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Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Free Download 300MB

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs  is an animated film American directed by Carlos Saldanha , released the first July 2009 in the United States and3  July  2009in France. It is the third film in the series Ice Age .
It was announced by the President of the Fox , Hutch Parker, the30  January  2007. It was originally scheduled for release on December 12, 2008 , but was postponed in July 2009 . The film was shown in a preview in some cinemas for Father’s Day in the United States . The film was produced by Blue Sky Studios and produced by 20th Century Fox . He appealed to some celebrities to the French voice as Elijah Semoun , Gérard Lanvin , Vincent Cassel and Christophe Dechavanne .
The “frosted heroes” are back for an incredible adventure. Scrat is still running behind his cock, and this time he met a love Manny and Ellie are very anxious because they will have their first child, Diego left the group because it think his faculties hunter dwindling gradually as it stays with them, and Sid the sloth gets into trouble by stealing eggs from a Tyrannosaurus who removed. On a journey to save Sid, the gang finds himself in a mysterious underground world where dinosaurs still live. They will fight against the fauna and flora, and they meet Buck, a blind eye to an eccentric weasel to the tunes of Indiana Jones that will help save Sid. But much larger than the Tyrannosaurus mother creature, Buck called Rudy (a Baryonyx 1 ) pursues.
Mammoths Manny and Ellie are expecting their first child. The prospect of becoming a father brings Manny to build a playground for the little, trying to make it as safe as possible. The new situation leads Diego to feel very lonely, and he is seriously considering leaving the group, feeling lose its force before this life too quiet. Sid remains pensive, and from his side, wondering how he could start his own family. When walking on thin ice, it breaks by dropping in a huge underground tunnel. There are three large eggs apparently abandoned. Having received no response to his calls, Sid decides to take over, led by a sudden maternal instinct and an uncontrollable desire to build a family. He runs three eggs which he gives names to the tunnel exit: Mimosa, Cocotte and Titeuf (original Eggbert, Shelly and Yoko). He quickly runs to destroy. Realizing the situation, Manny and Ellie try to convince Sid to return the eggs where he discovered, convinced that their mother has to find everywhere, but the lazy do not want to give up what he already calls “my small “. However, a huge mass is indeed the hole left by Sid and roars.
At the same time, these eggs are born small dinosaurs as big as Sid, not knowing that “Mom.” Small, though very affectionate, will show troublemakers, but Sid takes very seriously its role as a mother trying to protect them and give them good lessons, even inculcate healthy vegetarian diet (with results poor). They destroy the playground installed by Manny, causing his anger. Suddenly, the earth began to tremble and all can hear the roar belonging to a female ferocious T-rex that has emerged. After a moment of surprise, Manny realizes she is the mother of small and shouts at Sid, but he still does not want them to leave. The tyrannosaur stuck with the babies and the challenges moving over his body for him to take. In response, the dinosaur seizes him and small, and carried with him. Witnessing the scene, Manny, Ellie, Crash and Eddie, and Diego, decided to save Sid. Despite the attempt to convince Ellie Manny not to participate in the expedition, as she reached the terminal stage of her pregnancy, the group follows in the footsteps of T-rex to reach the underground cavern. After this, they pass through a gigantic skeleton which serves as a bridge.
Then they lead to a whole underground world, devoid of ice and especially dinosaurs inhabited. Attacked by an Ankylosaurus camouflaged in the cave, the group escapes by sliding on the back of a Brachiosaurus. They were immediately surrounded by other dinosaurs ready to attack, but occurs Buck, Buckminster long version, a ferret with a bandage over his right eye, cheeky and carrier chaos. Once out of danger, Ellie realizes that Buck is the key to find and rescue Sid and asks him for help. But simply asserts that “it is dead.” Specifically, Buck warns that Sid was probably carried by the T-rex in his den to the falls of lava, separated from them by:
la Jungle du Malheur
Chasm of Death
Cliffs of Dread
Especially since he says that the beast lurking, he calls Rudy or thing, larger than Tyrannosaurus, and that she popped her eye. Crash and Eddie are fascinated by this speech, but Manny does not take into account and deal with crazy. They continue without him, but after reaching the jungle from evil, Manny and Diego are the prey of a large carnivorous plant from which they are saved once again by Buck.
Sid is released with little dinosaurs in the cave of the T-rex, which immediately tries to devour. Small but eventually intervene. He continues to compete with Mom T-rex regarding their education, and between the two arises a slow friendship. On his side, having won credibility with others, Buck the guide into the abyss of death, a large crevasse exhaling a lethal gas. Ellie through the first Buck with a dinosaur rib cage tubing with lianas. When the other through the cage stops at the center of the abyss. All are victims of laughing gas, including Buck who tickled full rescue. Ellie is pulling the rib cage by cutting the tree to which it is connected. Meanwhile, the T-rex leaking something from fingerprints, much bigger than her. Buck explains to the group how he had the bandage on his right eye, the result of a blow inflicted by a giant claw barionyx albinos. This mishap, ferret keeps a dinosaur tooth taken when it tried to devour, and uses it as a knife. Buck called this dinosaur, the most feared of all, Rudy.
They finally reach the last step, the cliffs of dread. Ellie starts having contractions and is forced to stop. She was spotted by fierce Guanlongs, causing a landslide. Manny and Diego decide to stay protect Ellie. The group is divided, leaving Buck and possums Crash and Eddie to save Sid. It separate from dinosaurs is very bad position because he is caught up by Rudy. He has no other choice but to lose on a slippery rock in the middle of the lava river, to the falls. The three companions overlap a Pteranodon and a herd of wild sow quetzalcoatlus to save Sid just in time. Meanwhile, Manny and Diego defeated the guanlongs while Ellie gave birth to the little fishing. The group comes together with Sid and led to Buck again, preparing to return to their world. But Rudy, the fierce rival of Buck, waiting in front of the cave. Buck draws on his side and lack of being eaten. But the group manages to immobilize the dinosaur tying with lianas. Upon leaving, Sid falls on vines, releasing Rudy furious. He throws himself on Sid to devour, but Mama T-rex pushes violently thrown into a crevasse. Sid is now ready to bid farewell to three small tyrannosaurs and their legitimate mother, and greet with sadness. Buck, now convinced of the death of Rudy knows no valid reason to the holding in this world, so he accepts the invitation to join them and return to the surface. But about to reach the exit, Buck hears the roar of Rudy and decides to stay. It destroys the bridge between the world of ice and the world of dinosaurs.
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Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Free Download 300MB
Movie Language: English and Hindi Dubbed (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 321 MB
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