the forest. He is cursed and tries to destroy San, but she is saved. Okkotonusi dies “eaten by hatred.”

Seiyuu: Hisaya Morishige (English) Russian.
Korukov ( Jap. 甲六) – Currents husband, manages ox. Asitaka saves his life, for which Toki is grateful to him.

Seiyuu : Masahiko Nishimura (English) Russian.
Hee-sama ( Jap. ヒイ様) – an old wise woman from his native village Asitaki. It was she who predicted the prince’s death from the wound he received from the cursed boar, and ordered him to go from home to the western lands.

Sayu : Mitsuko Mori (English) русск.
Kai ( Jap. カヤ) – a girl from his village Asitaki. At the very beginning of the film, despite the ban on seeing off anyone who leaves the town, he secretly says goodbye to the prince and gives him his precious dagger as a sign of eternal love. Asitaka himself calls “brother”.


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