Brave English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB 480P


Brave English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB 480P

Brave is a film animated American 3D, directed by Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman , produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios and starring the voices of Kelly Macdonald , Billy Connolly , Emma Thompson and Julie Walters . Its premiere was scheduled for 15 as June as 2012 , but was later changed to 22 as June as 2012 . It is also the first movie toplayed on the Dolby TheaterThe film was recorded with technology Dolby Atmos , which debuted with the film.

For 2008, it was announced as The Bear and the Bow ( The Bear and the Bow ). Brave is the first Pixar fairy tale, with a slightly more mature and darker than in the previous films tone. Brenda Chapman says is a fairy tale in the style of Hans Christian Andersen and the brothers Grimm , she tells this story is inspired by her own daughter Emma Lima, who would respond to it as a teenager with only 5 or 6 years age, and also, at the same time it is inspired by Scotland, Which has Scottish ancestry at a time. In early 2006, the team began their research trips to Scotland for a realistic atmosphere of Scotland and close Mitica.

Chapman was announced as the only and first director of the project, but in October 2010, was replaced by Mark Andrews , for creative disagreements. Later, Chapman says that “his vision or purpose was fulfilled” as she wanted it, and is very proud of it, similar event in Pixar went with the movie Ratatouille with director Jan Pikava , with time, was replaced by Brad Bird . At first, Reese Witherspoon was chosen for the voice of Merida, but agenda items , was replaced by Kelly Macdonald . At the end of the credits, a tribute given to the co-founder and CEO of Pixar, Steve Jobs by his death in October 2011.

The Pixar team, took over 3 years to achieve unruly curls that characterize Merida, there was such despair with this situation, Pixar brooded change the hair of the protagonist for straight hair because the fall had curls this was not expected. After discussion, the creators agreed that changing this part with it, change the personality of Merida, so they decided to keep looking until you can do it. Merida’s body was not your typical princess, well proportioned and stylish. Pixar wanted to show her athletic body, strong legs and arms, without much fat in the breast area.

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Brave English and Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio 300MB 480P

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Movie Language : English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)

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