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Story and Commentary The Nut Job 2014 Full Movie

The Nut Job: Rush peanuts next film is 3D for animation from 2014 , directed by Peter Lepeniotis. Scenario lies Lorne Cameron and Peter Lepeniotis, having as protagonists Will Arnett , Brendan Fraser , Gabriel Iglesias , Liam Neeson and Katherine Heigl . The film is based on the short film of 2005 , Surly Squirrel of Lepeniotis. The film will premiere on January 17th 2014 is distributed by Open Road Films , and Romania on January 24 , distributed by Media Pro Distribution.
Film doubled version was dedicated by Prima TV on January 20 2013 in the show Focus Monden, promotion, and finally was offered a celebrity voice material from records, Andreea find squirrel Andie and Daniel întrunchipându it on Surly veveriţoiul.  Subsequently, as a result of the 3 stars chosen film was promoted on a large scale, on January 25 , the Focus, the first TV ,  was presented a few scenes from the film story exclusively at Digi 24 in the journal Child  on AcasaTv under True Stories, and on Kanal D during the show my dear friend 
The new animated comedy Oakton us into town where Neastamparatul veveriţoi Surly ( Will Arnett ) and his friend Buddy mouse, put together a great plan: to rob the biggest store of nuts. Thinking of the long winter that will gorge with walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and so on, the two friends gather a crisis and attack the target, but soon they realize that the situation exceeds them all.

The Nut Job 2014 Full Movie

Cruel boy – a thief, a liar and a very bad protein, which does not like the whole park. In an effort to secure a well-fed winter, he and his assistant – small rat Buddy – notice near the park the truck with nuts, and you decide to rob. Unfortunately, by their being despoiled joins a team from the law-abiding animal park – red squirrel and gray Andy Grayson and cruel boy genius plan goes awry, turning tragedy. Set fire truck crashed into the nuts oak, served beasts Park store their stocks for the winter … Raccoon – the head of the park – decides to expel the cruel boy away in the city. All animals unanimously support it. During his wanderings through the city with Buddy, do not wish to throw his best friend, cruel boy stumbles upon a store of nuts! These nuts would be enough for his entire life. He decides to steal these nuts, but Andy again interfering with his plans. If ill-natured person wants to get yourself nuts, he will have to split them 50 to 50 with the beasts of the park. He concludes with Andy contract. And, of course, ordinary protein did not realize that store nuts – just a cover for the real gang of thieves who wanted to bank robbery.

 Story The Nut Job 2014 Full Movie English

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