Dragon Ball Super S01E04 English Dub 720P x265



Kaiōsama tries to hide from Goku the existence of Bills, while Goku still continues training. Trunks and Goten snoop around the ship and arrive at the prize room, to see the special prize of Bulma Bingo, being the Dragon Balls. The Pilaf Band finds itself looking for a treasure on a nearby island, while Trunks exposes the balls to the radar of the Pilaf dragon. His band goes to Bulma’s ship to steal them, again. Pilaf goes to the boat but is chased by a shark, but thanks to Trunks and Goten are rescued without suffering damage, who also feed them. Goku returns to cause the collapse of the house of Kaiōsama, and by mistake he ends up telling him that he would never present him before Bills. Faced with this, Kaio hides him in his collapsed house so they can not be found.

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Movie Quality : 720P x265 10 Bit

Movie Size : 132 MB

Movie Language: English and Japanese (Dual Audio)

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