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Hotel Transylvania 2 English 480P & 720P ESub Download

Hotel Transylvania 2 is a fantasy film and 3D animated comedy format produced by Sony Pictures Animation . It is the sequel to the 2012 movie, Hotel Transylvania . It is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and written by Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler . The cast of the film features Adam Sandler , Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez , among others. Hotel Transylvania 2 takes place seven years after the first film, with the hotel now open to human hosts. Mavis and Johnny have a young son named Dennis, whose lack of skills preoccupy his grandfather vampire Dracula. When Mavis and Johnny will visit the parents of Johnny, Dracula calls his friends to help you make Dennis a vampire. However, the unexpected visit of father hates-human Dracula, Vlad, soon put things backwards. The film premiered on September 25, 2015 by Columbia Pictures . Hotel Transylvania 2 set a new box office record for the biggest weekend in September, grossing weekend of $ 48.5 million.

Some time after the first film, Mavis and her boyfriend Johnny are now married, with the approval of his father Dracula and the world realizes (unperturbed) the existence of monsters. Mavis one night while flying and playing in the clouds reveals to Drac who is pregnant and a year later, she gives birth to a boy named Dennis, who befriends Wayne’s daughter, Winnie. Approaching his fifth birthday, Dennis still will not grow fangs and Drac worries that her grandson could not win vampire powers. Realizing the dangers of Transylvania, Mavis carried begins to consider where Johnny Dennis grew for the disapproval of Drac.

Drac tells Johnny (who does not want to leave the hotel) to carry Mavis to California to visit in-laws, Mike and Linda, but for sure keep her distracted, leaving Dennis Drac care. Drac enlists his friends, Frank, Wayne werewolf, Griffin the Invisible Man, Murray the Mummy and the Blob Blobby to help train Dennis to turn it into a monster, but to no avail. Dennis Drac leads to a summer camp, where he learned to hone their skills vampire, and discover that the camp is safe and because it was the same as when he was there. Out of stupidity, Drac unknowingly launch a high unstable Dennis tower to pressure processing once, but is rescued at the last second. The scene is filmed by campers and uploaded to the Internet, you finally get to Mavis and Johnny who decide to return quickly to Transylvania. Without any flights available, Mavis flies directly to Transylvania while charging Johnny. The group Drac reach the hotel a couple of seconds after Mavis arrived (Dracula call Mavis and sees his obvious anger toward him and lowers the phone to find comically in front of you with the same glare), she angrily scolds her father Dennis put in grave danger and their inability to accept that he is a human being, promising to leave the hotel after five years of Dennis next Wednesday.

Mavis invited Vlad, her grandfather and the father of Drac, to Dennis birthday party. As Vlad is much worse than it was Drac when it comes to humans (with Drac, saying that he would “steal their souls”), Drac tells Johnny to make a party where humans dress up as monsters. Vlad received the invitation and arrives with his servant Bela monstrous bat to meet his grandson for the first time. Upon meeting him, he believes that fear will tusks Dennis sprout and owns a theater actor dressed as the monster favorite TV Dennis, “Kakie the Monster Cake” to scare Dennis, but Drac protects his grandson at the last moment and exposes the deception Vlad, who was incensed that Drac has accepted humans as guests in their hotel. Drac confronts his father talking about how humans are different now, however Bela seeing humans angry and believe that Dennis is one of them, going after.

Mavis is upset with the behavior of his grandfather and as the family fight, Dennis flees unfortunately the hotel (followed by Bela) and enters the forest with Winnie, hiding in his treehouse, but are attacked by Bela, who plans take Winnie and grandson Vlad as prisoners, Winnie for being allied with a human and Dennis for being half-human, and what is worse, he wants to destroy the hotel, at the time Winnie bites on hand to Bela and this the spear into the ground, Dennis, very angry, makes his fangs and powers manifest and finally becomes a true vampire, Bela lets go and Dennis roars throwing him against a tree, Bela also roars and calls his followers giant bats. At that time helps raise Winnie, but Bela still stands and hurls a large rock, but Dennis still furiously destroys the rock, he transforms into a bat and using his incredible strength combat Bela, Mavis and Drac find Dennis fighting with and look happy that Dennis now has his powers and finally gives a powerful punch throwing him against the wall of the tennis court, then Dennis becomes as it was and the family is happy that this good, but moments later Dennis detects its powers gang Bela approaches, then Dennis again transform and fight against them, his mother Mavis and her grandfather Drac join the fight, Drac thrashed a few and then stops with his powers to a wave that coming toward him, steps aside and disabling the effect these collide, one of the giant bats was about to catch Dennis but Mavis hits it, then two other giants faces and transformed into a mouse, scaring them and then throwing stones over with their powers, Murray, Frank, Wayne, Blooby and other monsters join in the battle, furious Frank crushes one with his fists, Wayne jumps over another and bit him on the ear, but this throws the soil and other two appear to attack him, but now calls his 300 sons who are thrown on them and begin to bite, Vlac arrives at that moment seeing all his servants are attacking his family. Finally they defeat all the deer bats. Dennis, happy that it’s a monster, asks his grandfather if it’s cool, but says it’s perfect as it is, then Mavis decides it’s better to have Dennis in Transylvania, then Winnie appears and Lamea happily Dennis however, a few seconds after Bela reappears, takes a stake and tries to kill Johnny, but now Vlac appears very angry with his servant for trying to attack his grandson, he says, “Do not go to bring me or my family, never “then it shrinks to a tiny size, Bela tries to flee, but is cornered by sons Wayne who grab him and start licking without stopping. Drac tells Vlad that saved a human, and Vlad says he does not care if did not have those fangs. Finally, the party at the Hotel Transylvania resumes and ends with everyone dancing.


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