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Monsters Inc Full Movie

Story of Monsters Inc Full Movie

Monsters Inc Full Movie Starts as Monsters live in cities are all monsters residents, the city’s power supply is provided by Monsters, Inc., the source of power is the human world of children’s screams. Monster’s “scared commissioner” will use the closet door for the media, the human child at night to sneak into the bedroom scare them and collect their screams. As the monster generally believe that human children have toxic whole body, so you can just gently touch its doom look so scared Commissioner’s work is also considered very dangerous. However, due to human children seem to become more and more daring, such as electricity production began to decline, the company president Henry · J · Waters North III ( Henry J. Waternoose III ) are determined to find a solution. The best results monsters scare commissioner named James · P · “Sully” Sullivan, he and his assistant and best friend Mike Wozuosiji live, another scare commissioner, shape and chameleon Similar Randall Boggs ( Randall Boggs ) has been runner-up in Salinas and therefore under long-standing grudges. Time to go to work that day, a man named George Sanderson ( George Sanderson unexpected shock Commissioner) will be a child’s sock brought back, the company immediately enter a state of emergency, “security” sector “Child Detection Agency” ( Child Detection Agency , referred to as CDA ) fall from the sky, the George and body hair shaved comprehensive “sterile.” And Mike in the morning could not be completed on time because there is always a written report by the company clerk Rhodes ( Roz ) reprimanded.

Monsters Inc in Hindi Plot

After work, Sally stumbled Landauer一扇have activated the door left in shock floor, the door appears to be intended to use it to get extra points frightened. Unexpectedly think a human little girl opened the door and entered the facility, which can be put Sally scared. He tried to get back the little girl, but did not succeed, so she hid under a panic bag to hide, Landauer then open the door over nothing, then turn the send back. Mike is the United States and the company receptionist Celia ( Celia Mae ) appointments, the latter’s birthday that day, Mike asked her to a town famous sushi restaurant. Sally did not take long to come for help, Celia was very unhappy little girl then drilled out from the pack, restaurants Therefore chaos, CDA take a helicopter to the scene and carried out a large area of isolation. Sally and Mike disarray successfully brought back the little girl, she did not find the whole body covered with “toxic.” Sally quickly in love with this little girl, and gave her the name of “cloth” ( Boo ). The next day, two strange monsters trying to put the company into cloth, cloth back Mike tried her door, but in this ambush plan to kidnap the Landauer cloth, tied Mike was wrong.

Screenshots of Monsters inc in Hindi

Monsters Inc Full Movie
Film Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 288 MB
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