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Mulan Disney HD Movie Free Download  English and Hindi
Mulan (or Mulan ) is a comic musical animated film of 1998 directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook , and written by Rita Hsiao, Philip LaZebnik, Chris Sanders, Eugenia Bostwick-Singer, and Raymond Singer and inspired by the story of Robert D. San Souci. The film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and features the voices of Ming-Na , Eddie Murphy , Miguel Ferrer and BD Wong in the original audio while Jackie Chan is responsible for dubbing Chinese . The film is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan . 3
Mulan was one of three productions performed at Disney Disney-MGM studios Orlando , Florida . 4 development work began in 1994 when a number of artistic supervisors traveled to China to learn about the culture. The film received positive reviews by critics and the public. The collection at the box office was more than $ 304 million. He was awarded a Golden Globe and several Annie Awards for Best Animated besides being nominated film Oscars . 5 6 7 In 2004 there was a sequel Mulan 2 video directly published.
The plot is set in the Han Dynasty . Fa Mulan is the only daughter of old Fa Zhou. Due to the age of his father, decides to pose as a man to fight against the invasion of the Huns, led by Shan Yu. In his adventure Mushu accompanying a dragon tiny a cricket luck, and Yao, Ling and Chien-Po warriors.
For a long time the territories of China at the end of the eighth century, are protected by the Great Wall , a mammoth structure that surrounds its endless boundaries. People live, however, still in a period of just war against the Huns, who led by bloodthirsty Shan Yu and his falcon company, to have a territory and not be their nomadic barbarians as in Europe, able to overcome the huge construction and flooded the country. The guard of the wall lit a fire in time on a tower and the emperor sends the news to every province.
The quiet life of a Chinese village is reeling from the news of the invasion. Each family must provide a male component for the formation of the armies that will start to face the invaders. Mulan , a young, strong and athletic woman, as a child, the family makes, with the intent to save his father was lame in previous wars with Shan Yu and redeem the lost honor in the encounter with the Mezzana-educator adulthood, disguises herself as a man and left for the training camp. Mulan is accompanied by Mushu , a puny dragon Chinese, instructed to awaken the ancient stone dragon with the gong, destroys the statue to an accident and was fired as a security guard, and then decide to follow Mulan in its place.
Mulan, who chose the Ping name to hide his identity, he must live in the military field with men of all sorts, rude and sexist. Among these, the Captain Shang, son of General Li, who must train real soldiers in a position to face the terrible enemy. Shan Yu decides, in the meantime, do not take no agreement made Chinese, with the aim of eliminating all the Chinese emperor and his rival, who for years has not he submitted to him. Mulan, thanks to its qualities of intelligence, is able to compensate for the natural lack of physical strength and esprit de corps to the ranks by winning the confidence of the instructor Shang. The soldiers, even through an anonymous letter of Mushu, are ready to go to the front and towards a mountain pass in Tibet in which the invading troops must necessarily pass, but found the general Li Shang’s father, who was killed by the Huns.
The clash with troops in Shan Yu has undergone arduous. Shang’s army has been completely wiped out by the terrible bandit that there appears the horde of Huns warriors on horseback.
But while the troops of Shan Yu are going to overwhelm the army of Shang, Mulan, again using his intellectual gifts, he rushes toward the enemy alone to launch the last of the dragon-fire artillery against a snow-capped peak thus causing the avalanche that will allow the defeat of the Hun, overwhelmed by the snow. The Avalanche, however, brings with it, as well as Mulan, Shang also, that, semiconscious, is rescued by the girl. When everything seems quiet, however, the shot that Shan Yu had managed to inflict starts to bleed and this leads the army to the discovery of the breast and of his true sex.
The news is explosive: one woman among men in arms is unacceptable, scandalous and disgraceful for the Chinese army. Mulan deserves death, and Shang, under the command of Fu Chi, an adviser to the emperor, to having to kill, decapitandola. But, having Mulan proved his worth as a soldier, contributed to the (apparent) defeat the Huns and having salvatagli their lives during the avalanche, he grace, considering his debt paid.
”  A life for a life. I paid my debt.  “
( Shang when he drops his sword )
Mulan is then, however, left in despair to his fate on the mountain, while the army abandons her (knowing that his horse can still go home) and back by the emperor to communicate the defeat of the Hun.
Shan Yu, the hawk and few men of his army, however, are survivors of the avalanche, and head up to the emperor for a final attack. Only Mulan realizes this and, aided by Mushu, back to warn of the danger his companions, who came to the Imperial City are celebrating the recent victory with a parade, but, being a woman and therefore not worthy of attention, are worthless his efforts to convince his teammates first and then their compatriots in the presence of the enemy in the Imperial City.
During the conversation between the captain and the emperor, the hawk belonging to Shan Yu pulls the sword from the hands of the emperor of his master returning it to its rightful owner. It is the signal that the last Huns were waiting for a final attack groped emperor. Hidden inside the dragon that was part of the parade can catch everyone by surprise, could then easily to kidnap the Emperor and close inside his palace. A nothing worth the efforts of the army to sfondarne the door.
It is again the idea that Mulan save the emperor and China. Convincing his three companions most trusted (Ling, Yao and Chien Po) to dress up as concubines, are able to penetrate into the building by taking the guards by surprise Hun who keep guarded the door of the room where the emperor is imprisoned. After having managed to immobilize the guards Hun, Shang is finally able to enter, saving the last second emperor by the sword of Shan Yu.
While Shan Yu and fight Shang, Mulan manages to escape the emperor with his companions, and to save it and Shang, they lose the chance to save herself, deciding to stay with the general. Shan Yu, Shang convinced that it was to take away the victory, when Mulan is going to kill him, drawing his attention makes him realize the mistake.
Following a chase through the corridors of the palace, which moves on the roofs deserts until Shan Yu is finally landed from kung fu Mulan. Mushu breathes fire and roasts the falcon and before Shan Yu Mulan rises and strikes with a tile roof, loads a rocket fireworks, darting and invests Shan Yu, exploding against a tower of the Imperial Palace and killing him.
Mulan is, to all intents and purposes a heroine, but she is a woman, and in addition to this has broken too many laws to be considered as such. This, at least according to Fu Chi, which, however, is belied by the emperor himself who, in addition to bow to her gives her the opportunity to join as a member on the board. Mulan accepts the job offer, and after stating that she had been too long away from home, the Emperor, not to forget what she had done for him and for the Chinese people to deliver the imperial coat of arms and the sword of Shan Yu, gifts that will serve to make the whole world know what he has done. The return of Mulan, her mother and her grandmother moved assisting embrace between father and daughter. The grandmother, however, is annoyed by the fact that the grandson has brought home a sword instead of a man, but is silenced by the appearance of Shang, who, as an excuse to revise Mulan, the reports that he had forgotten his helmet, getting engaged to her. Meanwhile, Mushu can finally convince the ancestors to give him the post of guardian of the Fa family, toltogli 500 years before for his failure which caused the death of a family member. And so ends the story of the woman heroine who saved China from its greatest enemy.
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