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The Minions is a film of animation . It is produced by Illumination Entertainment as a spin-off of the movie Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 based minions. It will have the direction of Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda as well as after leading voices of Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm . Minions is the second animated highest grossing in history tape, only being surpassed by Frozen in Disney Pictures.
The minions are small creatures that love the fruit but her favorites are bananas. The minions have different types of hair, eyes and height, so each is very different. The minions are shaped yellow pill that have existed since the beginning of time, as the evolution of unicellular organisms that have only one purpose: to serve the most despicable villain of the story. However, after accidentally eliminate all masters, including a dinosaur, Caveman a Pharaoh Egyptian, Dracula and Napoleon , decided to withdraw from the world and start a new life in Antarctica. In 1968 , the lack of a villain leads to depression, so a minion named Kevin hatches a plan to find a new villain to his people. The rebel minion Stuart volunteers to join Kevin, while the lovely little minion Bob joins Kevin after he thought she was too young.
After a long journey, the minions coming to New York 42 years AG (Before Gru), where they learn that Villain-Con, a convention where supervillains around the world gather to search minions including the first Super great villain Scarlet Overkill will be held in Orlando, Florida . They manage to get a trip to Orlando by coincidence, the family that took them there were criminals on their way to Villain-Con also. The minions were impressed by some of the villains, including a sumo wrestler and a water supervillain named Frankie Fish Lips (If you look carefully you can see the scene the young Gru watching the lightning freezer). Overkill Scarlet reaches the stage of the Villain-Con, the minion Kevin was fascinated to see it and that’s when the minions decide to serve Scarlet. She decides to put a challenge which is to take a ruby that she has in her hand, many of those gathered there participate and none can do but luckily Bob takes away the ruby Overkill without realizing that no longer has his teddy Bear and Scarlet says that its audience is disappointed that no one could do it but realizes that his hand has the bear Bob and sees that the minion has the Scarlet Ruby and takes up residence in London England.
Scarlet takes minions to his residence in London , where instructs minions to steal the crown of St. Edward for her. Through a bedtime story, which scared both Stuart and Kevin while Bob is asleep, Scarlet threatens to execute them if they fail in their mission. With the help of weapons Scarlet husband, Herb Overkill, the minions infiltrate the Tower of London successfully, but the crown and was given to Queen Elizabeth II . The minions steal the crown inside shopping queen, destroying it in the process, while being chased by police. Bob crashes in the mythical sword in the stone, where Bob easily remove the Excalibur sword to defend himself. Isabell II is removed from the throne and Bob is crowned king of the United Kingdom .
Scarlet faces the minions, calling them traitors. Bob King finally abdicates the throne in favor of Scarlet. However, Scarlet betrays the minions, locking in the dungeon of the palace where they will be tortured by Herb Overkil. However, medieval torture instruments do not work on minions, due to its shape and unusual abilities. When Herb Overkill will attend the coronation of his wife, the minions of the dungeon escape through a sewer. Along the way, they steal a funeral wreath and write an apology to Scarlet.
At Westminster Abbey , the minions accidentally disrupt the coronation of Scarlet unscrewing a chandelier, which falls and crushes Scarlet before he could be crowned. Scarlet gives orders to the attendees of the coronation, to execute the minions. Stuart and Bob are captured while Kevin hides in a bar where he meets the former Queen Elizabeth II working there. After learning that Scarlet will run and Bob Stuart, Kevin sneaks into the lab Herb Overkill, which triggers a machine that becomes a giant and destroys the residence Overkill.
While the remaining minions Antarctica found by chance some yetis . Minions begin working for the leader of the yetis, but run it again by accident. The remaining yetis pursue the minions full of anger. The minions after many problems beyond the continent and take a plane to the UK.
Kevin rescue his fellow execution. Scarlet missile attacks him but misses every shot. The army of minions come to London and meets in the street to see Kevin. Scarlet is distracted by the army of minions and Kevin hits. The supervillain escapes with her dress Herb Overkill using rocket, but Kevin holds about Overkill dress the rocket, causing an explosion. Kevin shrinks back to its size safely.
Isabel II, once crowned Queen of the United Kingdom and in front of a crowd, introduces Kevin, Stuart and Bob with its rewards. Bob is given a small crown to Tim (teddy bear), Stuart is given an electric guitar (but receive a snowglobe when he breaks the guitar on stage) and Kevin are knighted by the Queen. She scarlet suddenly revealed. Shown to be alive and snatches the crown of the queen with the help of Herb OverKill, but are stopped by a young criminal (Gru), freezing the Overkills and take the crown before leaving. Kevin impressed by the action called Gru did the rest of the Minions to follow him. Bob, knowing how much I want a crown Scarlet, leaves his small crown Scarlet. Gru’s minions see as their new boss and begin to serve.
During the credits, you can see the minions and Gru (child) showing different scenes like the minions persiguien Gru a banana, about to give him a bath Kyle (mascot Gru) until Stuart accidentally awakens taking a flash photo and Kyle begins to attack Gru Gru’s minions and imitating others..
After the credits, all the minions and movie characters appear singing Revolution to the first dinosaur scaring everyone but Gru appear freezer ray Gru pulls his gun but does not work and does not know what to do.
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Minions English & Hindi Dubbed 300MB Dual Audio BRRip Free Download
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