Kung Fu Panda 3 English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P


Kung Fu Panda 3 English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P

Kung Fu Panda 3 is an animated film American – Chinese , directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni, released in 2016 .

This film follows the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 , released in 2011, and is the third installment in the franchise Kung Fu Panda .

In the world of spirits where he found his place after his death, the Grand Master Oogway is facing Kai, a former comrade in arms. Kai chasing for centuries the masters of Kung Fu to defeat them and seize their Chi, reducing the jade puppet state. Oogway not struggle and lets capture, Kai ensuring that its role was never to beat but allow the Dragon Warrior to. Having become powerful enough to do, Kai returns to the world of the living or the Committee is despite that everyone has forgotten. Kai sends jade zombies in all directions to search for the Dragon Warrior.

Meanwhile, Master Shifu announced to his disciples his decision to retire, confident Po care of his successor. But Po turns out to be a poor teacher, aligning disasters disasters, which makes him doubt his true value as a warrior. Shifu Po advises not to try to be a teacher, but to be himself.

Po Ping returns to the restaurant, his adoptive father or he meets a panda beating his record of ingested food. Li quickly realizes that Po is his son that research since he had the certainty of survival. The two pandas are beginning to get acquainted, to the chagrin of Ping shows his fear of losing Po. While Po present his father with 5 hurricanes, the valley is attacked by zombies jade. During the battle, the warriors realize they face long dead masters. Shifu recognizes some in and get to Po that Oogway and Kai were allies before. Severely wounded in combat, Oogway life was saved thanks to Kai who took to a village panda warriors mastering Chi. But the demonstration of power Kai pushed to want to take it for himself. Oogway was forced to kill him to prevent it. To beat Kai Po must learn Chi but the secret of the technique was lost for centuries. Li offers to take him back to his village where he can teach him in secret. Ping decides to accompany the duo, not wanting to leave Po alone with his biological father.

Disobeying the instructions of Po, Crane and Mantis face Kai after tracking. The two warriors are beaten and quickly changed into jade zombie. Arriving at the village, Li began teaching at Po to behave like a panda. Confident, Po listening.

Kai gets to the valley and despite the efforts of the remaining cyclones, manages to destroy the palace of Jade and capture the warriors except Tigress who fled to inform Po. The pandas Po want to escape but wants to convince to fight. He asks to speed up his training but Li tells him the truth. Pandas themselves have lost the secret of Chi and his training had no other purpose than to retain Po as long as possible to convince him to settle permanently in the village. Ulcerated Po broke with his father, taking refuge in training to ride a strategy against Kai. Ping Li admits to his fear of seeing Po lose, but must recognize that to have found his real father gave happiness to his adopted son. Seeing that the villagers decided to stay, Po decides to train them to hone its strategy against Kai. Po has learned the lesson of his previous failure and realized he should not make others as its mold, but use their own skills to make weapons.

Kai joined the village of pandas and sends jade zombies to capture Po, but the villagers easily defeat before attacking Kai to distract him. Po tries to use the technique of Oogway Kai to return to the spirit world but fails Kai revealing that this technique only works on living. Po must understand that sacrifice and hugging Kai, rushes into the underworld in order to continue the fight. But Kai proves too powerful and began to petrify Po despite his resistance. Remained in the living world, pandas feel the struggle and distress of Po, making them rediscover their inner Chi. Using their instinct, pandas send their Chi Po which is released from the grip of Kai, completing its transformation into Dragon Warrior. Po created a huge dragon and let Kai Chi try to absorb it. But the power is too large and Kai disappears, victim of his boundless ambition.

Zombies Jade back to life and are returned to the living world. Oogway then appears Po, revealing that his journey came to an end and he was selected because of his ancestry and his deep connection with the yin and yang. Po understand this is Oogway that brought home to Li that her son was still alive. Po, became the official successor of Oogway chooses to return to the living world with his new power and began teaching the power of Chi friends.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P

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