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Cinderella 1950 Full Movie Cartoon Animation is the 16th animated feature film and the 12th “animated classic” of Disney. Released in 1950, it is based on the version of the tale of Charles Perrault, Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper published in 1697, as well as that of the Brothers Grimm, Aschenputtel (in), released in 1812.
A storybook opens and tells the story of Cinderella. After the death of his mother at his birth and his father a few years later, a young girl is taken in by her stepmother and two stepsisters, Anastasia and Javotte. But the stepmother will make a profound difference between his daughters and the orphan. The latter is condemned to dress in rags and must perform all the household chores including cleaning the ashes of the hearth. It receives for that reason the nickname “Cinderella.”
Cinderella because she supports his condition remains hopeful that his dreams come true, dreams of love. One morning, woken by birds, Cinderella began his day by singing surrounded by birds and mice of the household. The latter help him wash and dress, brushing and even repairing his clothes. Jac informs that a new mouse was trapped in a mousetrap; Cinderella decides to save her and dress. She calls this Gustave baby mouse, abbreviated Gus, and while she descends performing menial tasks, Jac Gus warns of the existence of Lucifer cat.
Cinderella obeys orders and Lucifer awakes first to give milk in the kitchen. She finds the Pataud dog, dreaming that he is chasing the cat. For the good of the dog, Cinderella asked her not to do this kind of dream seeking excuses cat and recalling the threat his stepsisters. The cat eats in the kitchen, the dog outside and Cinderella feeds the animals. This Was the Short Summary of Cinderella 1950 Full Movie.
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Cinderella 1950 Full Movie
Movie Language: English & Hindi (Dual Audio)
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