Dragon Ball Super S01E05 English Dub 720P x265



Kaiosama Gokú has hidden in his house collapsed, and tries to distract Bills of the presence of Gokú, Wiss also reminds them that took 327 years without seeing each other. However, Bills already knew of the presence of Goku stating that is the reason for his visit, so Kaiōsama apologizes and calls Goku to appear. Bills asks Goku about the Super Saiyan god phase, but Goku does not know anything about it, so he decides to go to Earth to ask Vegeta. Goku tries to convince him to prove his strength, which is accepted. Goku transforms into Super Saiyan but fails to hit a single hit, so he transforms this time into Super Saiyajin phase 2, only to have the same result. Goku to retain a little more Bills becomes Super Saiyajin phase 3, being defeated with only two hits.

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Movie Quality : 720P x265 10 Bit

Movie Size : 129 MB

Movie Language: English and Japanese (Dual Audio)

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