Antz English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P


Antz English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

Antz ( br : Antz ; pt : FormigaZ ) is a film American of feature film made in 1997 and released in 1998 , directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson.

The first research on the film was made in 1996, following the success of the Disney film, The Lion King (1994). Antz began production in 1997. It is the first feature film of Dreamworks Animation .

It was a box office hit, being released by Paramount Pictures in the United States on October 2, 1998. In Brazil and Portugal, the film arrived in November of the same year.

Z ( Woody Allen ) is a working ant from an anthill of Central Park in New York. He was frustrated because he detested his work by digging tunnels. He complained about everything because he did not like the rules of the colony where he felt insignificant, proving to be very needy, since in his family he was the middle child among 5 million brothers. His best friend is Weaver, who was a soldier, and unlike Z liked the life he led. One day he switches roles with his friend Weaver. Soon on the first day as a soldier, Z is sent to war against the termites from where he leaves as sole survivor. In love with the little princess Bala, he abducts the princess to accompany him in search of a legendary place called “Insectopia” that he wanted to find. After crossing the desert of the “great canyons of the red and white land” and crossing a lake, as the legend tells him by an individual inside the colony, he then arrives with the princess in a place he believed to be that of Instectopia, but it was not, it was just a towel with a picnic in the grass. When he gets there he tries to taste a loaf of bread that is stuffed with dulce de leche but he can not get the snack to be covered with anti-insect plastic. Soon after he asks for help from a couple of wasps.

The female, Muffie, was very friendly, but the male, Chippie, did not want to know how to help them. Soon after, a fly-killer takes Muffie’s life, and Chippie burst into tears. Soon a human being treads on top of Z and Bala and from there they begin their adventures in the grass, including a tour by Insectopia. In this period, Z and Bala get to know each other better and a climate between them begins to emerge. Meanwhile, all the workers in the colony worked their exhaustion to complete a super tunnel that would mark “a new era” for the ants when it was inaugurated, including Weaver, who, unlike his friend Z, was doing his best to be a workman. to his physical vigor he was skilled with the pickaxe and quickly began to get involved with Azteca, one of the ants who worked with him and also Z’s colleague. What only a few knew (only the soldiers) was that the tunnel in question was an ingenious trap developed by the General Jawbone, who, taking advantage of the knowledge of the surroundings of the anthill, unlike all other ants, designed the tunnel to that he hit the bottom of the lake. When it was close to that, all (except the general and his chosen ones) would be gathered in the central hall of the colony and die drowned because all the exits would be closed. Jaw wanted to take power from the colony by eliminating the queen and everyone he thought were weak, evidencing that the war against termites was lost propasitalmente, because only the soldiers considered inefficient were sent, and the survival of Z had been an unpleasant surprise.

Still outside the colony, Z and Bala unintentionally discovered Jaw plans and came back to try to avoid the impending catastrophe. Even so, they could not prevent the anthill starting to flood. Z then suggested that everyone form a pyramid up to the ceiling where they were able to open a crack and were aided by the soldiers who, when they saw the mobilization of the “inferior” ants trying to escape a tragedy, failed to obey the orders of General Jaw, Z, falls from the anthill hole and dies as it lands violently on a root. After the incident, the colony was rebuilt and now had an indoor pool. Z is praised for his heroism and marries Bala. They transform the colony from a conformist military state into a community that values ​​all its members.

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Antz English & Hindi Dubbed Dual Audio HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 747 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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