Angry Birds English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P


Angry Birds English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P

Angry Birds – The film ( The Angry Birds Movie) is an animated film of 2016 directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly.

Based on ‘ eponymous video game series , the film is written by Jon Vitti and produced by Rovio Entertainment and Sony Pictures Imageworks . They are part of the voice cast of the film Jason Sudeikis , Josh Gad , Danny McBride , Maya Rudolph , Kate McKinnon , Bill Hader , Peter Dinklage , and Smosh.

The Bird Island is an island where they live peaceful birds unable to fly. Red is a bird living alone as a hermit, grumpy and marginalized, with a tendency to have fits of rage. His job is to entertain the newborn chicks making them laugh. After getting angry, and he smashed the birthday cake in the face of his last client, end up in court , where the judge Beccazampa condemns him to an anger management course.

The teacher of the course is Matilda, which in the past was herself an angry bird. Among the birds that take part in the course are Chuck, a fast yellow bird that caused problems with a bird-cop, Bomb, a gentle black bird that tends to blow up as many times as you surprises or upsets, and Terence, a huge red bird that is expressed only through growls and grunts. The first day Red destroys a dummy sign-produced by Chuck without telling anyone, then Chuck discovers and exposes during one of the meetings. The course fails to improve the Red behavior.

One day, while they are following the course, Red and his companions are informed by Stella’s coming on the island a wooden ship. From the ship landed two pigs, Leonard, and his assistant dachshund Ross; The two say they come to visit the Island of Pigs. In short the two pigs win the sympathy of the people. However Red asks Leonard if it is really like an explorer claims to be, why pigs are still on the island. The intimate national Red to stay away from them, refusing to believe his accusations about the pigs. So Red with the help of Chuck and Bomb sneaks aboard the ship pigs discover that the hold is full, immediately he reports it but to his great surprise, however alarmed the population once again accused Red to bother the guests. So Red gets help from Chuck and Bomb to seek the Great Eagle, an ‘ eaglegiant who is said to be the protector of the island, and the only bird that can fly.

After several days of searching, they found his Lake of Wisdom on top of Mount Bird, finding that Great Eagle actually lives there. While Red seeks to inform the Eagle of his suspicions about the pigs, it turns out that he is retired, lazy, boastful and are years that does not fly anymore. Angry with him, Red and his two friends return to the village. Red finds out that pigs are placing the TNT around the island, and they are going to steal the eggs of birds on the island. Red Bomb and then try to retrieve the eggs, and Chuck runs to warn the other inhabitants dll’isola the theft in progress. Red and Bomb fail to halt the pigs, that they go back with a load of eggs to their island and in the meantime the explosive destroys the village.

When they arrive on the Island of Pigs, it turns out that pigs live in a walled city, centered on a huge castle . After Red Leonard sees a picture with a crown on his head, he realizes that he is actually the king of the pigs, and that most likely the eggs are kept inside the castle. Using the sling giant birds attack the pigs but can not reach the fortress. Red, Chuck and Bomb manage to get into the castle, where they discover that eggs are in a boiler room, ready to be cooked and eaten by the pigs.

Before the trio manages to save the eggs, though, Red is caught by Leonard, who said his real name: Re Barbafangosa. When the evil king threatens to boil Red, Chuck and Bomb burst into the room. Even the Great Eagle, breaking through the roof, falls into the room and tries to take the eggs. During the flight of birds, it falls a blue egg, rolling toward the castle. Determined to risk his own life, Red runs to save the egg from Barbafangosa King’s clutches, and flooded the castle with the cooking liquid in the pot to cook the eggs. The red bird exceeds the king of pigs outsmart and retrieves the egg, leaving the king and the entire island was destroyed using TNT. After the explosion, the birds do not believe that Red could make it and weep, but in the end he re-emerges with the egg, and it is acclaimed as a hero. When the Great Eagle approached him, Chuck and Bomb, reveals that in fact has never been lazy, and he made sure that the three of them lose confidence in him because they found in themselves.

Later, it seems that the birds recognize the Great Eagle all the credit for saving the eggs, and Red takes it quietly, humbly, instead of having one of his typical rages. In addition, at the end he discovers that his fellow villagers have rebuilt the house in gratitude, so he decides will be best participating more often to the community in the future. Finally Red, who now considers Chuck and Bomb as friends, decide to make them live in his house, and they accept it with joy.

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Angry Birds English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P

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Movie Language : English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)

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