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Cars 2 Movie Free Download English & Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Cars 2 (titled Cars 2: A New Adventure on Wheels in Latin America and Cars 2: A Spy Adventure in Spain ) is a film produced by computer-animated Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios to be the sequel of the film 2006 Cars this After starring Mate.
It was released in theaters on June 24th of 2011 . It is directed by the producer of Ratatouille Brad Lewis and John Lasseter . It is presented in Disney Digital 3D , IMAX 3D, 3D and 2D .
The film begins with a transmission sent by the agent Leland Turbo ( Jason Isaacs ) to his friend Finn McMissile agent ( Michael Caine ). McMissile is directed to the location to meet Turbo aboard a tug boat somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, and infiltrates secretly on an oil rig. A group of cars “Print” led by Professor Zündapp ( Thomas Kretschmann ), are discussing their future plans, including a gun-shaped television camera soon plan to put into action. However McMissile fails to learn to serve the supposed camera, then a few seconds later discovers that Turbo has been transformed into a bucket after being discovered in the rig. Still shocked by the destruction of his friend, McMissile is discovered and is forced to escape. After a chase, McMissile is thrown into the sea and they shoot a rocket. Professor Z, as nicknamed Zündapp, believed to have blown McMissile and presumed dead. However, this has changes that allow you to swim underwater. Once the danger passes, diving McMissile flees the place.
Meanwhile, in another part of the planet, Lightning McQueen ( Owen Wilson ) returns home to Radiator Springs after winning his fourth Piston Cup (Hudson Hornet Piston Cup renamed in memory of Doc Hudson, who died some time ago), willing to spend more time with his best friend Mater and girlfriend Sally Carrera ( Bonnie Hunt ). During a dinner with Sally in the Wheel Well Motel, cars see on television in the program of Mel Dorado an announcement about the “World Grand Prix”, a series of races where the fastest cars participate in races in the world, organized by Sir Miles Axelrod ( Eddie Izzard ), a former oil tycoon who allegedly converted into an electric vehicle and now seeks the promotion of renewable fuel and not harmful, Allinol. It turns out that McQueen was invited to participate but did not accept it because it wants to rest and spend time with his girlfriend and friends in the village. Given this, an Italian Formula 1 racer named Francesco Bernoulli ( John Turturro ) mocks him and insults him on national television. This causes Mate call the program and comes to the defense of his friend, Lightning McQueen Seeing so many cars piled near him and Sally. When Ray discovers Mate program takes talking to the phone; Francesco and McQueen McQueen discussed and accepts Bernoulli’s challenge and agrees to enter the Grand Prix. At the insistence of Sally, McQueen agrees to take Mater with him, but soon begins to regret when the crane starts to embarrass innocent with their behavior, and tries to convince him to control.
During the reception party World Grand Prix in Tokyo, Finn McMissile meets his new partner, rookie spy Holley Shiftwell ( Emily Mortimer ), who informs him that an American secret agent, Rod “Torque” Redline ( Bruce Campbell ), infiltrated between the “blades” and discovered the mastermind behind the conspiracy and is planning to meet with them to share information. However, Redline is attacked in the bathroom by Zündapp’s henchmen and forced to leave the chip with the information obtained Mate without him noticing, before I caught. As a result, Shiftwell and McMissile Mate assume is his American contact, thus allowing inevitable kidnapping Redline. Shiftwell is about to talk to Matt about to meet, and this, in love at first sight with the beautiful agent, believes he is inviting you to an appointment.
Redline is, meanwhile, captured by the blades and taken to the rig. There Zündapp explains that the alleged camera is really a gun that shoots electromagnetic radiation and any engine explodes containing Allinol inside. Then, Zündapp and his men fill the tank with Redline Allinol and wonder about who the car that gave the information. In the end, due to torture radiation gives Redline, I confess that this is Mate. Zündapp up power and Redline explodes, dying instantly.
Meanwhile, the first race begins, and at the beginning, Francesco Bernoulli forces quickly take the lead on the straights, but McQueen does pass you on entering the stretch of land, using the tactics he learned from Doc Hudson. McMissile and Shiftwell contact by radio to a still-ignorant Mate, trying to warn him of Zündapp’s henchmen have surrounded him; and in the process, Mater inadvertently gives McQueen bad advice which causes you to lose the lead in the race. Meanwhile, Zündapp uses the weapon on several of the brokers causing their engines explode and accidenten. Mate leave the pit stop goes to the city as directed by Shiftwell, still believing that this is a date, and witnesses a fight between McMissile and blades. The race ends and Francesco Bernoulli wins, followed by Lightning McQueen. Fed up of embarrassing Mate and furious that I did lose the race behavior, McQueen tells Matt not need or want his help and that is why it never leads to their careers.
Saddened, Matt decides to return to Radiator Springs, leaving a letter to McQueen and the rest of the team. But McMissile, who still believes Mater is an American spy intercepts at the airport before you leave and still drag it to thwart Zündapp. After being attacked and persecuted by the sheets, manage to escape aboard the plane McMissile, Siddeley. McMissile and Shiftwell extract chip Redline had left him, but realize that all they have is a picture Motor mastermind. However, it only realizes Mate is modified to get very difficult parts to be original parts, very popular engine blades, so it follows that if McMissile can determine who sold them, and who sold them , you will find the mysterious villain.
In Italy, where the second race will take place on McQueen team visits the home of Luigi, where they meet his Uncle Topolino Mama Topolino and his wife, who welcome organized a small family gathering. McQueen begins to feel guilty for having mistreated his best friend. Seeing decayed, Uncle Topolino speaks with McQueen, and says that when Luigi and Guido worked for him, fought all the time and even nonsense, and ensures that even the best friends fight sometimes, but the important thing is that it always forgive, so that gets a little anime McQueen reconcile and decide when I see Mate. At the same time, Mate McMissile and Shiftwell with visiting an old parts market in Paris in search of an informant, three-wheeled car called Tomber ( Michel Michelis ). This guy actually did sell the parts you saw in the picture, but do not know who, as it always does on the phone. Anyway, thanks to him soon discover that the sheets will have a meeting to be held in Porto Corsa, Italy, exactly in the place where will be the second race.
The spies are aboard his train, Stephenson, and equip Mate with some accessories including a holographic disguise system, machine guns, a parachute and rocket propulsion, operated with voice commands. When testing the device disguise Shiftwell note that having the dents in the chassis Mate costume will not fit quite right and tries to cope, but Mate asks him not to do it, because they are valuable to him, memories of all what he has done with his best friend.
Mate, disguise, infiltrates the meeting and discover criminals which Zündapp’s plan and the mysterious mastermind (which unfortunately does not appear in person). The sheets are holding the largest untapped oil reserves in the world and achieving discredit alternative fuels during the Grand Prix, will force all cars in the world to come to them for their oil. Henchmen gun used in most of the cars during the race. Despite the difficulties, McQueen gets to win, getting revenge by defeating Bernoulli on their own ground. After the disaster with Allinol, Axlerod suspends its use for the final race in England; however, McQueen decides to continue using it. The criminals decide to liquidating his masterstroke McQueen in the final race; upon hearing this, Mater accidentally breaks the device is discovered and costume. He escapes to try to warn his friend, but the blades do not stop and ends up being captured along with McMissile and Shiftwell.
While unconscious, Mater has a nightmare where he sees himself and realizes that he has really acted like an idiot and everyone makes fun of him until he wakes up tied up inside Big Ben in London, along with McMissile and Shiftwell which are only minutes remaining crushed by the gears. Criminals want to see in the front row Mate as the weapon used to kill McQueen during the race, but when the trigger for some reason does not work. So I decide to use the “emergency plan” means a pump that is in the pits of McQueen. Mate is released and escapes to warn them, but McMissile and Shiftwell realize they actually let out on purpose, and that the bomb was put on the air filter to destroy McQueen Mate. The contact on the radio just in time to warn him, and realizing Mate flees to try to protect his friends. However, when viewed McQueen pursues him, determined to ask for forgiveness and reconciliation, unaware of the danger, but fortunately I manage to get out of range of Zündapp’s detonator.
When cornered by Zündapp Holley, flees and his minions will personally kill McQueen and Mater, but they are rescued by McMissile, Shiftwell, and the Radiator Springs residents, with the help of Scotland Yard and the British navy. Having captured Zündapp, order him off the bomb, but this tells them that only the voice of the self that can disable activated. Matt realizes that the mastermind behind the whole plot is Miles Axlerod be and fly away along with McQueen to Buckingham Palace to confront him, threatening him with the bomb. Axlerod first denied everything, saying that Mate is a madman, but the counter almost to zero, is forced to deactivate the bomb to save himself, confirming suspicions. Mate then reveals to everyone that Axlerod never really became an electric vehicle by opening the hood to see the engine, exactly the same as the picture.
In recognition for having Axlerod arrested and beaten, Mate is knighted by the Queen of England. All return to Radiator Springs where Matt tells his story on coffee Flo visitors, although some are skeptical until Finn and Holley appear to confirm it is true. When McQueen wonders that lightning did not work in it, especially when Shiftwell Allinol explains that it was actually only modified gasoline when received lightning explosion did, Fillmore reveals that Sarge replacement with the organic fuel Allinol Fillmore because after what happened did not trust entirely of Axlerod. (“An oil tanker is always”) Competitors organize a Grand Prix unofficial, running only “emotion”. Finn and Holley think Mate invite to join them in another spy mission, but he tells them that Radiator Springs is home. Holley accepts, and promises to come back soon because “still owes her first date.” Finn thanks Mate lets keep the rocket propulsion, and uses this to compete in the race and compete with McQueen and others, while Finn and Holley leave for your next mission aboard Siddeley.
Later on credit shows that Miles was arrested and prosecuted for harm and attempted murder.
Pixar takes a self-parody in a scene from the film in the city of Paris, where the restaurant appears Gastow , imitating the movie Ratatouille, the restaurant Gusteau.
Cars 2 Movie Free Download English & Hindi Dubbed 300MB
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