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Up (titled Up: an adventure high in Latin America ) 3 is an animated movie and adventures produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios , directed by Pete Docter , premiered in 2009 and won two Oscars . 4 The plot tells the Adventures of an elderly widower named Carl Fredricksen and a boy scout whose name is Russell, who travel to Paradise Falls in South America , inside a houseboat suspended with balloons filled with helium .
It is the second feature Docter, who previously directed Monsters, Inc. , and features the voices in English of Edward Asner , Christopher Plummer , Bob Peterson , and Jordan Nagai . Turn, is the tenth production of Pixar, and the first to be shown in Disney Digital 3D , five in its projection in cinemas, was accompanied the short film Partly Cloudy . 6 had projections in selected rooms with technology Dolby 3D . 7 Its premiere took place on May 29, 2009 in United States , although before opened the Cannes Film Festival that year, where he became the first animated film or third dimension that opened this event. 8
After its premiere, obtained generally reviewed positively: I reached a percentage of 98% in the specialized site Rotten Tomatoes 9 (which called it the best film of 2009) 10 and raised an amount exceeding 730 million USD worldwide, 2 fact that it took to become the third most successful film producer, behind only Finding Nemo (2003) and Toy Story 3 (2010). As for prizes, besides the pair of Oscars obtained, is the second animated film that was nominated for Best Film at this award after Beauty and the Beast (1991). 11 Other awards include the Golden Globes in the categories for best animated film and best soundtrack , delivered by the Foreign Press Association of Hollywood .
The first scenes of childhood retake Carl Fredricksen, a shy and serious child idolizes renowned explorer Charles F. Muntz, whose stories are usually told in advance information about projected in a movie theater at the time. One day, after going to the cinema to watch The New Adventures of Muntz, Carl learns that this was accused of fabricating the skeleton of a giant bird, which claimed to have discovered in Paradise Falls. Before the discovery of the alleged lie, he lost his job. However, he promised to return to that site to bring a live specimen of the bird and thus regain his reputation. The revelation of the lie of the young Carl Muntz sad.
Soon after, Carl meets a tomboyish, energetic and somewhat eccentric girl named Ellie, who coincidentally is also a Muntz fan. This confesses his desire to move his club (located in an abandoned house in the neighborhood) to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls, where he came Muntz. Carl promises to help you narrow your plan. As the scenes progress, is about Carl and Ellie adults marrying and living above where it was the club, but this time completely restored. He works as a balloon vendor, as she gets a job in a city zoo. While both try to save to go someday Niagara, always end up spending what you saved to take some other need to be presenting. Later, Ellie suddenly ill and died without achieving the couple to perform the desired trip, something he deeply regrets Carl.
It now features a Carl aged, widowed, lonely and grumpy inhabiting the same house, although this is now surrounded by a developer environment skyscrapers and prominent buildings. Some contractors working in an area near the home of Carl have asked him to buy his house to occupy the land for a new building, but the old man refuses to sell his property. On one occasion, the old man injures one worker because accidentally knocked the mailbox of your home, which causes it to transmit a warrant where he is forced to leave his home to move to a residence new. Having no alternative, Carl manages tens of thousands of inflating balloons helium a day before being evicted, to tie these house and take it with them to the heights. When this occurs, and indeed the house gets up from his place, he realizes that it has also brought with him to Russell, a child belonging to the scout group called ‘Explorers bold’, which earlier had insisted Carl to you help him get the medal “Helps older,” the only missing grade to advance scout .
With Russell as his only companion on the journey, Carl guides the direction in flying aboard the house, similar to the planning of an airplane. After spending some related ascension proper house obstacles, including a thunderstorm, almost falling off a cliff to reach land, in an area surrounded by cliffs and rock formations. Carl decides to survive and bring home even more inflated balloons floating by in tow for which hose it is tied to his waist. The old man recognizes Paradise Falls in the distance, she hopes to get there before all the balloons deflate or burst, and the house can not be moved more. Along the way, they encounter a high bird and colorful feathers, which Russell called Kevin (but then you discover that the bird is female and you should take care of their offspring), and a dog that is able to speak to through a special electronic collar that bears on the neck. The latter calls himself Dug. While Carl is reluctant to join them both animals on your journey, accompanying these ends. Before reaching their destination, they are intercepted by a group of dogs led by a Doberman called Alpha. Like Dug, they are able to speak through their collars. Carl learns that Dug was communicating with them all the time, something that Alfa and his companions, the pitbull rotweiler Beta and Gama, revealed at the time. The dogs are forced to follow, except Kevin who hid on the roof of the house just before that they did not see him, to meet his master, an elderly Muntz.
Once you arrive at the place where dogs tell them, Carl recognizes his childhood idol and greets him with joy, but not before noting that it is accompanied by dozens of canes. Muntz offers kindly take your airship, Spirit of Adventure , which is parked in a cave in the sector. While eating inside the airship, reveals adventurer Carl and Russell who has spent much time looking for the bird in Niagara promised to find, and this is aided by all who saw the dogs come. But it also suggests that not worry you at all the welfare of the child, provided his reputation back. Innocently, Russell tells Kevin, finding similarities between this and the creature looking Muntz. Carl decides to flee the scene with the child, but Muntz refuses to let them go without him to surrender before such Kevin. After a chase between the slopes and rocky areas of the site, where Carl, Russell and Kevin (who has come out of hiding) are assisted by Dug at the end the villain traps using their dogs and the dirigible, and you setting fire to the home of Carl.
Knowing that Kevin no longer be hassled more, and having extinguished the fire in his house, the old man considers return to Niagara regardless else happened, something that bothers Russell, who insists on returning him to help the bird. It is not until the first reads the photo album of Ellie, specifically a few pages I had not seen where she thanks him for the adventure that meant being married, and encouraging him to go for new adventures, Carl agrees to rescue Kevin with support young scout. To get the house back in the air to rise, as many of the balloons burst due to fire caused by Muntz, is the need to leave some furniture from it. After reaching the blimp, Carl intercepts a Muntz inside, but the latter manages to capture Russell. Finally Carl manages to maneuver the airship and rescue him, putting him safe along with Kevin and Dug in the houseboat. After an altercation between Carl and Muntz, the browser falls off the blimp. Despite his attempts to rescue the house, which can no longer float and which has stuck with the hose, Carl chooses to let her go to Kevin and Dug avoid falling airship too.
In the final scenes, you see Carl, Russell and Dug say goodbye while Kevin and returning to the city aboard the Spirit of Adventure . Carl agrees to give the young the missing medal. Moments later, the latter two appear along with Dug, counting the cars of the same color passing through one of the streets of the city, while eating ice cream. It is also observed to Carl’s house and settling down in Cataras Paradise, which somehow had the desire to Ellie since she and Carl were children is met.
Basically, the story contains a theme of friendship, which is reflected in the relationship between Carl and Russell and Dug and Kevin. Docter said that Up also has links to her personal life, because when I was a kid there used to be very social, plus it has always liked to work alone. In the film, Carl is a grumpy and lonely old man who suddenly finds himself on an adventure, which escapes his routine life style “floating toward the paradise”, referring to Paradise Falls. As the film unfolds, you realize that you are not all alone, to meet Russell, which “learns some life lessons and [includes] the importance of social relations.” In the words of the director: “The message of the film is that Carl thinks the real adventure in life, and was lost by not being able to go to those exotic places and see those fantastic scenarios. But in the end, you realize you had the best adventure of all. Relationship he had with his wife
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