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Meet The Robinsons Free Download English and Hindi

Meet the Robinsons ( Meet the Robinsons in Spain , the family of the future in Latin ) is a film animation and computer-animated production 46th Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures . The tagline is: Some families are a journey … it’s an adventure! The film was also presented in Disney Digital 3D in select theaters.
A young woman leaves her baby at the entrance to an orphanage. Twelve years after Lewis, the baby has not yet been adopted, but a great genius. He is very intelligent and tries to invent a memory scanner that would remind her mother, hoping to find her. This work leaves no sleep night Mike “Goob” Yagoobian, his roommate, who wants to play baseball in the minor leagues.
During the school science fair on Lewis, the representative of Inventco Dr. Krunklehorn is the judge of the event. A thirteen year old boy named Wilbur Robinson is saying about Lewis being a “police time ‘come from the future and tells him that a man with a bowler hat stole a time machine. Man “bowler” sinister, whom Wilbur like, sends Doris, a robotic hat with mechanical arms, to sabotage Lewis machine. When Lewis shows his invention, the machine explodes, causing chaos within the fair. Lewis runs off, leaving behind his machine, and the type of bowler steals the scanner memory.
Back at the orphanage, Lewis goes up to the roof, crushed by his “failure” in the science fair. Wilbur appears and tells Lewis to go back to the science fair and fix your machine. Lewis accepts, under the condition that Wilbur try from the future. Wilbur takes Lewis to where your time machine flying, and uses it to take until 2037, thirty years in the future.
In 2037, destroyed the time machine and Wilbur takes Lewis to the garage to repair the time machine but it sucks that tube and Lewis knows that Wilbur’s grandfather, Bud, which gives you a guided tour of the who knows the house during the rest of the weird and funny family Robinson: Franny, Wilbur friendly mother, trains frogs to sing, talk and dress suits. Wilbur makes sure nobody knows that Lewis comes from the past and explains that his father, Cornelius, the only family member who does not attend Lewis invented practically everything that Lewis is seeing.
The bowler reaches past is Goob, who is sad because he fell asleep during an important game and was beaten by those who were on the team for wasting. Goob tells you all have advised him to forget it and he thinks it’s better that way, but the the bowler tells him not to, enclose it in the depths of your heart and keep it. The bowler goes to see Lewis, but only found traces of time travel, so back to the future.
The Robinson will ask Lewis Wilbur hat put him to cover her hair is removed, but Wilbur starts a war between Franny and meatballs and saves his uncle. The bowler arrives and creates a Mini-Doris Doris the bowler that man can control from the machine. Meanwhile, Frankie Frog and other frogs Franny are telling jokes and drinking, when Mini-Doris Frankie seizes and controls the lock barrel Lewis ordered him to attack, but Frankie replies that there are many people and it is very small also indicates that it considers that the idea is not well planned, the bowler leaves the frog and takes Mini-Doris. The bowler goes to the past and returns with a dinosaur -controlled Mini-Doris, and orders him to leave Lewis, after a long struggle between Robinson and the dinosaur, he tells the man that Lewis can not attack because their arms are very short, adding to doubts about the idea is well planned. Wilbur locates Mini-Doris and her out of his head, frogs and Frankie takes Mini-Doris.
Franny says she has fond Lewis and suggesting adopt, but Wilbur, seeing what happens, he takes the sombero, so strangely refuse, what makes Lewis is disappointed and Wilbur learns that no I was going to introduce you to his mother. Lewis angry goes and meets the bowler who tells you that if you fix the machine, take with his mother, Lewis agrees, but is later betrayed and then learns the truth: He is the father of Wilbur, Cornelious bowler and man is actually his friend Goob, old-looking and deeply resentful for having failed in the attempt to catch a baseball because he fell asleep. His inner rage not allowed to make friends or find a family and is currently being manipulated by the smartest considerably DOR-15, a future invention Lewis went terribly wrong. After Lewis, with no faith in himself and his abilities, fails to repair the time machine, it’s the kind of hat who introduced the scanner memory and wizard hat DOR-15 Inventco and manages to make Wilbur is deleted of existence. Unfortunately for him, the future is horribly altered when Doris and their assistants make hats hat to betray their own initiative and control the world.
Lewis avoids the Robinson family is controlled by hats, and a giant hat with spider legs and millions of little hats, fix the time machine and uses it to get to the right time and place where the hat sign the contract that ruin mankind. When Luis explains to Goob when DOR-15 has what you want, will get rid of him, Doris aside to Goob and menacingly close to Lewis but he says he will never invent and Doris disappears forever.
Lewis leads to the bowler to see the future that created Doris, which switches back to previous idyllic world. Land near the Robinson house, Wilbur back into existence and attacks the bowler, but Lewis convinces him to adopt. However, after seeing the horror that caused flees embarrassed and unsure of what to do.
After the Robinson returning to normal, thank you to Lewis for arranging the future. Cornelius finally appears and is found to be the adult version of Lewis. His version of Young can finally visit the time when his mother abandoned him, but fails to know when it occurs to your future is assured. Return to the present and prevents Goob you intend to turn in the bowler to wake in time to catch the ball with the game-winning, Good becomes the hero of the team. It is revealed that Dr. Krunklehorn and Lucille are the same, implying that he married and adopted Bud Lewis. Lewis himself later meets a kid version of Franny, who is obviously his future wife, and encouraged to continue with his dream of teaching singing frogs.
Lewis then shown with his new family, planning and creating new inventions, especially walking forward.
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