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A Goofy Movie ( Goofy, the movie in Spanish America , Goofy and son in Spain ) is an animated filmof the Disney companymade in 1995 . The movie has several similarities with the Goof Troop series.

The plot of the film is about the relationship between Goofy and his son Max, this first will try to strengthen ties with Max although this is all he wants to live his own life and conquer the girl of his dreams.

It’s the last day of school. Max , the teenage son of Goofy, has a plan to impress Roxanne, a classmate of his school he is secretly in love with. Max and his two friends PJ and Bobby sneak into the auditorium room where the director Mazur is giving a talk in the auditorium, sabotaging him when they create an impromptu concert where Max begins to play PowerLine, a famous pop star . The performance makes Max a celebrity among the students, but his boldness makes the director take him to his office with his friends.

While Roxanne waits outside Director Mazur’s office, he manages to speak with Max and agrees to accompany him to an appointment to watch the PowerLine concert broadcast in Los Angeles at the home of Roxanne’s friend, Stacy. Without knowing it yet, the director Mazur calls Goofy, explaining the bad actions of his son. And with obvious exaggeration, he mentions that Max “will end up in the electric chair” if he does not do something with his son. Goofy, taking the latter in the most literal sense possible, decides to get down to work and make up for lost time by strengthening family ties with his son.

Goofy decides to take Max fishing to Lake Destiny in Idaho as his ancestors did, but Max tries to dissuade him as he has made other plans, but is introduced into the car and the holidays begin, but not before visiting Roxanne to your house to tell you some news. When Roxanne mentions the possibility of finding another person with whom to go to see PowerLine, Max decides to invent a lie saying that he goes with his father to see the concert in Los Angeles where he will get to dance with him on stage. Roxanne at first seems hesitant but ends up believing it. Goofy and Max start a vacation that will not be easy.

Max feels embarrassed in the Lester’s Possum Park, first when he must go to see “an idiot rat function”, which is actually a show featuring robots that represent forest animals, moved by animatronics, which are dedicated to entertaining the public singing in the Tyrolean style, but unfortunately have obvious breakdowns and sing in a way that Max does not like in the least, causing him to leave the show irritated to the point that violently rejects a man disguised as an opossum trying to cheer him up as if it were a child; then his father again embarrasses him by taking a photograph together with a pair of opossums in which he hangs from the head of a tree, provoking the laughter of the public; then, when an opossumIt shoots out at him and gets into his pants when the branch from which his father hung up for the photograph breaks. Insinuating that Max is dancing, due to the moves he makes to get rid of the opossum inside, Goofy believes that he wants to dance with him some country , taking him by force to dance, which makes the audience laugh even more than before, and talk about the opossum hat (which had been bought for Max by his father). After all this fanfare , they stop at a small lake to practice fishing before reaching Lake Destino. In that, the earth begins to tremble: a huge van totally modernized arraza the forest , also showing a pooland a basketball court , among other things. The van belongs to Pete and his son, PJ. He had heard what Max said about going to see PowerLine, as well as the whole city. Meanwhile, Goofy tries to know if there is any method to become more united with his son, and Pete replies that “if he keeps it dominated, he will never get out of the way”. Goofy stands firm and manages to get his son to let him take his father’s fishing lessons. But Goofy, when throwing the hook back, catches a steak that was roasting Pete. Then, by throwing it with force forward, it opens the appetite to a Big Foot . Big FootHe is attracted to the camp, but Pete picks up all his belongings and leaves quickly, while Goofy and Max get trapped in the car . The furious Bigfoot shatters the tape of the video camera that had captured it, but calms down when he accidentally listens to the song Stayin ‘Alive by the Bee Gees from a walkman . Father and son spend the night in the car. Max, unable to sleep because of the snores of his father and Bigfoot , changes the path marked on the map to Lake Destination by the road to Los Angeles , in addition to writing a postcard to Roxanne, confessing his lie (although he later breaks it).

The next morning, in a cafeteria on the route , Goofy names Max “official navigator”, which means that Max will choose all stops to the Destination Lake. They travel for several days, making stops at amusement parks and beaches , until they end up staying at the Hotel Neptuno . There, they meet again with Pete and PJ. Pete manages to listen to Max telling PJ about the change in the route of the map, and does not hesitate to tell Goofy, who does not believe him, since he trusts his son, but his curiosity to see the map wins and discovers the truth.

Goofy and Max resume the march and approach a two-way highway, the left leads to Los Angeles and the right to Idaho . Goofy, implicitly, forces Max to decide what is most important to him, whether Goofy’s plans or Max’s, by asking him to indicate which of the two paths to follow. Max ends up choosing the one that leads to Los Angeles, and shortly after Goofy seemingly angry, he suddenly parks and gets out of the vehicle and stares at the mountain, forgets to apply the handbrakeand the car goes down, in an effort to get the car but end up falling into a river. There, after being a moment screaming, Max angry because Goofy practically forced him to go on vacation with him, and Goofy protesting because Max does not understand that he only did it to get close to Max and prevent him from “becoming a delinquent”, they sit on the roof of the car to enjoy the water, until approaching a waterfall. Max almost falls, and is saved by his father, but he does fall, and Max uses the fishing technique that his father taught him to save his life. Goofy, knowing from his son that he made all that fuss over the girl he likes, decides to take his son to Los Angeles.

Goofy and Max arrive in Los Angeles the night of the concert. By mistake they get lost and Goofy accidentally enters the dressing room of one of the choir women, while Max is chased by a security guard. Goofy ends up on the stage where PowerLine is, and Max lets his father shine with the “fishing technique” he had taught him. Then, Max goes down and the three dance on the stage, while Roxanne, Bobbie, PJ, Pete and all the school children watch the concert on television .

The next day, Goofy and Max go to Roxanne’s house. Max reveals that she lied to him in everything, but she ends up forgiving him, revealing that she also feels the same attraction for him for a long time, since he heard him laugh: ” Ahiá “. The two promise themselves never to lie, sealing the deal with a kiss. The car of Goofy explodes and just flying through the air falling to the roof of the house where Max Roxanne introduces him to her friend. Goofy, kissing Roxanne’s hand, says: ” Enchanté, Mademoiselle .”

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