Wreck It Ralph English & Hindi Dual Audio 480P 300MB


Wreck It Ralph English & Hindi Dual Audio 480P 300MB

Wreck-It Ralph ( Wreck-It Ralph ) is the 125 th animated feature film and 52 e “animated classic” of Disney . Directed by Rich Moore , it was released in 2012 .

Ralph La Casse is the villain of the video arcade game Fix It Felix Jr . His goal is simple: destroy a building while Felix, the hero repairs with his magic hammer. But Ralph has more than enough to live in a landfill and to be hated by the inhabitants of the building. He decides to confide in a Anonymous meeting Villains (parody of Alcoholics Anonymous) to find a solution to his problem. He admits to not wanting to be a villain. The other, shocked, asked him if Ralph would be going “to play the Turbo”, but he says no. The wicked advised him to love for what it is instead of trying to become someone else.

After the meeting, Ralph goes through the Central Station (where can meet all the characters from the arcade games) and returns to his game. Once there, he was shocked to discover that Felix and residents building celebrate 30 years of the game without him. Ralph expressed his displeasure to the people. Then Gin, one of the residents, told Ralph that the only way for him to live in the building with everyone is to be a kind and that to be a nice, one needs a medal (award obtained by the hero when winning a game). Ralph left the building swearing to bring home a medal.

Ralph went to the bar Chez Tapper where the bartender advised him to see if he can not find a coin in the lost items. Along the way he meets a soldier of the game Hero’s Duty who told him that in his game, he has to fight “horrible beasts” and reach the top of a building to win a medal. Ralph sees this as an opportunity to bring home a medal. He knocks the soldier, steals his uniform and went into the game Hero’s Duty.Ralph mingles with the soldiers of the game, led by Sergeant Calhoun, a woman hard and authoritarian. When a player starts a game and the game starts, Ralph attacked by insects, Cybugs, gets in the way of the player and lose. At the end of the game, Ralph gets an earful from Calhoun (as it shall obstruct the players) then notices a building, one where the medal he covets is.

Meanwhile, the player now decides to play Felix Fixed Jr. But as Ralph is not there, Felix and the residents of the building panic and do anything. The player thinks the game and prevents bugue manage the arcade game that puts off. While everyone wonders where is Ralph, Q * bert, a homeless character (character whose game has been disconnected), warns that Ralph Felix “was the plays Turbo” and he went to the game Hero’s Duty . Felix enters the game in question and meets Calhoun, he immediately falls in love. Felix asks if she saw Calhoun Ralph replied that not because it would have noticed.

Ralph reached the room where the coin is, but there is a problem: the room is covered with eggs. Ralph manages to take the medal but he steps on an egg: it opens and releases a Cybug attacking Ralph and strength to enter a vessel. Ralph loses control of the vehicle and passes just before Felix and Calhoun. He leaves Hero’s Duty , passes into Central Station and crashes in the kart racing game Sugar Rush. The Cybug him, drowning in syrup. In the crash, the coin landed on a sugar tree. Ralph tries to recover when a daughter, Vanellope von Schweetz, the steals. Ralph told Vanellope he really needs this medal, but the girl says to need it too. She leaves without asking for his and Ralph falls in syrup.

Felix and Calhoun are located at the entrance to Sugar Rush, and Calhoun is certain that the game will soon be destroyed because of Cybug that followed Ralph. Indeed, Cybugs merely eat and multiply. When they destroy Sugar Rush , then they will attack every game of arcade. Calhoun decided to return to “Sugar Rush” to find the Cybug. Felix wondered why Calhoun is as tough. A soldier explained that the day of her wedding, her fiancé was devoured by a Cybug. Felix wants to accompany Ralph Calhoun to find but she refuses because it is a very dangerous mission (when a character dies in another game as his, it does not regenerate). But Felix insists Calhoun and eventually take her along.

In Sugar Rush, a race to determine who will be the day after the avatars will start. His Candy, the king of the game, assisted by Sour Bill, requires drivers to pay their right to enter with a gold coin. Everyone pays its share, including Her Treat. But when Vanellope discreetly in the race with medal Ralph is panic. His Candy and drivers say Vanellope is an “anomaly” (because of its bugs) and that it should not participate in the race. Vanellope gets sued by the king’s guards when Ralph, covered in syrup, in turn continues and spreads terror. The guards can master Ralph and Vanellope fled. His Candy reassure the public by saying that the “monster” was mastered and the race will take place.

Ralph is brought to the castle of His Treat. Ralph told the king that he did not panic, he just wanted to get his stolen medal Vanellope. His Candy now understands how the girl was able to pay his entry fee for the race. Ralph wants his medal, but the king said that only the race winner can receive a medal. Ralph threatens the king “to have a little chat with the winner,” it asked him to leave his game or he’ll throw in the dungeon. Ralph, however, manages to escape the guards and flees the castle. Further, he sees drivers with Vanellope that shows them his kart (she made herself). Pilots, for Vanellope does not participate in the race, destroying the vehicle. Vanellope told them all she wants, it ‘ is to compete with them, but the pilots reject it because it is only a “bug”. Ralph, stunned by the scene, scared away the drivers. Ralph then angry against Vanellope because he can not get his medal because of it. Vanellope he says he can easily find another, but Ralph explains that it is actually a nasty and he had trouble getting this medal, which would have changed his life. Vanellope offers market to Ralph: if aid to participate in the race, it will give him his medal when she wins. This contract is concluded. Ralph then angry against Vanellope because he can not get his medal because of it. Vanellope he says he can easily find another, but Ralph explains that it is actually a nasty and he had trouble getting this medal, which would have changed his life. Vanellope offers market to Ralph: if aid to participate in the race, it will give him his medal when she wins. This contract is concluded. Ralph then angry against Vanellope because he can not get his medal because of it. Vanellope he says he can easily find another, but Ralph explains that it is actually a nasty and he had trouble getting this medal, which would have changed his life. Vanellope offers market to Ralph: if aid to participate in the race, it will give him his medal when she wins. This contract is concluded.

Calhoun and Felix are always looking Ralph and Cybug. They finally found the vessel Ralph empty. Calhoun asked Ralph why Felix has acted in this way, but he does not know what to say. Felix says he never thought that Ralph “to play the Turbo”. The game Calhoun has been connected recently, it does not include the term. Felix explains the origin him. When the amusement arcade he opened 30 years ago, there was a racing game where the player controlled Turbo driver. Turbo loved being the center of attention. When another racing game made its debut in the amusement arcade, players dropped Turbo, which made him angry and jealous. He deserted his game to take control of another. When players have seen Turbo land in a game that was not his, and a game without its main character, both games have been disconnected. Turbo had succeeded in destroying his own game, the one he wanted to control, and himself. Since then, “If the play Turbo” means deserting his game to go to another. In discussion, Felix and Calhoun fall in chocolate – the ” shifting shortbread Nesquik 1 “- and sink. They manage to free themselves through creepers laugh. Calhoun asked Felix to repair the ship.

Ralph and Vanellope go quietly to the kart factory. Together they create a kart, not without difficulty. But his Candy and guards arrive at that point to stop Vanellope. Ralph asks the girl to start, but she says she can not drive a real kart. Ralph did so move the vehicle with his hands. The two friends manage to escape the king and the guards by hiding in the “secret house” of Vanellope: an unfinished bonus level, which is located inside the mountain of Coca Cola without sugar and Mentos. Ralph is shocked that Vanellope lives alone in a trash can like him. He asks Vanellope why she does not leave the game, and the girl says she can not because it is a bug. So Ralph built a road for Vanellope to that it learns to drive. After a few laps Vanellope is doing very well and Ralph finally sees a chance for her to win and for him to get his medal.

At the castle, The Candy is panicked because the guards did not find Ralph and Vanellope. He then went into the game code and manages to retrieve the coin Ralph. He left the castle, leaving the sour under the supervision of Bill. Meanwhile, Calhoun revealed Felix the ship because it reminds him too much her dead fiancé. Not knowing what to do, Felix went to the castle and Sour Bill opens. When Felix sour asks Bill if he has not seen Ralph, it throws him in jail immediately.

Vanellope and Ralph are preparing to head out to the starting line of the race. Vanellope claims to have forgotten something in his house and returns it. Ralph then sees his Sugar land. He initially refuses to listen until the king gives him his medal. He asked the king why he persists on Vanellope, but he claims to want to protect it. The king said to Ralph what might happen if Vanellope part in the race. If she wins, she will be part of the avatars, so players can choose as the driver. But if the players see it bugue, they will think that the game is ruined and it will be disconnected. All the residents of Sugar Rushwill be in the street, but the worst part is that being a bug, Vanellope can not leave the game and go away with him. His Candy therefore load Ralph prevent him from participating in the race, before leaving. Ralph hide his medal when Vanellope happens. To thank him for all he has done for her, she gives him a medal that she made herself. Ralph is affected Vanellope but asks not to participate in the race. Vanellope sees medal Ralph and wonders how he got it, he says he just spoke with His Treat. Ralph explains Vanellope what will happen if it participates, but she will not listen. He sees himself thus forced to destroy the kart they have made together. Vanellope returns to his home crying and saying that Ralph is a true villain.

Ralph sad return to his game with his medal, but is surprised that the building is empty. When he goes inside, there Gin, who is about to leave the building. He explains that everyone left because Ralph had disappeared, the manager of the amusement arcade will disconnect the morning play. Gin still holds its promise and gives the keys of the building to Ralph who brought a medal and goes. Only Ralph turns to the screen of the game and throws his medal, realizing he has lost everything because of it. Ralph could see the arcade of Sugar Rush which features a portrait of Vanellope and seems to understand something.

Ralph returns to Sugar Rushand crosses Sour Bill, who picks up the remains of the kart Vanellope. Ralph asks Bill how sour it can be a Vanellope portrait on the game console while it is not supposed to exist. Sour Bill explains Ralph His Candy tried to clear the code Vanellope and that because of that it is a bug. He also erased the memory of civilians and pilots. Sour Bill therefore not know the plans of His Candy but is sure of one thing: he will do everything to prevent Vanellope to participate in the race because if she crosses the finish line, the game will be as before. He told Ralph that Vanellope is enclosed with Felix in the dungeons of the castle. Ralph went to the castle and frees Felix. He asks her to repair the kart Vanellope but Felix refuses being angry against him because of his behavior. Ralph explains why he left Félix their game: he just wanted to become a kind. Felix finally agrees to repair the kart. Ralph then releases Vanellope and present his apologies it accepts.

This is the start of the race. Ralph and Felix accompanied Vanellope to the starting line. Despite the delay, Vanellope rapidly catching other competitors and is now in second place, just behind his Treat. Ralph and Felix encourage it from the start line when Calhoun arrives. She yells at Ralph because of Cybug he brought back but he assures that he drowned him. Then thousands of Cybugs out of the ground and destroy everything in their path. Calhoun ordered residents of Sugar Rush to go to Central Station.

It is the confrontation between Vanellope and His Treat. The king tries to kill Vanellope defending itself as it can. But thanks to its bugs, the girl unwittingly reveals the true identity of His Candy, under the stunned eyes of Ralph and Felix: it’s Turbo, who managed to take control of the game under the identity of his and Candy which aims to take control of all games. Vanellope going to crash against a wall but managed to get by buguant. In the prosecutor, Turbo gets eaten by a Cybug.

Vanellope is about to cross the finish line but Cybugs prevent this. When insects eat the finish line, Ralph decides to flee with Vanellope and Felix to Central Station. But being a bug, Vanellope can not get out. Felix Calhoun asks what will happen to the game, she replied that there is no hope. The only way to destroy Cybugs is to create a light beam. Ralph has an idea. He heads for the mountains of Coke without sugar. The Cybugs dangerously heading towards the entrance of the Central Station.

Once at the top of the mountain, Ralph begins to type in the Mentos. He wants to actually make them land in the soda to create a light beam. But Turbo became a Cybug, trying to stop him. He grabs Ralph and flies into the air, in front of Vanellope will be devoured by Cybugs. Ralph manages to get rid of the influence of Turbo and hits the Mentos in clutching the medal Vanellope has offered. The drop Mentos in Coke and Ralph is narrowly saved by Vanellope who joined kart. The drop Mentos into the soda created a geyser attracts Cybugs that disappear. Having become a Cybug, Turbo is also attracted to the geyser and disappears too. Ralph and Vanellope land in chocolate. From the entrance of the Central Station,

Everyone ends up on the starting line that Felix repairs. Vanellope crosses the finish line with his kart. The game resets: The damage caused by Cybugs disappear, civilians and pilots found memory and Vanellope turns into princess. Pilots and Sour Bill just arriving remember that Vanellope is actually the princess of the game. The drivers apologize for being so misbehaved with her. Calhoun announced that the arcade will soon open and it is time to return to the station. Ralph and Vanellope say goodbye. Vanellope even offers to Ralph to come and live at the castle with her, but Ralph refuses because he has to return to his game where he’s the bad guy and even if it’s a dirty job, it’s his job. Seeing Ralph returned,Fixed Felix Jr.

Ralph has not changed anything in his life he remained the villain. Except now, the residents of the building is kind to him. Ralph has decided to host the homeless characters in his game so that they have a roof. Felix him married Calhoun. Ralph admits that the timing of the game is that he prefers when people are getting ready to throw the building’s roof as it can see Sugar Rush and Vanellope, who is adored by players despite its bugs. Ralph is now happy with his wicked condition because he knows that deep down, it’s nice.

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