The Powerpuff Girls Movie Dual Audio HD 720P


The Powerpuff Girls Movie Dual Audio HD 720P

The Powerpuff Girls Movie (also known as The Powerpuff Girls: The Movie in Spain and Powerpuff Girls: The Movie in Latin ) is an animated film based on the animated series of Cartoon Network The Powerpuff Girls . It was produced by Cartoon Network for Warner Bros. , and was released in the United States on July 3 , 2002 . 2 The film in general is considered a prelude to the animated series, and focuses mainly on the story about how superheroines were created and how they became the defenders of the city of Townsville.

The city of Townsville is dominated by crime and villains. As the narrator (Voice: Tom Kenny ) describes it, you can see Professor Utonium ( Tom Kane ) buying sugar and flowers and leaving a supermarket while he sees Fuzzy / Peludito pointing a shotgun at a cashier. Utonium returns home, in which she tries to create the perfect girl using sugar, flowers and colored objects, but the experiment fails when her chimp named Jojo pushes the teacher causing him to accidentally add substance X in the mixture, causing a great explosion, which causes the mixture to reach Jojo, and throw it out of the window. 3

After the explosion Utonio recovers and finds himself standing in front of three little girls. They make the teacher scared when they greet them and tell them that they are his creation. The teacher gives the three girls a name: Bombón (for his sweet character), Bubble (for his kinship with a soap bubble) and Bellota (because he also starts with B, for his disappointment). With the passage of time the Professor discovers that his daughters have superpowers, like supervelocity and ability to fly; while Jojo, turned into a mutated and intelligent monkey, looks out the window.

The next day, the Professor takes the girls to the garden and then returns to look for them. But girls learn the game of the plagueand they begin to play using their super-speed and ability to fly to reach each other, chasing each other around Saltadilla, but causing damage to the city (destroying buildings, streets, etc.). When the Mayor learns of the destruction that the girls are causing, he leaves the city hall, but to go to eat gherkins. The game ends when the girls discuss who brings it (as part of the game) and in their pursuit collide with the mayor who was about to try a pickle. Back home, Professor explains that maybe they should not use their superpowers in public for their own safety. The three girls understand it, but what they do not really know are the consequences that their actions would cause.

The day after everything that happened, Bombón, Bubble and Acorn are treated hostilely in the garden while the rest of the class is furious with them for having ruined the supply of water and electricity for the class refrigerator, as well as the patio . Ms. Keane tries to reassure the classroom environment by making the girls recite the alphabet. On the other hand the Professor is caught by the Mayor and his guards and sent to jail. When the girls wait for the teacher, but they realize that they do not appear, they conclude that the teacher hates them and they try to find the way home on foot.

To make matters worse, the girls see on television how the citizens of the city make negative judgments against them, including the mayor who treats them as “Enemigas de los Gadillos”. Suddenly a report appears on the arrest of Professor Utonio, who states that the girls could be lost, alone and in danger. The girls seek refuge in a pile of boxes but are attacked by the gang gang. They are saved by Jojo, who is now intelligent but who remains hidden in fear. The girls tell him that people do not want them, while Jojo says he wants to be loved for what he is.

With the excuse that she wants to do good in the city, Jojo is helped by the girls. Together they build a structure on top of a volcano in the middle of the city. As a reward Jojo invites the girls to the zoo, where Jojo is responsible for taking pictures of the monkeys at the zoo. When Bubble finds a rattle and tries to return it to its owner, it takes it out of her hand violently, and then says: “I thought all the animals were caged.”

When the girls return home, Professor Utonio is thrown back into the house by policemen. During the night, Jojo activates a teleportation device that he gave to the monkeys he took photos of at the zoo, with the monkeys transported from the zoo to Jojo’s lair (which is the structure in the center of the city). Jojo uses substance X to mutate the teleported monkeys into intelligent apes like him.

The next day, the girls believe that people will finally accept them, and they go with Professor Utonio to the mayor’s office. That’s when Jojo (self-proclaimed as Mojo Jojo) attacks with his troop of monkeys; He also announced that Bombón, Bubble and Acorn helped him in his plan. When the girls try to convince the Professor that they were deceived, he is paralyzed and says “I do not know who to believe … I thought they were good”. Heartbroken and in a painful cry, the girls escape into space.

Mojo Jojo announces that primates are the ones that will dominate the world instead of humans. However, as all the apes became evil geniuses thanks to the substance X all wish to be the main ruler of the species of apes. Mojo Jojo, after losing control of his troop and collapsing in the middle of the fight of the other apes, becomes frustrated and decides to kill Professor Utonio.

On the other hand, girls are on an asteroid off Earth. Bubble is crying, Acorn is moody and Bombón is silent. Bombón accuses Acorn of causing all the disaster and both begin to fight, in that Bombón says that he is not going to speak to Acorn again. Bubble concentrates on listening to the cries that come from Santa Villa, as well as the screams of Professor Utonio. When they hear the Professor, the girls return to Earth where they must fight against all the monkeys, each one more bizarre than the others, to save both the Professor and the city.

That’s when Mojo Jojo injects more substance X and grows to the size of a giant (50). When he tries to convince the girls to join them, they get out of his hand and push him from the skyscraper. That’s when Professor Utonio appears with an antidote for substance X that will shrink Mojo Jojo to its normal size, but it appears right where the giant Mojo is going to fall. The girls remove it from there, causing the antidote to fall to the concrete, where seconds later Mojo falls and hits the concrete where the antidote was and shrinks to its normal size, where it is later arrested.

The girls decide to destroy their powers with what remains of the antidote so that the city can recognize them only as normal girls, but people protest that they do not do so. The Mayor apologizes along with the rest of the city for his mistakes, offering the girls to be the superheroines of the city. Girls happily accept work. The film ends with the girls saving an old woman from the gang gang. That’s when the narrator gives them his official name: The Super Powerful Girls.

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The Powerpuff Girls Movie Dual Audio HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 704 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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