Wreck It Ralph English & Hindi Dual Audio 720P


Wreck It Ralph English & Hindi Dual Audio 720P

Wreck-It Ralph (known as Break Ralph! In Spain and Ralph Demolisher in Latin ) is an animated film in 3D of 2012 produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by Rich Moore ,contributor to The Simpsons and Futurama . 3 is the 52nd animated feature Walt Disney Animation. The film contains the voices of John C. Reilly , Jack McBrayer , Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman. The film tells the story of Wreck-It Ralph (Reilly), a villain of a game arcade that already want to not always be bad.

Tired of being the villain of the story, Ralph decides to take matters into their own hands and giant, and launched on a journey through the different worlds and generations of video games to show the world that he can also be a hero. Along the way, Ralph knows firsthand the rigorous Sergeant Calhoun, the action game “Hero’s Duty” and headstrong Vanellope von Schweetz, Sugar Rush Speedway, a game of brand new racing cars that may become your first true friend.

Ralph is a character that plays the main villain of a video game arcade called Repara Felix Junior ( Fix-It Felix Jr. ) in a video arcade, where Felix is the main hero of the game and is arranging all damage Ralph constantly building destroyed in each game. Ralph is 3 meters and weighs 291 kilos, who has spent 30 years doing the same job, to the point that begins to question his lifestyle.

The story begins when Ralph tells his story at a meeting of “Villains Anonymous , ” where the wicked of other video games tell you that being a bad does not mean you’re evil. Amid the Ralph meeting confesses all the evil that no longer wants to remain the wicked, quickly all the wicked will respond you can not go against the program, plus some of them at first think they are doing ” Turbo ” , however Ralph tells them that is not being done ” Turbo “It’s just that you do not like your current lifestyle, then evil can not answer you alter what really is and accept it when your life and change your game. The meeting ends with all attendees citing the manifesto of evil: “I am a bad and that’s good I’ll never be good and that’s not bad There ‘s no one who wants to be apart from me..” .

Returning to his game discovers that has not been invited to the party celebrating the 30th anniversary of his game. Ralph is even more annoying to see that on the cake, which has the shape of the entire game, only sees him as the villain of the game on the floor in a puddle of mud chocolate, (Ralph tells them it is not a fan of chocolate), while the other figures are with Felix in the top of the building. Gene starts to argue with one of the game’s characters, by the fact that only the winner is Felix medals. Gene tells him he will never win any because it is the evil of the game, but if one day wins, will leave even live in penthouse of the building, but that will never happen. Ralph, angry, accidentally crushes the cake and says goodbye vowing to win a medal.

Ralph to be Tapper to ask for advice, but he says he does not know where to find and look at the lost and found box in the back of the bar, hoping to find one. While rummaging in the box, she meets a traumatized soldier from the game “Hero’s Duty” which was recently plugged. The soldier is very disturbed by the stress of the game, which is to kill bugs, climb a tower and win a medal. Ralph sees this as an opportunity to win yours. The soldier is shocked to see a bug and flee hits a wall, being unconscious. Ralph decides to take her clothes off and take their place.

Ralph Tapper leaves and arrives at the central station games, where he stumbles on Q * bert . Locate the entrance to “Hero’s Duty” and get in there. Meanwhile, video games room begins to open its doors.

Within the game, Ralph is part of the troop Sergeant Calhoun, who is responsible for directing both his troops as the main contender (the player), the tower to eliminate the Cybugs and get the medal of honor. Coincides in time with the arrival of a new player. Ralph expected a simple game, but is horrified to see a great deal of violence. The Cybugs can become what they eat and reproduce through eggs, but they have a weakness are attracted to a beacon. Ralph causes not only the mission fails, but the player loses the game. Calhoun gives a reprimand and ordered all components of the game to return to the starting position. Ralph, instead, begins to climb to the top of the tower.

Meanwhile, the player tries to start a new game Sugar Rush, but other players the pitch, arguing that will use the nine avatars of the day, then decides to start a new game, but this time in the game Felix. All are in position, but realize that it is not Ralph. Felix asks all “stick with the program”As if everything were normal. The player informs Mr. Litwak, owner of the arcade, which apparently broke the game who decide to put the game out of service. It will be examined the next morning and if repairable, it will definitely unplugged. Game characters panic when they realize that without Ralph can be unplugged. When time comes Q * bert, who tells them he saw Ralph enter “Hero’s Duty” Felix fearing that has made “Turbo” .

Felix enters Hero’s Duty but accidentally attacked by Calhoun and his troops, because they thought it was a Cybug, then informs them that his partner Calhoun Ralph had entered the game and are looking for. He gets his coveted medal, but accidentally releases a Cybug. The two get into a ship and leaving the game towards the central gaming station and from there enter another racing game called “Sugar Rush”. Ralph gets rid of cybug, but realizes that he has lost the medal, which was at the top of a tree candy. While looking meets a girl named Vanellope, who takes away the medal believing it is a gold coin, leaving Ralph sunk into a pit of candy.

Meanwhile, Felix and Calhoun learn that Ralph and Cybug have entered into “Sugar Rush”. Calhoun knows the Cybug be played like a virus without a beacon of light, devour the whole game and then everyone else. He then decides to go in search of Cybug before it is too late. Felix decides to accompany her because he feels responsible for everything that Ralph destroys.

In “Sugar Rush” it is about to start a new career with which characters in the game which will be decided will be the new avatars that appear on the list of riders available the next day to open the arcade games. Applicants must pay his position in the race with a gold coin, obtained from previous races. Vanellope uses the medal stripped Ralph. Brokers realize their presence and King Candy, ruler of “Sugar Rush” orders the arrest immediately, but when it will be arrested, appears Ralph covered in caramel and starts chasing Vanellope destroying everything in its path. Vanellope Ralph manages to escape and is stopped by the guards and taken to the castle of King Candy, where the guards ordered him out immediately “Sugar Rush” and return it back to his game or else send him to jail; however when King Candy leaves the castle guards trying to get Ralph candy, but it manages to escape the castle and lose the guards.

By pleasant coincidence, Ralph meets Vanellope and see how the other runners despise being a glitch (a programming error) and destroy the car she built and who wanted to participate in the race. Realizing the contempt of others, Ralph involved scaring runners. Vanellope then asks him to return the medal, but as no longer the only way to recover is to win the race. This makes Ralph angry and reach a deal: if Ralph helps you get a real car, she will give her medal when you win the race. Ralph reluctantly accepts and they go looking for a car to Vanellope.

Felix and Calhoun located in “Sugar Rush” with which the ship entered Ralph and cyberbicho. Felix regretted that Ralph did “Turbo” . Calhoun does not know what you mean, because only carry a plugged week and Felix tells the story of Turbo, a character from an old racing game arcade room called “TurboTime.” This game was the most popular and Turbo liked attention. One day, a new game called ” RoadBlaster ” came to Γ‘rcade and attention of the players was, which made jealous Turbo, so jealous that he decided to abandon his game and try to apodearse new, but in doing so end up damaging them and caused both “TurboTime” as”RoadBlaster” were taken out of service.

Just after telling this story, Calhoun and Felix accidentally fall into a quicksand of Nesquik , which manage to escape thanks to the occurrence of Felix that Calhoun make laugh lianas candy hitting him in the face several times, but thanks to his hammer damage is not permanent. This makes Calhoun is set at Felix. Calhoun asks Felix to repair the ship, because it will be easier to locate the missing Cybug.

Ralph and Vanellope reach pastry “Sugar Rush” where the race cars are manufactured, there Vanellope manages to make your own with the help of Ralph. King Candy is alerted to the presence of both intruders and going personally to stop them , but Ralph and Vanellope manage to escape from the bakery and go into hiding inside the mountain Diet Cola , which turns out to be a level unfinished program, which is Vanellope home. Ralph at the same time confirms that Vanellope not drive a racecar really. At that moment an explosion that draws your attention occurs: the unfinished level are thermal baths of cola (referring to the Lava ) with stalactite of Mentos. Ralph realizes that he and Vanellope live in the same miserable conditions. Ralph asks why not abandon the game but Vanellope replied that he can not, because it is a glitch and therefore is not allowed to leave. Ralph with his big fists makes a track, where he soon manages to Vanellope learn to handle your car.

Desperate not find Vanellope, King Candy enters the game code and manages to take the medal Ralph. Felix and Calhoun are looking for the Cybug and then Felix piropea Calhoun saying, “You’re pure babe Dynamite” , not knowing that was the favorite phrase of promised her, which ended up being eaten by a Cybug the day of your wedding. Calhoun gets angry and stops searching, Felix brings the ship. He arrives at the castle of King Candy, who receives Agrio Bill , strong – flavored candy. Recalling that he had failed his king with the flight of Ralph, Felix decides to lock up in jail.

Ralph and Vanellope are ready to go to the race. Vanellope back a moment to look a gift for Ralph, and while he was waiting, King Candy, who delivers the medal to Ralph, in exchange for Vanellope to convince him not to participate in the race arrives. She tells him that it is for the sake of it, protect it : if he wins the race, it would be one of the avatars of the game and could be chosen by the players, but if they see flashing, believe it is a mistake of the game, so arcade which the owner will put out of service and unplugged. Everyone can escape the game, but she can not leave to be a glitch . Ralph believes him and decides to talk to Vanellope, but when he does not yield, decides to destroy the car. She shattered, returns home and Ralph return to their game.

Once Ralph returns to his game he realizes that they’re all gone. Only found Gene, who congratulated him without much encouragement for his recent medal, but that little serves, as will be unplugged in the morning, because of his escape and that Felix has not returned. And so it is not said that he did not keep his word delivers key pent-House, however Ralph tells her that this was not what he wanted and tired of living alone in the trash and Gene tells him now he lives alone in the penthouse. Very angry about what happened, Ralph throws his medal against the game screen, making the poster that covered the screen appears from one side, revealing something surprising: an image of Vanellope shown on the side of the video game “Sugar Rush “.

Ralph returns to “Sugar Rush” to the point where Vanellope wrecked the car. There is cleaning the remains Agrio Bill , Ralph asks how it is possible that Vanellope was a glitch while appearing on the side of the game. Agrio Bill tries to escape, but Ralph stops him and tells him that Vanellope was a runner until King Candy tried to erase her unplugging code of the entire system, making it a glitch and lock the memory of all in “Sugar Rush”, so he does not know why King Candy did all that. But confesses something important: if Vanellope crosses the finish line, the game will restart and it will no longer be a glitch. Meanwhile Calhoun discovers that the Cybug who escaped with Ralph has been reproduced at high speed, becoming a major threat.

Ralph arrives at the castle of King Candy and frees Felix, for a moment Felix gets angry at Ralph for what it did happen, it has ended up in jail in an attempt to find him in a way as if he were a criminal, which Ralph replies that it has also been for several years in his life, something that Felix finally comes to understand that Ralph suffers daily as having a role of the evil in his game, then repaired the car and releases Vanellope apologizing for what he did before. All go to the starting line and Vanellope enters the race. He manages to pass other runners reaching second place. While encouraging Vanellope, it is reproached by Ralph Calhoun, as his fault the Cybug has been reproduced and destroy the game. In those moments the Cybugs attack and begin to destroy everything. Meanwhile Vanellope reaches King Candy, who is in first place and try to get Vanellope of the race, but ends up struggling with it. During the fight, the conditionGlitch of Vanellope affects King Candy, altering its appearance demonstrating that it is actually Turbo disguise and he did not die in the incident years ago. He tries by all means to stop it , but Vanellope use your flash to be transported out of reach. Turbo chases but is eaten by a Cybug.

Vanellope goes quickly to the finish line but before you can reach the Cybugs cause crashes. The only hope is to escape all game and destroy Calhoun entry, but Vanellope can not leave the game for being a glitch . Calhoun reports that, without a beacon of light, never the will to stop. Ralph remembers Mentos tablets in the mountains where Vanellope lives Diet Cola, so he decides to go there and cause a beacon of light to all the pills.

Ralph reaches the top of the mountain and try to tear down the roof of candy and take them down to the lake bottom, just as only missing a beat, the presence of King Candy / Turbo, merged with the Cybug, it appears and tries to stop her. However Ralph manages to get rid of him and all the candy crumbles. While Ralph falls along with candies you know that this will be his last, because if a character dies off his game, never revive. But just when all seemed lost, Ralph is rescued by Vanellope at the last second, driving another car racing and takes it out of there. The chemical reaction of Mentos tablets and tail, causing the mountain to become a great source of light, attracting all Cybugs, incluyedo’s own Turbo when half Cybug being destroyed once and for all.

Missing the threat and destruction of Turbo, Vanellope and Ralph Landing on Lake of chocolate, which now adores Ralph, meanwhile the entrance Felix and Calhoun kiss. Then everyone goes to the finish line, and repaired by Felix, and Vanellope finish the race. Instantly, your code returns to the main program of the game, all “Sugar Rush” memory recovers and returns to normal and it is revealed that Vanellope is the princess of the kingdom. She decides to proclaim himself president and forgives all who treated her badly, though at first they played a joke saying they would be executed.

Finally, all return to their respective games, but their lives have changed: Felix and Calhoun marry; Vanellope becomes avatar game and is preferred by players for his ability to teleport in racing; Ralph loves his work, people in the building would have more respect and appreciation and likes to be released, and now, from there you can see play Vanellope and thinks that if he falls well that girl, how bad must not be .

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