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Beauty and The Beast Full Movie

Story of Beauty and The Beast Full Movie

Beauty and the Beast Full Movie is an American animated film of 1991 by Walt Disney Pictures . The film is based on the eponymous folktale Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont . The film is directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise .
The screenplay of the film came from Linda Woolverton , the music of Alan Menken and the lyrics by Howard Ashman . The story in the Disney film differs in some respects from the original folk tale. The film was a great success.
At the start of the film we see how beautiful but very arrogant prince is cursed by an enchantress because he refused her shelter when she asked him why. The prince must as hideous Beast live on. The curse will only be broken at the moment he is in love with someone and that same person is also in love with him. If not for his 21st birthday, the day the last rose petal from the magic rose Sorceress falls, he will forever have to live with. as Beast The curse affects even the staff of the Prince. They are turned into household objects.
Through the movie title then moves the film to a rural village. In this village of Belle and her father Maurice. Attend Belle spends her time preferably by reading, and Maurice’s inventor. However, they are both seen by the villagers as crackpots. Gaston, the strongest man in the village, has a crush on Belle, but she sees him standing.
Maurice is an invention to an event, but lost on the way. After being attacked by wolves, he ends up in the castle of the Beast. The servants of the Beast called him a warm welcome, but the beast itself must know nothing of the intruder. Maurice is imprisoned in the dungeon. Because he does not return, Belle goes searching for him. They also went into the castle. There, she makes a deal with the beast: they will voluntarily stay with him if he let her father go.

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Beauty and The Beast Full Movie 
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