The Ant Bully Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB


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The Ant Bully Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB

The story concerns a 10 year old boy named Lucas Nickle, who has just moved to a new neighborhood , has no friends , so it is the aim of all local thugs. Her parents are going to go honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta , so they are too busy to attend to all your problems. His sister is distracted by her cellular phone , and grandmother (Mommo) is obsessed with UFOs and aliens .
As Lucas can not fight bullies, always attacks the ant is in your front garden. Les kicks, tramples and flooded with his water gun. This terrifies the ants, who call Lucas the Destroyer him.
An ant a wizard named Zoc ( Nicolas Cage ) is trying to make a potion that will solve all your problems. His girlfriend , Hova (a nurse ant), disagrees with that attack Zoc Lucas is a good idea, but even so, it helps you make the potion. Hova ( Julia Roberts ) finds could reason with Lucas, but Lucas is much bigger than her, and can not hear. Nevertheless, maintaining a positive attitude at work.
After Lucas’s parents leave, the local exterminator, Stan Beals ( Paul Giamatti ) tries to sign a contract Lucas to exterminate insects, including ants. The potion is to belittle Lucas to convert Ant Hova handles and even train Zoc has no confidence in him, only when it is integrated into the ants will be back to normal.
Then after many adventures have to fight the great exterminator, defeating the purpose. Lucas is friend with ants and earn enough courage to face the bullies and be able to live in peace.

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The Ant Bully Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB

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