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Inside Out (titled Heavy-Mind in Latin America and the reverse (Inside Out) in Spain ) is an American film computer animation in 3D of dramatic comedy and adventure , produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures . Its plot unfolds in the mind of a child, Riley Anderson (Kaitlyn Days), where five emotions-joy ( Amy Poehler ), Tristeza ( Phyllis Smith ), Fear ( Bill Hader ), Ira ( Lewis Black ) and dislike ( Mindy Kaling ) – seeking to guide it in day to day life. The film was directed and written by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen and produced by Jonas Rivera, with music by Michael Giacchino .
Docter began developing Inside Out, his third feature, in 2009 after observing changes in her daughter’s personality. The producers consulted numerous psychologists and neurologists , including Dacher Keltner of the University of California, Berkeley , who helped revise history emphasizing discoveries in neuropsychology indicate that human emotions are reflected in the interpersonal relationships and may be significantly moderated by them.
The movie premiered on June 19 of 2015 , although previously it was shown during the 68th Cannes Film Festival in May, accompanied by cortometaje Lava , led by James Ford Murphy. After its premiere, he got a generally positive review, with special attention to activities (particularly Poehler, Smith and Richard Kind), their concept and moving subject. It has grossed over 702 million dollars worldwide , with 90.4 million, he had the weekend’s highest grossing debut for an original film from Avatar (2009) -.
A girl named Riley was born in Minnesota and in his mind living five emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, disgust and Fury in the Latin American version, joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger in the Spanish version). As Riley grows, emotions are added, being the first and Joy Fury / Rage join the ultimate thrill. Emotions live in the headquarters, the conscious mind Riley, from influencing the actions and memories of Riley through a control console. Your new memories are collected in areas of color the emotion in the memory. When Riley goes to sleep, emotions, memories of the day sent to Long Term Memory . The most important memories known as “Thoughts Central” or “essential Memories” are a center of operations at Headquarters and are the sources of five “islands” that reflect a different aspect of the character of Riley. Joy is responsible for emotions to keep Riley in a state of happiness, becoming the leader. However, the exact purpose of Sadness is uncertain for everyone.
When Riley is eleven years old, his family moved to San Francisco after his father gets a new job. Sadness Joy worries when memories begin to change when touched, making color they originally had blue, representing sadness, so try to keep it isolated. On the first day at his new school Riley, Sadness accidentally makes mourn in front of his class, promoting the creation of a new central thought, which, unlike the previous ones, is sad. Joy tries to get rid of the new central thought before it reaches the central axis; but in his struggle with sadness, accidentally hit the central thoughts, leaving them loose and causing the closure of the islands of personality. Before you can retrieve Joy, Sadness her and are expelled from the Headquarters through the tube with the central memory and led the rest of Riley’s mind thoughts. They end up in long-term memory of Riley, a labyrinthine storage area, where they initiate the trip back to headquarters.
The emotions that have remained in HQ (Fear / Miedo, Dislike / Asco and Fury / Rage) try to keep the emotional state of Riley in the absence of joy and sadness, but cause it to behave strangely before his parents , friends and acquaintances, even to be rude. Consequently, the islands of personality crumble one by one and fall to mental dump, a gulf between Headquarters and the rest of Riley’s mind, where memories are eventually forgotten. Furia / Ira decides to insert the idea of ​​fleeing to Minnesota in the control console, believing they can produce new plants happy thoughts there. Meanwhile, joy and sadness are with Bing Bong, the imaginary friend of Riley, who is desperate to reconnect with her. He tells them they can get to the Headquarters traveling by train of thought. After exploring the different islands of Riley’s mind, the three finally climb on the train, but it derails when another island personality falls.
As Riley prepares to escape aboard a bus to Minnesota, Joy tries to use a recovery tube to return to headquarters without sadness. But another island personality fall and break the tube, sending Joy mental dustbin along with Bing Bong, who was trying to rescue her. Joy begins to mourn, confessing that Riley just wanted to be happy. Seeing the memory of a sad moment then becomes happy, includes what the function of Sadness. Joy gets out of the mental garbage with the help of Bing Bong, who sacrificed being forgotten. Finally, the emotions were at HQ regret the idea of ​​going to Minnesota and try to remove it, but do not succeed because Riley is in a depression that left inoperative the control console. Joy learns of the situation and uses various tools of imagination Riley to meet with Sadness and return to Headquarters. At the request of Joy, Sadness takes over and successfully extracted the idea of ​​going to Minnesota, restores the control console and gets Riley return home.
Then reinstall Sadness central thoughts so sad, Riley began to mourn and supports her parents that she misses her old life. When their parents accept what he says Riley, embrace and reassuring, joy and sadness together create a new central thought building a new island personality. A year later, Riley has adapted to his new home and his emotions are working together, using a control console extended help to lead a happy life, with new islands new central personality produced by thoughts that are combinations of multiple emotions.
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Inside Out 2015 BRRip 300MB English Free Download Full Movie 480P
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