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Pooh’s Heffalump Movie (Pooh’s Heffalump Movie) is an animated film of 2005 directed by Frank Nissen . It is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and DisneyToon Studios and distributed by Buena Vista International 10 February 2005. It is the eighth episode of the series that began with the classic Disney The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh , and the third and final sequel the film to be released in the cinema.
It is a quiet spring morning in the Hundred Acre Wood when Pooh and his friends feel a strange thud very strong that scares them. They try to investigate and found a series of huge footprints perfectly circular. Friends jump to the conclusion that the noise and the fingerprints are signs of a Efelante , be a decidedly monstrous, and plug organized for the next day an expedition to try to capture it; a disappointed Ro told to stay home, because they all believe that the shipment is too dangerous for a small animal like him.
Ro then decides to go it alone in search dell’Efelante and, after many vicissitudes, it finds one, it is not at all a monstrous but a playful, young quadruped named Euphemia Bowler Trombetta Efelante IV (nicknamed ” Effy “), color lavender and having a trunk, such as that of an elephant, which is not much larger than Ro. Ro afraid at first, but soon the two become friends and play. After a while ‘, Effy feels the mother calls him to come home (with a trumpeting sound identical to that friends of Ro had heard the day before). Ro wants first Effy comes to his house with him to let him know all his friends, and head up to the Hundred Acre Wood. When they arrive at the fence, Effy suddenly stops, as he believes that the “creatures” who live there (friends of Ro) are scary monsters, and to his fellow men are not allowed to cross the fence. Ro reassures him and together they enter the Hundred Acre Wood, which is deserted because everyone else is still out looking dell’Efelante. Ro and Effy soon become great friends and they discover that they are not so different after all. As they play, the two friends feel that Effy’s mother calls him yet. Effy Ro and they start to look for, but failed to find it. Effy tries to use his trunk to call it, but it does not work, because the small efelante still can not trumpeting it properly. After hours of searching, Effy believes that will never be found and starts crying. Ro sings to Effy part of a song that his mother had sung earlier in the film; This brings to mind a Ro that could go from his mother , and see if they can help to Effy.
Soon the two are Kanga and the rest of the gang. Cap sees Effy and expected to have captured Ro, and the band starts to chase the efelante trying to make it leap into the traps that had been placed previously, but all fail. Running after Effy, Ro is coming captured last trap, while Effy keep running, and flees into the forest. Ro manages to escape from the trap, and runs for Effy, who was also trapped him in a giant cage. Effy yelling to his friend that he broke his promise, because Ro had said that his friends were not dangerous. Ro tries repeatedly to break the cage, but without success, then apologizes for everything and says it’s all his fault. Then he looks at the cage, and known early on that the only way to free his friend is to untie the rope that holds the cage from above. He climbs up to the top, loosens the rope and free Effy. The Efelante Ro is happy that saved him, and the two embrace.
Kanga, who was observing the scene, understand that Effy actually not at all a danger for Ro, and the two are friends. Just then, however, cap, Pooh, Tigger and Piglet come running and, increasingly convinced that Effy is dangerous, bind him. Ro then jump on the head of Effy and their cries to stop, explaining to his friends that Efelanti are neither bad nor scary. While Ro explains this, Effy begins to fall into a ditch and flies in the air Ro, who lands in a pile of gigantic trunks. Everyone, including Effy, try to save him, but without success. A Effy then gets an idea: try to use his trunk to call her mother, so she can save Ro. After several failed attempts, Effy is finally able to trumpet good, and his mother comes and saves Ro. Effy’s mother is very proud that his son was able to trumpet, and hugs him. Pooh then explains to cap that he understood why the Efelante was in the Hundred Acre Wood: was looking for his son. Effy cap apologizes for his behavior, and he forgives him. Efelante mom tells Effy that it’s time to go home. Effy says goodbye to his friend, but Ro has a better idea: begs his mother to be able to play some more ‘. So the film ends with Ro and Effy playing together. The credits show that Effy, Ro, Tigger, cap, Eeyore , Piglet and also Christopher Robin are now great friends.
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