The Road to El Dorado Full Movie Hindi 480P

The Road to El Dorado Full Movie Hindi 480P

The Road to El Dorado Full Movie

The Road to El Dorado is an animated film by producers Bonne Radford and Brooke Breton from the year 2000. The Road to El Dorado Full Movie includes songs by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice. The film had a budget of 95 million dollars, but played worldwide only $ 76.4 million back in and was a flop for the studio DreamWorks. The Road to El Dorado Download so far is their second biggest flop after Titan AE respectively
The two Spanish Miguel and Tulio crooks win at a craps cheating by a map showing the way to El Dorado, the city of gold. On the run from the losers, they end up accidentally stowaways on a ship of the ruthless conqueror Cortez. Where they are discovered and imprisoned. Along with the horse, Altivo then manages to escape in a lifeboat. After they achieve more by luck than judgment in the New World. They follow the path that is marked on the map and get to the golden city, where they are received. The cozy chief and high priest-obsessed Tzekel-Kan both try to draw the favor to yourself. The latter want to offer human sacrifices, which they eventually forbid him to them again and again.

The Road to El Dorado Download

The Road to El Dorado Full Movie 300MB 480P in Hindi Dubbed Download Continues Here. The local Chel, in love with Tulio, helps him and Miguel to play the role of the convincing. But it also leads quickly to a rift between the two friends caused. Using his magical abilities, he brings a huge stone statue to life and tries to kill the two Spaniards. As they threaten his position of power. In the course of the fight, he crashes into a raging underground stream. Which carries him outside the city and is flushed back to the surface.
Cortez and his men find him, and Tzekel-Kan sees the real, relentless, doom-making in the Conquistadores. He promises to lead them to El Dorado. Miguel and Tulio help the residents to protect the city from the invaders. By bringing the only entrance, a tunnel to collapse. As Ezekiel-Kan and Cortez’s expedition reaches the previous entry, you can find it closed. The enraged conqueror continues his men, convinced that they eat up a lie of the priest. Tulio, Miguel, Chel, and Altivo, now also locked out, making their way back to Spain. This is Short Story of The Road to El Dorado Full Movie Download in Hindi 300MB.

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