Zootopia English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P


Zootopia English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

Zootopia ( Zootrópolis in Spain 4 ) is an American film comedy – adventure produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios of the United States . The film is directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore . Is the 55th animated series Disney classics .

It is a film “buddy cop” ( “buddy movie” 5 ) starring animals anthropomorphic six living in the city of Zootopia. Nick Fox Wilde help the first coneja police, Judy Hopps, to solve a case, why in a city where herbivores and carnivores have always coexisted, the latter are beginning to be wild again.

In a town of anthropomorphic mammals where predators and prey species coexist “peacefully” in harmony, world a rabbit rural Bunnyburrow called Judy Hopps meets great effort his dream dedesde childhood to become the first official coneja Police utopia urban , Zootopia. Where she puts all his efforts despite the difficulties getting out of the police academy with great honors, Judy is relegated to the duty of parquimetros by the Chief Bogo, who doubt their potential. On his first day you are assigned to parking meters, while taking this temporary work she demonstrates her effort nonetheless. Then she would be swindled by Nick Wilde and Finnick, a pair of foxesscammers. Where these survived by his cunning to defrauding several people with popsicles, Judy discovering the scam Nick tries to bring before the law, where it was to no avail as he had his ways of being brought before the law and also Judy showed a sample of your own reality making you feel helpless and unable to move forward, and that frustration sad returned to his apartment. 7

The next day, Judy leaves the parking duty to arrest Duke Weaselton, a thief who stole some bulbs of plants. After his capture Duke Weaselton she is taken to the office of chief Bogo, where rebukes to leave the post; but an otter, Mrs. Otterton, enters the office of Bogo asking someone to find her husband Emmitt, one of the fourteen predators have disappeared . Judy offered to get him , making Bogo fire her for insubordination. But Deputy Mayor Dawn Bellwether praises the assignment and informs the Mayor Leodore Lionheart Judy is taking the case, Bogo to be in this situation access give the case to Judy and gives him only 48 hours to find Otterton with the proviso that you should resign if it fails.

After discovering that Nick was the last to see Otterton Judy decides to look for him , when found, Nick refuses to tell what he knows about Otterton, before the refusal of help, Judy decides to take drastic measures and blackmails recorded in secret confession of tax evasion so it has enough evidence to arrest him if he refuses to help her . The two go to a naturist center where Nick expects her to reverse its case and is free to be his assistant, but Judy makes the owner provides the code plate. After obtaining the vehicle registration both go to the station car with the help of Flash a lazy , track Otterton a limousineproperty crime boss, Mr. Big. After a bad touch because of Nick, Mr. Big tells them that your florist Otterton had become “wild” – had become violent – and attacked his driver spots. At home, Stains mentions that Otterton had been shouting about “howler night” where the duo makes the access to tell or talk about these ( “Howler Nocturnes” in Latin America). However, the spots himself inexplicably becomes wild and chases the duo. Judy Nick saves catching spots and calls the ZPD for help. However, when Bogo and other police arrive on the scene, stains disappear if trace. Bogo immediately demands that his police Judy as a waiver, but is saved by Nick who reminds Bogo still has 10 hours to solve the case. When they leave, Nick reveals to Judy who was bullied and humiliated when he was a child just being a fox. After the attack and discovering that the world would never stop slandering, Nick had abandoned any idea of ​​being someone better., And it’s got a way of seeing the world against him, in that Judy takes her arm trying to make him feel best,

The duo reached the mayor ‘s office; Bellwether which gives you access to Judy and Nick system traffic cameras in the city. Stains not find that thought disappeared as it was captured by wolves, so guess Judy are the “night howlers”. After tracing the vehicle, they find missing Otterton and other predators incarcerated in Cliffside AsylumWhere Lionheart has kept hidden from the public and Dr. Madge Honey Badger is trying to determine the cause of his strange behavior to what allegory that reason is biological and can only be that are predators alone in having this behavior . With video evidence and after escaping from the guards, Lionheart and those involved are arrested and Bellwether becomes the new mayor. Judy, praised for solving the case and now allied with Nick, asking him to join the police and become his partner. However, Judy argues a biological cause for the recent behavior of predators in a press conference. Nick listens to the speech and angry, confronting; but seeing the distrust, he goes angrily rejects the request. Guilty, Judy tries to apologize but the press will not let her. After a series of battles across the city amid a wave of protests against predators, Judy is consumed by the guilt of having caused chaos (especially the desk police station Benjamin Clawhauser his first friend, being removed from post and sent to the archives in the basement) and quits his job with great regret.

Back in Bunnyburrow, Judy discovers that his parents were allied with Gideon Gray; who had reformed and Judy apologized for their mistreatment in the past. Amid the talk, Judy reported that “night howlers” are not wolves, but poisonous flowers that have very bad psychotropic effects in mammals, including rabbits. After Judy returns to Zootopia realize that I could not alone in what will look for Nick and conpedirle lágrimasque sele reconcilieayudé in this case, after finding begins to ask him to apologize for the things he said and done and tears achieves Nick forgave him giving her a hug at the end, encuentrandespués seek Weaselton as it relates to the nocturnal howler find him and discover that the bulbs was stealing were aulladoresesos nocturnosmismos where Ivan to be intended for use by a ram named Doug. Doug found in a laboratory hidden in the subway tunnels, creating a banned substance made of howler night, he has been shooting predators with a dart gun. As evidence, the duo kidnaps the car and try to take it; but they lost in the explosion that arises at the end of the line, however Nick manages to rescue the briefcase containing the dart gun with serum and decide to take it as evidence.

Before they can go to the police station, they get into a confrontation with Bellwether, who steals evidence, revealing himself as the leader behind a sabotageDam-supremacist. Judy and Nick try to escape, but Judy leg is hurt in the process; Nick and refuses to leave. The duo tries to flee, but end up trapped in a pit by Bellwether rams. The mayor shoots a dart containing serum Nick to provoke and kill Judy, and makes a call to arrest Nick. The effect quickly transforms into a wild fox Nick and Judy ends up biting the neck, apparently killing her. However, Nick and Judy show they were only pretending and quickly Bellwether is surprised that Nick follow normal and Judy still alive. Then Nick and Judy had disarmed him confess dart gun pellets Bellwether replacing serum with harmless blueberries. Enraged, Bellwether threatens to arrest Judy and Nick, though Nick and Judy had recorded completely Bellwether’s confession. Bogo and ZPD arrive on the scene and arrested Bellwether

ZNN, local news, report the arrest of Bellwether and everyone involved. Lionheart denies knowledge of his plot, but said he had good reason to imprison wild predators and is released from the charges and recovers his post as mayor. On the other hand predators that had become wild eventually are cured with a special antidote that reverses the effects of the “howler night” and return with their returned families, Judy is reincorporated back into the ZPD and Nick becomes the first city ​​police fox and his partner. The film ends with Judy and Nick being in his patrol (where his good relationship is which leaves the viewer with questions about how to end them in the future) and chase a car that runs right in front of them speeding and when the driver stopped it was nothing more and nothing less than Flash, sloth friend Nick and Judy. In the credits, it is shownGazelle singing in front of the city where almost everyone dance protagonist of the film.

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Zootopia English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

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