Brave English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P


Brave English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

Brave – ( Brave ) is a film of 2012 directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman , thirteenth produced by Pixar Animation Studios , which won the Academy Award in 2013 as Best Animated Feature Film .

Initially directed by Chapman, [1] which is still credited as director, the film is then passed into the hands of Andrews, who worked with Brad Bird and author of the short One Man Band .

Scotland , fifth century . On his sixth birthday, the little princess Merida receives a gift from his father, King Fergus DunBroch, a bow , although his mother, Queen Elinor, disagrees. While in the forest to retrieve the arrow from her previous shot, Merida sees the wisps, special magical energies that lead to their own destiny. After returning from their parents, the three are attacked by the evil bearBlack Mor’du, the father faces to allow time in Merida and Elinor to escape. During combat, the beast severs the Fergus leg, which will then be replaced with a wooden. Ten years later Merida is a brave girl, rebellious and dreamy, he became sister of three pestiferous twins. It also becomes arciera infallible and always carries the bow given to her by her father when she was a child.

A Merida evening is informed by his mother that the three Lord of the clan MacGuffin, Macintosh and Dingwall, his father governs, will present each of their first son as a suitor for her hand. They will participate in the games and the winner will get engaged to Merida. The girl is upset, but her mother did not listen and insists that it is his duty to accept the tradition. Upon arrival of the three clans, Elinor announces the upcoming opening of the games. When the mother says that only the eldest son of the noble families can compete, Merida decides to enter to win his own hand. Since it is her choice of discipline in which claimants must compete, Merida chooses the archery, the discipline in which he excels. Merida fact centers all targets, humiliating and offending the suitors of clan chiefs and mother. During the fight that followed, Merida cut the tapestry made by the mother, which is their family, and Elinor, hurt and angry, and cast an arc of Merida in the fire.

Merida flees into the forest with his cavallo Angus, where he sees appear wisps again. Following them, he comes into the shop of an old carver, which is actually a witch. In exchange for his pendant, Merida asks the old spell that is able to change the mother and then his own destiny. The witch assures her that the fate of Merida will change, then prepares a magical cake, which will be eaten by the mother, but forget to tell her how the mother of Merida will change with the spell. After returning to the castle, Merida makes eating the magical sweet mother. Unexpectedly, Elinor turns into a bear. An hour after he fled from the castle, mother and daughter try the witch, but she left the hut where he lived. From a message left for her Merida turns out that there are only two days to return to his human form Elinor, otherwise the spell will become permanent. The witch, however, being good, also suggests a way to break the ‘

The next morning, Merida and Elinor go to the river to catch fish. During their time together, the two get to know and enjoy. Elinor, however, started to show the first signs that the spell is turning completely into a bear attacks and Merida, while stopping in time. Shortly after they reappear wisps. Following them, Merida and her mother come to a cave, actually a throne room. Here Merida understands that the story her mother told her always (one of four brothers whose eldest son, greedy for power, results in making war to others and to lead his kingdom in ruins) is reality, and that the firstborn It was transformed in the bear Mor’du. The bear, hiding in the ruins of the throne room, attacking the mother and daughter, who are able to get to safety.

Merida supposed to tearing of which the witch spoke both the tear in the tapestry of his mother. They return then to the castle and will penetrate the hidden, finding the clans in a fist fight with each other in the throne room. Merida, in an attempt to distract the audience to let his mother get to the tapestry room, unable to reconcile the clans and convince the leaders to leave the free firstborn principles to marry who they want. Once reconciled clans, Merida and Elinor bear shall take refuge in the room, where they try to repair the tear in the tapestry. Fergus arrives, however, that seeing the torn clothes of Elinor and the bear, believed that his wife was killed by the latter and the attacks. Elinor flees into the woods being chased by her husband and his men, while Merida is locked in her room.

With three brothers and having sewn up the tapestry, Merida reaches the forest where his father, accompanied by the warriors of the clan, surrounded the mother, there manages to avoid his mother’s death at the hands of his father, defending it. Soon after, however Mor’du attacks them. Elinor fight with him and finally it is the latter triumphed, killing the bad Mor’du. The spirit of the evil bear finds peace by man-ghost and becomes false lights. Despite the tapestry is intact, the bear is not converted back to Elinor. Merida then embraces her mother and tells her that rivorrebbe as before and is grateful for all the times that was next door. Finally he claims to love her. This was the tear to heal, not to the tapestry, so Elinor finally back human, even the three puppies d ‘ Bear again become lively children and run into the arms of papà Fergus. The lords are back at their house and Merida sarà single heir to the throne, which his mother accepted this time.

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Brave English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

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