Angry Birds English and Hindi Dual Audio HD 720P


Angry Birds English and Hindi Dual Audio HD 720P

Angry Birds The Movie is a Finnish-American film in 3D computer animation and comedy of action directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, 2 produced by John Cohen and Catherine Winder 3 and written by Jon Vitti . 4 The film is based on the famous video game series Angry Birds . The main cast includes Jason Sudeikis , Josh Gad , Danny McBride , Bill Hader , Maya Rudolph , and Peter Dinklage .

Bird Island is an island inhabited by birds that do not fly, one: Web, a cardinal who is sentenced to attend sessions of anger after losing his temper with their last client while working as a clown. Upon arrival, you notice a puppet, causing Red angry because laughter produces puppet, but calms down . Red it down a bit; but this one hits, causing Red angry and calm down again. Unfortunately, Red gets angry for the third time and makes the finished breaking it into pieces. In the kind of anger it is directed by Matilda a hen kind that used to be really an angry bird and meet fellow Chuck therapy a canaryfaster than was fined for speeding, Bomb a crow who has trouble explosion whenever you angry or scared and Terence a cardinal strong and robust than Maltida did not reveal his record, but police sirens show that was in a fire that maybe caused. Class network does not help control his anger and as they pass the classes he gets bored.

The next day, Stella, one Galah cockatoo , warns birds arriving boat (apparently with two crew on board) to the coast, destroying the house of Red accidentally. Once docked, down two pigs green, one of which is presented as Leonard and claims to be a “browser” with the idea of strengthening ties of friendship, being accepted by the community of birds, less Network, which suspects both visitors and their sudden appearance on the island. 5At night, after the pigs show them the birds giant slingshot, use Red as a volunteer to throw away the place and falls on the beach where is the boat of pigs. His co-therapy: Chuck and accompanying Bomb investigate into the boat and discover that there are more pigs inside. Red interrupts the presentation of pigs and leads to other hidden inside the boat for the birds to see that Leonard had lied about what had mentioned pigs, but Leonard tells the birds that their “cousins” Pigs wanted to impress with “Show Cowboys”. Red even more angry and maladjusted, going back to his house destroyed.

The next day, another boat pigs also arrives on the island and integrate the rest of the pigs that were initially, however, after class anger of Matilda, Stella, by showing them the eggs of birds Leonard and pigs, Leonard is excited with egg; but it is interrupted by Red, who says it’s not a good idea. Red Peckinpah warns to stay away from pigs and that anger is not always the answer. However, a suspicious network tries to find out their intentions and ask for help from Chuck and Bomb to help him find the Eagle Poderosa, a giant bald eagle, Which lives in the top of the mountain and say it is “the protector” and only able to fly. After a long journey, the three discover that the Mighty Eagle is really a vague having a lifestyle sedentary and refuses to help (because he was pretending to lose his faith in them and help themselves). Incensed indifference, Red mimics its behavior and through the telescope while observing this, discovers that the pigs are placing explosivesin the homes of other birds while they attend a party, prepared as a ruse to steal eggs and escape. While Chuck is giving notice of the theft of eggs, Network and eggs Bomb attempt to rescue the ship, but efforts are futile and pigs dynamited the entire village. After hearing what had happened, and all the birds Peckinpah apologize to Red, who encourages them it’s time to get angry and go to Piglet Island to recover all the stolen eggs.

After building a raft and sail to Isla Piglet, where you have to storm a walled town with a castle where they believe may be their eggs, also soon they discover that Leonard really is king. With the momentum of the Slingshot Giant, Red, Chuck and Bomb released several birds to attack pigs (Matilda, Bubbles, a mime, Cyrus, Peckinpah, Stella, Hal, among others), each had a special ability and this leaves very surprised to birds; but the goal that consisted Red was to reach the castle, but they do not. Rey Leonard, heard about the attack, warning pigs catch birds destroy their neighborhood, changing plans: instead of eating eggs every night (as had earlier said after obtaining them), the eggs would eat in lunch. Red, having a plan, He decides to launch himself and manages to enter the castle and tells them to send to other birds to attack. While Red is inside the castle, Terence throws Chuck throughwindow castle crashing into the rooms of pigs and then launches into the wall Bomb balcony of the castle transgressing the wall, and both manage to get inside the castle, where pigs are preparing to cook and eat the eggs. Rey Leonard, angered by the debris that fell on him when Bomb managed to cross the wall, ordered to deploy Porcine Air Force to kill all the birds. Meanwhile, outside the town of Pig Island, all the birds, without having anyone to jump in Giant Slingshot, Terence decides to launch it; but it destroys, because they do not have the proper weight. In this situation, upon learning of the vault where hid the eggs, placing a sign on graffiti that he says:”No eggs here” ; at that time, while Network is to have a plan going in , Chuck uses his superspeed (the same scene Quicksilver in X-Men: days of future past and Flash superhero from his series eponymous television 2014 ) to distract them . To gain entry to the vault, it’s late and holds Red network carrying it with eggs in a tirolinapower that leads into the dining room of rey Leonard. Rey Leonard, seeing that Red refuses loose network (without medicine), decides to cook with eggs; but the network is released, demolishing the pig Builder was holding the remote control and grabs to prevent eggs were cooked with the help of Chef Pig who prepared them. While Bomb and Chuck try to enter the room of rey Leonard, springs into action the Mighty Eagle, which takes all the eggs, after thinking about what he had said before Red and decided to change his mind, however, an egg blue slips network in the exhaust and Red returns to the castle to retrieve and manages to get it out of the hands of rey Leonard and finally pushes the giant pot at the castle making the hot liquid is dispersed inside. Meanwhile outside the castle, Bomb will launch area Swine Air Force attack the Eagle Poderosa and explodes just before more planes out for reinforcements and Terence birds that are in the village of pigs with a car takes that he stole from pigs and out of the village.

Rey Leonard network and fall into a hole and enter the deepest area of ​​the castle where they are thousands of kilos of explosives. Rey Leonard gets to take the blue egg Red and uses a candle to cook. Network seeing the giant pot is about to fall Leonard decides to distract the king take and get back the blue egg, just as the giant pot on this network falls and protects the explosion. The candle he was carrying the rey Leonard was dropped on a dynamite and cause a huge explosion all over the place, while the Mighty Eagle gets bring back the birds eggs. However after the explosion, start searching the rubble Red, but Chuck says believing he is dead because he did not get out of the castle to rescue the blue egg.

Back on the island, the birds begin to rebuild the damage from the village and give the Eagle Poderosa all the credit for the rescue of eggs. Red then discovers that the birds have rebuilt their house in the village as a thank you for having recovered eggs and also receives a song from the village chicks and Terence. grateful and happy to be now part of the village network, invites Chuck and Bomb to enter your home.

During the credits, various birds including chicks dancing and Terence. While in the destroyed Piglet Island, pigs survive in the blast and start to dance and as for the rey Leonard; thinks a new plan to take revenge once more eggs the birds, but also dance. Back to Bird Island, the Eagle Poderosa dances in his cave and while in the village, while Chuck and Bomb dance, Red discovers that his eyebrows make incredible moves to dance.

In one scene a half credit, chicks wear blue egg Giant slingshot and throw themselves on the ocean discovering themselves as the Blues (Jay, Jake and Jim).

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Angry Birds English and Hindi Dual Audio HD 720P

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