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Dragon Ball Super Season 1 Episode 6 Full Episode in Hindi

Story Dragon Ball Super S01E06 English Dub

Kaiōsama warns Vegeta of what happened, while Goku tries to become stronger, although Bills has already reached Bulma’s luxury ship. Vegeta encounters the god of destruction falling at his feet remembering his father King Vegeta, being humiliated by Bills when Vegeta was still a child. Bills asks about the Super Saiyan god phase, but Vegeta does not know anything about it. Bulma sees them and invites them to her party and Yamcha befriends her back in annoyance, but Krilin feeds her by calming Bills’ anger. After crossing the ship, Trunks wet it with a water pistol causing his anger, but Vegeta jumps off the boat fishing a large octopus, serene Bills to the uproar of Vegeta. Wiss tells the god of destruction that on the ship there is a special food called pudding, but Majin Buu keeps all of them since according to him he is the strongest. Bills is enraged and throws Majin Buu into the depths of the ocean.

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Movie Language: English and Japanese (Dual Audio)

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