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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Free Download 300MB 480P
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift or Ice Age: Continental Drift The in Quebec ( Ice Age: Continental Drift ) is a film of animated American directed by Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier , released in 2012 .
This is the fourth installment of the saga Ice Age .
The eternal quest for the acorn of Scrat has consequences for the world: from the search center of the Earth, it causes the dislocation of tectonic plates . continental drift and Manny and his friends are separated Ellie and her daughter . They find themselves wandering in the ocean on a piece of ice. In their journey to return home, they encounter pirates determined to prevent them from returning, including Kira, future love Diego.
Manny is an overprotective father of her teenage daughter Peach, who wants to look like his peers, including Ethan, who she has a crush. Meanwhile, Sid reunites with his family, who had abandoned him in the first film, and abandoned again, leaving him his Grandma, considered a burden. Ignoring the prohibitions of his father, fishing with his friend Louis (a hedgehog that behaves like a mole), go to the waterfall where they meet the young people, but they are surprised by Manny scolds before all world. Fishing, embarrassed but furious, told him she wants him is not his father. At this point, despite Ellie told that this is not the end of the world, earthquakes are collapsing all the ice, causing Manny, Sid and Diego far from Ellie and Fisheries. All three are derived on a floating iceberg, and before losing sight of Manny and Ellie tells Fishing go to a nearby bridge, where they will meet later. Having managed to survive a storm and discovered they brought Meme, who was sleeping in a tree, friends are captured by a group of pirates, led by Captain Gutt (a Gigantopithecus ) and his first officer, a tigress saber-toothed named Kira. Three refused to join the crew, and after a battle, destroy the enemy by dropping water all the pirates ship.
After a day of new drifting on a makeshift raft with Kira, abandoned by the crew but always loyal to his captain, they reach an island. Here, they discover that the pirates have submitted small animals, the badgers , the construction of a new vessel. Manny plans to fly to their rescue and return with their help, once Sid is able to communicate with them. The group manages to get hold of the ship but before Diego could mount Kira attack. He manages to convince her to leave with him, but she decides to keep foremost Gutt to reach and stay with him. Furious, it creates a new ship and promises revenge. Fishing, meanwhile, has been accepted by Ethan and his entourage saying she is not a friend of Louis, which she considered a “loser”. But it is heard by the mole who injured fled. The young mammoth then realizes who his real friends and repents of his attitude. It settles accounts with Ethan and his friends.
After meeting with sirens, friends reach the bridge, but it has now been destroyed. Fishing and Ellie were captured by Gutt, who wants to destroy all that is dear to Manny. Louis shows his love for fishing with Gutt defying courage. Pupuce, Pet Grandma appears: it is a giant prehistoric whale tame and obedient to her and Sid. With vent , it puts out of harm’s pirates. Gutt is back on Ellie, who Fishing helps. It stuns Gutt using its opossum skills inherited from Ellie. Gutt is not defeated: it isolates Manny when he tries to rejoin his family. Around them, the rock collapses, causing a landslide which raises Manny and Gutt. The final challenge takes place on a piece of ice running at full speed towards the ocean. Manny gets rid noisily Gutt, and is saved by Pupuce who catches the fly. Gutt, haggard, is attracted by sirens that had followed. Manny and his family together and Kira becomes the companion of Diego. With the boat, they all reach a new earth to begin a new life on a peninsula.
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Ice Age 4 Continental Drift Free Download 300MB 480P
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)
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