Trolls English & Hindi Dubbed 300MB 480P


Trolls English & Hindi Dubbed 300MB 480P

Trolls is an American comedy animated by DreamWorks, released in 2016, directed by Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn and written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. The film has sequence confirmed for 2020.

The film tells the story of the Trolls, the happiest creatures in the world, who lived on the so-called “Troll Tree”, singing and dancing. Until one day the troll tree was found by a bergen – the bergens were the most unfortunate creatures in the world, since they could not sing or dance – they swallowed a troll, which made him feel happiness for the first time in his life .

Desirous of that happiness, the Bergens built their city around the troll tree, which was caged, making impossible a possible escape of the trolls. At that time, the Bergens created the “troll,” the only day of the year when each bergen could swallow a troll and feel happiness.

Meanwhile, in the trollstrike in which Prince Gristle Jr. would prove his first troll, Princess Poppy, the trolls flee, led by Peppy, king of the trolls and father of Princess Poppy, to the forest, far from Bergen City. Furious, King Gristle I decides to ban the Chef, judging her guilty of the trolls’ escape, and she swears to find the trolls and “shove them through their ungrateful throats.”

About 20 years later, Princess Poppy is still the happiest troll of all, living without any worries. On the other hand, his friend Tronco is the only grumpy troll, who lives trying to warn her about the bergens. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the trolls’ escape, Poppy decides to make the biggest and loudest party ever. Despite Tronco’s warnings, she does the party anyway, and by far the Chef can see the party.

After being found, the trolls try to escape from the Chef, but she ends up catching Poppy’s best friends. Desperate, she asks for the help of Tronco, who, after being very reluctant, accompanies her to Bergen on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, with the trolls in hand, Chef gets his job back and locks them in a cage, entrusting them to Bridget, his kitchen helper. Only now, she also wants to become the queen of the city Bergen.

In the castle, Poppy and Tronco meet Bridget, who is in love with King Gristle II, and they make a deal with her: if the trolls helped her conquer her, she would help them discover the whereabouts of Creek, the troll the Chef had chosen to King Gristle II, and that he was no longer in the cage. The trolls accept and, forming with their hair a colored wig for Bridget, transform it into the beautiful Lady Glitter Sparkles.

After enticing the king, while he chose a bib for the troll, he invites her to eat pizza in the arcade, and there, after dinner, he invites her to be his companion in the troll, passionate.

However, Chef again captures the trolls, and then tells them that Creek would reveal the location of the Troll Village, in exchange for not being eaten. All Trolls are picked up and put into an enclosed pan; sad for not having been able to save his friends with the same success that his father obtained, Poppy loses its color as well as everyone around. But as the trolls await their imminent end, Trunk begins to sing for Poppy, bringing her color back; in his song, Trunk says he loves her.

She is surprised and begins to sing too, forming a duet with him and saying that she loves him too, which makes his color come back too. Quickly, all the other trolls join the song, picking up their colors and finishing it with a group hug.

Bridget is about to be devoured, freeing them, not caring about the consequences. However, Poppy will not let her ruin her own life, so she returns to the palace with her friends. In the banquet room, they jumped on Bridget’s head as she was about to be taken by the guards, revealing the true identity of Lady Glitter Sparkles.

At this point, Poppy, apart from revealing why Bridget disguised herself, also explains that what they felt at that meeting was happiness, which is within each one and does not have to be swallowed up. However, Chef does not give up and says there is only one way to be happy, hers; she also says as she tries to force King Gristle II to swallow Trunk, that when she was queen, she would serve trolls every day of the year and happiness would reign in the Bergen town, but is prevented by Bridget, who hits her with a wooden spoon ; Meanwhile, Poppy and the trolls begin to sing and dance with the bergens, showing them true happiness.

Stunned, Chef stumbles into Satin and Chenille’s hair and falls back on a barbecue grill that is lit by Cooper and, along with Creek in his pouch, descends down the hill toward the forest. After these events, trolls and bergens come to live in peace, the troll tree in downtown Bergen is restored and Poppy is crowned the new Queen of Trolls, living happily ever after by Trunk.

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Trolls English & Hindi Dubbed 300MB 480P

Movie Quality : 480P

Movie Size : 307 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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