A goofy Movie Dual Audio 480P 250MB


A goofy Movie Dual Audio 480P 250MB

Goofy – The movie (also: The Goofy movie , original title: A Goofy Movie ) is the second full-length animated film of the Walt Disney Studios , which is not the official “masterpieces” canon heard, but was produced by the TV studios.

Max meets in a cornfield the beautiful Roxanne, who immediately falls into his arms. When they look in love with each other, Max turns into a big version of his father, Goofy . Luckily, it turns out that Max was just dreaming. However, he has to hurry, so that he comes in time for the last day of school before the summer holidays.

Having arrived at school, he and his friends Bobby Zimuruski and KJ are planning a student prank with which Max would like to impress Roxanne: during the director’s speech, he starts a small concert disguised as a powerline. But the three are discovered and must therefore in the office of the director. This calls Goofy and Max is particularly dangerous. To bring Max back on track and to improve their relationship again, Goofy Max takes on a fishing trip, not knowing that Max Roxanne wants to meet during the holidays. He then tells Roxanne as an excuse that he will not meet her, he goes to the Powerline concert, which is televised to perform with him together. Now Max is in a dilemma: he has to spend his holidays with his father,

During the trip, Max is exposed to numerous embarrassments of his father, who tries by all means to get closer to his son. They also meet cat Karloand his son KJ, who have an even worse father-son relationship. When Goofy and Max finally meet the legendary Bigfoot, their relationship improves again. But when Goofy falls asleep, Max secretly changes the marked course on his father’s guarded road map, which has been in the family for generations. The next day, Goofy hands Max more responsibility and the card. He will act as navigator and schedule all stopovers to the destination Lake Destiny, Idaho. One night, they spend the night in a motel, where they meet Karlo and KJ again. Karlo gets along, as Max tells, that he changed the map and tells Goofy, who would not believe it yet. But finally, he looks and is deeply saddened by Max’s betrayal. Next, Max Goofy heads in the direction which is now plotted on the map instead of guiding his father to the actual destination, Lake Destiny in Idaho. Then Goofy stops angry and insulted on the roadside. The feelings of the two unload themselves while their car is heading for a cliff. Finally, it ends up with Goofy and Max in a river, where father and son finally pronounce.

They agree to attend the Powerline concert, and by chance they end up on stage. Powerline finds the dance moves of the duo so good that he interacts with them. Back home, Max meets Roxanne and confesses the whole story to her. Max then kisses Roxanne. She is happy about Max’s honesty and also befriends Goofy.

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A goofy Movie Dual Audio 480P 250MB

Movie Quality : 480P

Movie Size : 245 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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