Aladdin 1992 Full Movie in Hindi English 480P

Aladdin 1992 Full Movie in Hindi English 480P

Story (Aladdin Cartoon Full Movie)

Aladdin cartoon movie Starts with Jafar, Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah, is attempting to retrieve lamp magic, having a genius. Which is located in the Cave of Wonders. After a failed attempt to see a thief enter the cave, Jafar and his parrot Iago. Learn’s that only a generous person could enter the cave. 
Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter, frustrated with her ‚Äč‚Äčlife in the palace, flees to Agrabah’s popular market. There he meets the young street Aladdin and his pet monkey, Abu. The two discover they have much in common. When Aladdin is detained by police for stealing, Jasmine ordered his release. But Jafar invents lies and says that the boy is guilty of the crime. 
Disguised as an elder, Jafar releases Aladdin and Abu from prison and leads them to the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin Cartoon Full Movie as The tiger-shaped head of the cave entrance tells them not to touch anything, except the lamp. Aladdin and Abu enter the cave, where a magic carpet guides in search of the lamp. Abu in an attempt to steal a ruby causes the cave to collapse, but the carpet shows both the output. Aladdin delivers the lamp, to Jafar and this tries to kill him, then Abu bites Jafar and takes the lamp back without even noticing that. However, Aladdin falls in the cave, and soon after, Abu Jafar also plays into the cave, both saved by the carpet. 
Destroyed in the cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp that releases a genie who can grant reveals any three wishes. Except kill someone, make someone fall in love, or bring the dead back to life. Aladdin tricks Genie, causing everyone to leave the cave without using any of his desires. The Genie admits he would like to be free since he is a prisoner in his lamp. Aladdin promises to free him with his last wish. After talking about Jasmine with Genie, Aladdin decides to use his first wish to become a prince so he can win the daughter of the Sultan. 

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Aladdin Cartoon Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed 480P 300MB

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Language: English & Hindi (Dual Audio)

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