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Robin Hood (Robin Hood) is the 27th feature film animation and 21 e “animated classic” of Disney. Released in 1973, he inspired both the legend of Robin Hood and Reynard the Fox, a collection of French medieval tales of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
The Disney studio plans to adapt the Reynard the Fox from the 1930s Many ideas back to this project are taken to adapt the legend of the English vigilante thief, including the use of anthropomorphic animals as characters. The project led by Ken Anderson is validated by Walt Disney before his death in 1966, which starts production of Robin Hood.
The realization of Robin Hood is marked by the re-animation of elements of the previous Disney productions, while actors reproduce more or less earlier services: and Phil Harris, who played the bear Baloo in The Jungle Book (1967), again plays a bear, Little John.
On the side of the scenario offered the role of hero to a thief conflict with established morality and distributed by the studio. The screenplay of the film and the personalities of the characters are sharply criticized and despite relative success in the dining room, the film does not climbed to the height of the previous productions of the studio. Many critics attribute the problems of the film to the atmosphere at the time in the Disney studios, still affected by the death of their founder.
A troubadour rooster, who presents himself as Adam de la Halle, tells the story of the fox Robin Hood and Little John bear living in Sherwood Forest, near the city of Nottingham. The story is set in the England medieval of Animal Kingdom. King Richard the Lion Heart went to the Crusades and his brother, Prince John has usurped the crown with the help of his advisor the snake Triste Sire. While the prince seeks to seize all the wealth of the kingdom, Robin steals, meanwhile, the rich to give their goods to the poor. The Sheriff of Nottingham, a paunchy wolf, and soldiers often try to catch Robin Hood and Little John, but without success.
One day, Prince John and Triste Sire go to Nottingham and we learn that the snake hypnotized Richard Lion Heart to convince crusade and thus leave the throne to his brother. On the way, Robin and Little John disguised as fortune-fortune challenge Prince John and advantage of the situation to steal his property. The Prince then launched a bounty on the head of Robin and the Sheriff makes its personal tax collector.
Sheriff starts in his new position and asked to pay taxes for a family of rabbits and Friar Tuck. Robin manages to get the money and makes the rabbits yet boasting his hat and bow to Bobby, the son of the family, for his birthday. While he plays with his friends from the village and its paraphernalia archer, Bobby sends an arrow in the castle of Belle Marianne. Children enter the castle and meet Marianne vixen and her companion, Gertrude lady hen. They discover that the princess is a childhood friend of Robin Hood, but that they have not seen for several years. Friar Tuck visits Robin and Little John in Sherwood Forest to inform them that Prince John held an archery tournament bow and the winner must receive a kiss of Belle Marianne. Robin agrees to participate in the tournament disguised as a stork whilst Little John to play the Duke of Chutney and approaching the prince.
During the competition, Triste Sire discovers the identity of the stork, Robin Hood and Friar Tuck but Adam de la Halle enclose it in a barrel of beer. Triste Sire manages to escape and, drunk, warns Prince John when Robin Hood won the final. Prince reveals the identity of Robin, had him arrested to run despite the request of Marianne to release him. Little John threatens Prince John, causing a battle between soldiers of the prince, Robin and his companions and Marianne and Gertrude Belle lady. They manage to escape into the forest. While the poor dancing and having fun to ape the false king of England, meanwhile, Robin and Marianne fall in love.
Outraged by the insult that made him Robin during the tournament, Prince John triples the taxes and imprisons people unable to pay. The sheriff goes to the church of the Friar Tuck and steals money from the trunk, causing the ire of church, which soon finds himself behind bars. Prince John announces Tuck brother hanging in hopes to bring Robin and catch. Learning of this, Robin and Little John planning an attack against the night before the hanging. Little John then releases the poor prisoners whilst Robin steals the treasure of the prince. However, Triste Sire Robin wakes up and catches in the Prince room.
In the castle, there is chaos on one side with the soldiers and the other, Robin and his friends trying to escape and return to Sherwood Forest. Robin is forced to come to the rescue of a latecomer fugitive, which offers the opportunity to pin him to the sheriff. The Sheriff and Robin starts a fire must jump from a tower in the moat. The rabbit Bobby Prince John and see the moat full of arrows and Robin who do not reappear after several minutes. Fortunately, the fox unscathed, using a reed to breathe.
Prince John despairs and furious when he discovers, after a remark Triste Sire, that the castle of his mother is on fire. For their part, Robin and Marianne marry and found King Richard, who asks his troops to stop his brother.
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