Big Hero 6 Dual Audio English and Hindi 300MB 480P


Big Hero 6 Dual Audio English and Hindi 300MB 480P

The New Heroes ( Big Hero 6 ) is an animated film American directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams released in 2014 . It is the 131 th animated feature film and 54 e “animated classic” of Disney .

It is the first Disney animated film to use characters from the universe Marvel Comics (from the comics Big Hero 6 ) since the purchase of Marvel by Disney in 2009.

Hiro Hamada is a genius of robotics aged 14, who lives in the fictional futuristic city of San Fransokyo (Hybrid city between San Francisco and Tokyo). Raised by his aunt Cassie and her older brother Tadashi after the death of his parents, he spent his time participating in illegal fights robots. To recover Hiro, Tadashi took him to his university robotics center, where Hiro meets his brother’s friends: GoGo Tamago, adrenaline junkie, Wasabi, a stickler for order and compliance, Honey Lemon , a gifted chemist and excited, and Fred, a convinced fanboy. As Baymax, personalized medical assistant humanoid created by Tadashi. Following this visit, Hiro is desperate to return to this school. It presents during the party of “Show-Case” school his invention: the micro-robots, Tiny robots that can bind together to create all possible and imaginable form, they are controlled by a brain transmitter. Professor Callaghan, head of the university robotics program, is impressed and offers Hiro to go to university, but Alistair Krei, renowned entrepreneur and president of Krei Tech offers to buy the micro-robots . Hiro finally decides to reject the proposal Krei to enter university. At the end of “Show-Case” , Tadashi and Hiro discover the burning building, Tadashi rushes to rescue Callaghan, who was trapped inside. But the building exploded moments later, killing Tadashi.

A few weeks later, Hiro, thoroughly depressed by the death of his brother, unwittingly Baymax active. The robot decides to follow the path indicated by the latest micro-robot in possession of Hiro. Both arrive at an abandoned warehouse, they discover that someone has stolen the micro-robots and produces thousands. They are confronted with a man wearing a mask Kabuki in control of micro-robots. After escaping from the attack, Hiro Baymax team of armor and a battle chip containing various karate moves. They then begin to look for the masked man. GoGo, Wasabi, Honey-Lemon and Fred arrive on time but the masked man attacks the group. All six managed to escape and take refuge in the home of Fred, they begin to form a superhero team. Hiro creates armor and accessories for his friends through their various scientific works.

After all its improvements, Baymax uses his scanner and found traces of the masked man on an island where the secret lab Krei Tech, which was abandoned after an experiment on technology teleportation , where a test pilot was lost in one of the portals. The group finds himself against the attacks of the masked man, but Baymax and Hiro manage to drop his mask, letting appear Professor Callaghan, who in fact, stolen the micro-robotsHiro to protect the explosion, leaving Tadashi die. Hiro, enraged, decided to remove the chip Baymax, leaving only the battle chip, and orders him to kill Callaghan. At the last second, Honey-Lemon manages to reinstall the chip in Baymax, preventing killing Callaghan. Furious, Hiro takes off with Baymax. Back home, Hiro tries to remove the chip again, but prevents Baymax, saying that revenge is not what Tadashi would have wanted. To comfort him Baymax broadcasts recordings of his brother during development and Baymax tests. Hiro apologizes to his friends and decided to stop Callaghan.

They discover that the test pilot Krei was actually the daughter of Callaghan: Abigail Callaghan and seeks revenge. At the inauguration of the new headquarters of Krei Tech Callaghan interrupts the ceremony and tries to kill Krei and destroy his headquarters with a portal teleport giant. He then discovers that Abigail is not dead, and is in the teleportation portal. Hiro and his friends destroy its micro-robotsCallaghan and saves Krei but the portal remains active and becomes unstable. Baymax detects the life inside of it: Abigail is inside, alive but in hyper-sleep. Hiro decides to enter the gate with Baymax to go save her. But Baymax damaged by debris adrift inside the portal. The robot then uses the fist knuckle of his armor to propel Hiro and Abigail outside the gate. Hiro heart broken by the loss of Baymax, realizes that Baymax slid his chip inside the fist-rocket. Hiro and rebuilt Baymax The New Heroes continue their exploits across the city, to realize the dream of Tadashi, that of helping those in need.

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Big Hero 6 Dual Audio English and Hindi 300MB 480P

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Movie Language : English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)

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