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Piglet’s Big Movie is an animated film produced by the 2003 US DisneyToon Studios , and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures . It is based on the characters of the books of Winnie-the-Pooh written by AA Milne . It is the second in a series of feature films about Winnie the Pooh, after T as Tigger … and all the friends of Winnie the Pooh ( 2,000 ) and ahead of Pooh’s Heffalump Movie ( 2005 ), and is the sixth film Series also considering the direct-to-video . In this film, Piglet is ashamed to be small, since it is convinced that his friends take little account, and vague in the Hundred Acre Wood , inducing his friends, worried, as his research.

The three sequences flashbacks in the film are the first adaptations of the original stories by AA Milne from the days of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore’s birthday . Modified to make Piglet the hero of the stories, and to conform to the idiosyncrasies of the characters portrayed by Disney , but they retain much of the original texture of Milne. In this film, Pooh changes the name of ‘Corner Pooh Corner Pooh and Piglet, which was originally going to do, but the name did not sound good. In addition to the songs of Carly Simon , there are also music by the Sherman Brothers .

Eeyore , cap , Tigger and Pooh are working on a plan to take honey from a hive. It is to move the bees into a new hive (fake) convincing them that Eeyore dressed in yellow and black stripes is one of them, then take the honey out of the old hive. Piglet notices and approaches them while trying but it is told that it is too small to help. The plan seems to go wrong, the bees do not fall for it for nothing and attack the group of friends, but Piglet able to divert the bees into the new hive using a funnel and then seals the valve, trapping them.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have seen the heroism of Piglet, because everyone was hiding from the bees. Piglet, he feeling neglected, he goes sadly. Then Pooh, cap, Tigger and Eeyore begin to escape from the bees after breaking the false hive, and arrive home Piglet. After finding the book with drawings of Piglet, everyone notices that the pig is not among them, and assuming that it was scared or kidnapped by bees, they decide to look for him. They are joined by Ro , and five friends set out in search of Piglet. In research they help with the book of memories of Piglet, where the pig drew the adventures she shared with her friends. Characters can use the images to tell the stories in them represented.

One of the stories is an expedition to find the North Pole , organized by Christopher Robin , Piglet in which uses a long stick to save Ro, who fell into the river. His heroism is however overlooked when giving the stick to Pooh to try to catch Ro, who was catapulted into the air during the rescue attempt. Christopher comes when Ro is taken from his mother and accredits Pooh the discovery of the North Pole, or rather, the North Pole (the stick he holds in his paws). Returning to the present, friends regret not having shared the praise with Piglet.

Another story is the construction of the house in the corner of Pooh. Tigger is here to the idea of ​​building a house (hut) to Ih-O, and Piglet and Pooh come together for the enterprise. Tigger and Pooh do most of the work, while Piglet inadvertently gets in the way. The house we build is a disaster, but Tigger and Pooh Eeyore want to inform the end of the work. Unfortunately, the house is held together by Piglet, who eventually give up and brings down the house. Tigger and Pooh go then to communicate to Eeyore the bad news, but Piglet comes from them saying that the house is in place. It turns out that the pig has completely rebuilt the house alone and also good, but this is still neglected and the place is indicated only as Pooh Corner, since Pooh declares that “would have called angle Pooh and Piglet, if Angle Pooh did not sound good, it sounds good however, being small and very much like a corner, so we will call the angle Pooh and just. “

Returning to the present, a quarrel between cap and Tigger ends with the breaking of the book and fall into the river. Without their guidance, the friends return home of Piglet and, after some time, begin to draw new images of Piglet and his adventures, some of which are new. Then, once the friends decide to try to look for the pig disappeared and call into path. Along the way they encounter various pages of the album, you float down into the valley, and then locate the rest of the book, suspended on an old trunk cable and broke above a raging waterfall. Pooh climbs and tries to recover it, but falls into a hole in the trunk. Others try to catch up, the consortium formed by the friends is too short. When all seems lost and the four are wondering who will never help them, Piglet suddenly appears and helps to pull Pooh to safety just as the trunk collapses.

Eeyore, cap, Ro and Tigger are now standing on the edge of the ravine, next to the waterfall, but the trunk inside which were trapped Pooh and Piglet fell away in the waters below. The survivors begin to cry, and they join Pooh and Piglet, who managed to escape. Happy, friends bring Piglet show him their new designs, including one of the largest pig dressed as a knight in shining armor. The day after friends organized a party, and at one point interrupted the Pooh and Piglet door at the home of Eeyore, where he changed the sign and wrote angle Pooh and Piglet, “the least you can do to a pig tiny little things that made great great! “.

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