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Mr. Peabody & Sherman (Mr. Peabody & Sherman) is an animated film of 2014 directed by Rob Minkoff and starring the voice cast Ty Burrell , Max Charles and Ariel Winter . The film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox , is based on the characters of The improbable story of Peabody , segment of the animated series of the sixties The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show .
Mr. Peabody is a dog who lives in New York extremely brilliant, winner of a Nobel Prize , who graduated with top grades at Harvard University , scientist, inventor, winner of the Olympic Games three times in a row, etc. but that was never adopted in its infancy as a puppy by its strong rationality , and the first dog in history to have adopted a human being , the little Sherman. But the invention of what is most proud is his time machine , he calls tornindietro. The film begins with their trip to the Palace of Versailles . There awaits a very sweet Marie Antoinette , who is crazy about sweets. But the unfortunate thing is that I finished in the period in which he began the terrible French Revolution caused by the fact that the people, exhausted by misery and poverty, wanted to end the luxury illimato which had surrounded the French nobles. Just when the revolutionaries attack the Palace, Sherman and Peabody seeks it disappears. The ugly but is yet to start, because after the Revolution, began ruthless era of terror led by Maximilien Robespierre . Immediately after the meeting of Sherman, Robespierre and his men capture and Peabody They execute. So he will go to the guillotine and Sherman is desperate. But Peabody is intelligent and has devised a plan to escape from the clutches of death . So Mr. Peabody escapes, out of a manhole and takes away his son. They find themselves having to run without stopping for the sewers of Paris , pursued by Robespierre, who discovered the deception. Eventually, Robespierre finds them but Peabody is smarter and, after being thrown out of the manhole, neutralize Robespierre and return to the run of the sewers, pursued this time by soldiers. To lose them, Mr. Peabody used a sword to destroy the lock of a trap door that would stop the sewage and with a wooden board, the two begin to surf and using the methane gas in the sewers, catapult out of the sewer tunnels and end in a forest far away. There waiting for them there and that’s how the tornindietro leave France ‘s revolutionary 1789 . The next day is the first day of school for Sherman and Peabody accompanies it. There, responding correctly and even more to a question of the teacher on the life of President Washington , he attracts the envy and contempt of his classmate, Penny. In the cafeteria, Sherman makes new friends, but then breaks Penny who mocks him in front of everyone and gives the dog and to defend himself, he bites his arm. Mr. Peabody is convened by the president to tell him what happened and Penny seems to have the victim. Suddenly, he walks into the treacherous Miss Grunion, the ‘ social worker , which means at all costs take legal custody of Sherman Peabody, and announced that the evening of the next day would go to their house to supervise the situation of the boy. Before going to bed, Sherman says to his father all that has happened in school and saying to love him, Peabody responded with the usual answer as always: “I, too, I have a deep devotion to you, Sherman.” Leaving the room, the crop all the good times spent with his son when he found abandoned in a box on that cold night, when it won the case for the award, when taught him to ride a bike , when he learned to walk with Ghandi , blossomed when his interest in the ‘ Art with Van Gogh , when he was flying his kite in stormy days along with Benjamin Franklin , etc., etc. The day after Peabody preparing everything perfectly for the arrival of Paul and Patty Petersson, parents Penny, and Miss Grunion. Paul appears hostile to having to talk to a dog but Patty convinces him. Now, it seems very surprised by Paul Peabody but it continually tests, such as when asked to play all the instruments of all musical styles , while Penny and Sherman are the boy’s room. Penny puts strings, and Sherman, unwittingly, you let go of the secret existence tornindietro. So, Penny decides to use it to pay a visit to Mr. Washington , and Sherman, negligiando the words he told his father convinced by Penny, she goes with her. Paul decides to go away but suddenly he was a cramp and Peabody uses tecnina Chinese to treat him, and so Paul Petersson begins to feel sympathy for the dog. The situation for the two children out of control and the two end up in ‘ Ancient Egypt where Sherman loses sight of her friend / enemy. Return immediately to Mr. Peabody to tell him everything. Before the Petersson can find out where their daughter, Peabody hypnotizes them. The two protagonists have free rein and go to Giza , in ‘ Ancient Egypt , to recover Penny. When it is found, the girl tells them that is hostile to the idea of returning by that is about to marry the then very young Pharaoh Tutankhamun and Sherman seems a bit ‘jealous. They try to convince her in every way that is likely to get married in big trouble with the King Tut, but will be the Grand Vizier Ay to let you know that before you get married, the couple will have to make the blood oath. Penny change your mind at the last moment, but she is too late, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman are lying in the royal prison. The real prison proves huge, with mummies and hieroglyphics everywhere, and Peabody is a secret passage behind a wall that says that to save himself, the unfortunate will find the boats of Ra , but must place themselves on guard because a boat leads to salvation and in the light, while the other leads to certain death. Behind the pass, there is a floor full of hieroglyphs in each piece and will be forced to play the game Bell . Peabody, of course, can in the game, but his son did not, and so everything collapses. In front of them are the two boats of Ra , but Sherman takes the wrong one but Mr. Pea saves him with a rope. The two are “spit” out of the Sphinx and rush us straight to the Palace to stop the ceremony. When Ay is about to stab the knife in the hand of the bride, the great God Anubis speaks and all prostrate to him. In reality it is just a plan of the dog, which Ay order to abandon the ceremony and to bring the little Penny the threshold of the palace, or else will touch all ‘ Egypt famines. Sherman, however, for a misunderstanding, foils the plan, and discover all the pitfalls. Soon the three protagonists are directed to their time machine to escape once again chased by the men of Ay. Finally manage to escape leaving Egypt. In the midst of the return trip, Peabody realizes that we need a landing for lack of fuel, and chooses the ‘ Italy . Now they find themselves in the Florence of the Renaissance , at a time when Leonardo Da Vinci painted the picture of the Mona Lisa . The two bicker for hours because Leonardo has almost finished the work but the Mona Lisa is so determined to smile and then Leonardo is not available. Sherman and Penny make you an idea with which they laugh Mona. So Leonardo returns the favor and help Mr. Pea to fix it. Meanwhile, the two boys are put to explore the laboratory of Da Vinci, and Penny is the prototype of ‘ airplane Leo. Penny wants at all costs to fly with the prototype and, although Sherman does not want to start, do you convince her friend and explains how to operate the glider but Penny pushes the handle to make it fly and find themselves having to fly over the skies of Florence . Finally Peabody them started and the two boys are coming against a tree, destroying the invention of Da Vinci. Mr. Peabody is very angry with Sherman and thinks that her new friend to have turned into a hooligan. Finished riparamento machine, Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Penny must greet Leonardo Da Vinci. In Continuous Spaziotempo, Peabody promises to Sherman to punish him when they returned home and Penny let go of the fact that Miss Sherman Grunion want to take away, and the latter maintains a serious falling out with the dog. The three still can not go home, because they find themselves before the eyes of a black hole time and risk being sucked and disintegrated. But Mr. Pea changes gears and return all the normal route, however, a beam of light you bet against them … Mr. Peabody finds himself alone with Penny, without Sherman, and more, in one of the fiercest wars History : the Trojan War . They leave the tornindietro to finding Sherman. The Trojan horse , the Greeks already hatched the plan to attack the Trojans and are already at the gates of the city. In command of Greek is Agamemnon , among them a new soldier, Shermanus, which is actually Sherman. Ulysses brings a gift, similar to their horse. Inside there are Penny and Mr. Peabody that pop out and ask Sherman to come with them. But he does not want absolutely. The war begins and the Greeks, loads and ruthless attack the sleeping city. Sherman is attaccataccorre Troiano, who pursues him to kill him, but Sherman uses the help of the dog whistle given to him by Mr. Pea on the first day of school, and now he rushes to help him. A door, smashed, hit the horse with Penny inside and go straight straight towards a cliff. Sherman chases the horse to release her and Penny, with a cunning plan, Mr. Peabody escapes again from the dead. Before the three characters can sorting, dress Penny gets caught and Sherman tries to free him, but in doing so sends to the surface once again the plan of smart dog, sacrificing himself, pushes off Penny and Sherman and remains in the horse which falls on deaf ears crashing iin a cliff. Sherman is destroyed and for the first time in his life named him “Dad.” The only thing that remains to do is to return to his own but was transgressing the basic rules of time travel that says that if you come back in an era where it already exists, there will be a look-alike of the person who has traveled . They came back in the same spot where Mr. Pea was with Petersson. Penny Sherman and ask the help of the Peabody and immediately check the impersonator from Sherman ‘ elevator . Just the wrong moment, comes the terrible Miss Grunion. A few minutes after his arrival, comes the real Peabody that it is not dead in Troy and that, after the departure of Sherman and Penny, they created a primitive tornindietro with some ‘ignegno and some natural components. Sherman 2 tries to hide but in vain because Patty, Paul and Grunion discover all this and finally decided to take away the two Shermanos (as Paul says). Unfortunately the undesirable happens, because the two touch each other and the two Peabody help them. In the end, the doubles are sucked and remain the original Mr. Peabody & Sherman. The Grunion has had enough, and takes away but Sherman Peabody, only to stop the biting. She calls this aggression and calls the police . Penny, Peabody and Sherman flee, chased by the police, the Grunion and Petersson but is later given that disappear with the tornindietro. Try another time travel but the trip fails due to the opening of a gap space-time in the skies of New York caused by the collision between the double of Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Now are the historical figures, including Leonardo Da Vinci , Robespierre , Tutankhamun , Beethoven , Einstein , Newton and others, to come into the present of Mr. Peabody and Sherman. All of them are put to spin quietly as if nothing had happened in the streets of New York sowing chaos and confusion among the people. The Grunion hurtling into the street with the police to catch Peabody and stumbles upon Agamemnon who falls in love with her. The tornindietro lands and police launches on Peabody. The goal of the Grunion was finally reached, and Mr. Peabody is destined to end in a kennel but Sherman held a moving speech ending with the statement “I have a dog.” Gradually, all the other characters, from Marie Antoinette to Penny, they begin to say the same sentence of Sherman. Among the crowd check Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the same George Bush orders the security forces to exonerate Mr. Pea. Solved this problem remains one of the tear, which expands dramatically. Now are the monuments to catapult himself into the present. The Eiffel Tower , the Tower of Pisa , the RMS Titanic , the Sphinx , everyone. The nose of the Sphinx comes off and crushes Miss Grunion. Peabody and the greatest geniuses in the history unite their minds to find a plan and defeat the gap but that Sherman is the one having the best idea, indeed, the most brilliant: go in the future . So they do and the gap is closed bringing with it all the historical figures. Shooting, Agamemnon abducts Grunion and takes it with him in the past forever. Mr. Peabody and Sherman can go and for all all well that ends well. The day after Sherman returns to scuolvolergli. he and Penny are best friends; before they go in Sherman, Mr. Peabody tells him to love him, but he replied with the same answer that has always given Mr. Peabody, ie “I cherish a deep devotion to you, Mr. Peabody” and hug . The film ends with some scenes that show how they live now ancient historical figures: the ‘ Ancient Egypt it is modernized, with the pharaoh Tutankhamun who wears a shirt that says “I LOVE NY” and the Grand Vizier Ay dancing with him the costume of the Statue of Liberty . Instead Leonardo Da Vinci is a contemporary painting, like that of Marilyn Monroe , the Mona Lisa and the latter, with the spray can, writes his name in the Wall Street Art. The French nobles show the noblewomen, excited, banknotes 1 dollar . Robespierre is still being chased by soldiers but this time pointing them his Taser , but because of his stupidity, he ends thrilled. Albert Einstein tries to solve the cube Rubik but fails and destroys it. Finally the Greeks are crazy about the pizza and we see the happy marriage between Miss Grunion and Agamemnon , entranced. end
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