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The Iron Giant Free Download Full Movie English HD 720P

The Iron Giant is an animated film of science fiction , directed by Brad Bird for the animation division of Warner Bros. , released on August 6 of 1999 . It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Screenplay and the Hugo Award for best drama. It is a free adaptation of a children’s book by Ted Hughes , The Iron Man (“Iron Man”), published in 1968 . It was advertised with the phrase “wine from outer space”.

In the original version, the characters have the voices of Harry Connick Jr. , Jennifer Aniston , John Mahoney and not well known then Vin Diesel .

The story is set in 1957 , during the Cold War , after the launch of Sputnik 1 . A strange and gigantic figure lands in the sea during a storm, destroying the boat to a sailor, the only witness of the incident. Man, salvadosi, try to tell what he saw but was not believed.

In a quiet town Hogarth Hughes, a 9 year old boy, lives alone with his mother, Annie, who works in a bar, because his father died in the war. One evening back home without her mother, who came home late from work. This was recommended to Hogarth to go to bed early, but he, while watching a horror movie, complaining that the TV antenna goes haywire. Going outside, he discovers that the antenna and the backyard are partly devastated, and a strange track is lost in the forest nearby. Hogarth decides to go find out who or what created the mess, following in the footsteps of the trees, that turns out to be broken. Arrives at the power plant of the country, where he appears behind a large shadow: it is a gigantic robot, the Iron Giant for the title.
Hogarth then tries to escape, while the robot is heading to the station. Just at that moment, Annie returns home but does not find it, and partly to look for him. Meanwhile, the giant eats the light poles and try to snatch the generators, to eat them too. However, they depart from electric shocks and the giant hit, is thrown against the high voltage cables, where it is likely to remain entangled and electrocuted. Hogarth, pity, stop the run and picked up the little courage he decides to save it, turning off the main switch of the power plant, and thereby stopping the electricity. After a brief “off”, the giant shooting. Hogarth, frightened, runs away and along the way he meets his mother. He tells this happened, but it is not believed, and the two return home, while the boy sees in the distance the figure of the giant.
Meanwhile, following several sightings, the U.S. government suspects that there is a “monster” in the city where he lives Hogarth. A special government inspector, Kent Mansley, is sent to the citadel and, although initially skeptical, then begins to believe that the country really is something special happening and decides to investigate it thoroughly.
The day after Hogarth decided to return to the forest to feed the giant with a piece of iron, and so make him a photograph, trying in this way to its existence. After a long wait, the giant appears to him taking him by surprise, but grateful for the gesture to save the day before, became a friend of Hogarth. He teaches at the giant, little by little, all the language of men. In fact, the robot is alien weapon, but Hogarth note the sign of a blow on the head of the Iron Giant, probably occurred during his fall on the ground thus making him lose his memory making seemingly innocuous.
They follow a series of events in which the android initially creates some damage, as derail a train by mistake [1] , it becomes more and more a friend of Hogarth, which binds with the robot and teaches various things. The relationship with the child will, little by little, the emergence of a human personality and friendly atmosphere in the heart of the giant metallic iron. Complicit in hiding the existence of the protagonist of the robot is Dean McCoppin, a scrap dealer who creates works of art from old pieces of metal, known as Hogarth beginning of the film, in the bar of the mother. It is aware of the existence of the giant, as Hogarth brings the android in his workshop to feed him with the metal that was there, and when Dean discovers them, Hogarth asks if he can hide the giant there, and he reluctantly agrees. The two, well, have fun, trying to pay attention to the robot.
Mansley Meanwhile, more and more convinced and took in its investigation, continues to investigate and discovers more and more about the giant, also taking their residence in the house of Hogarth, having put Annie rents a room to earn some ‘extra money. Mansley moved there because he begins to suspect something about the kid.
At the end of the robot is discovered by the inspector Mansley, who manages to fit Hogarth, estorcendogli the position of the giant with the threat to keep him away from his mother, and convinces the general of the armed forces to rally the army, to capture the robot. However, his plan backfires, as the giant is so found, but fortunately disguised as impressive cubist work by Dean, thanks to a plan devised with the main character who had escaped the surveillance of Mansley. The agent is so fired by the general, and is preparing to retire from the citadel, together with the armed forces.
Later, while Hogarth and the robot toy, a freak accident occurs: Hogarth pointing a toy gun against the robot, which takes on a totally serious charge and for a moment his real weapons, firing a few shots, and not hitting the protagonist by a whisker. Dean attends to this and scared away the hunting robot, which offended, flees to the city. Hogarth decides to chase him, to calm him down. Dean realizes then that the robot has only tried to defend himself, “the attack” gun Hogarth and reaches the boy, to find the giant.
In the city, where two guys are watching from a balcony, the giant is sighted in the distance. The two boys, however, fall ill and cling to a hold, while they are about to fall. The robot hears their cries and intervenes, saving them before they touch the ground. Hogarth and Dean then reach the giant and the boy meets his friend.
Unfortunately, the military convoy, which was retreating under alarm Mansley, he sees the giant, and receives the order from general to attack him, frightened by the creature. The robot with Hogarth, then, run out of town and is being chased by the various armed forces, put on warning and deployed more than ever. Meanwhile, the mother of Hogath at the scene of the sighting. The giant and Hogarth, during the chase, fall from a cliff, but the robot also proves to be capable of flying and takes flight, thanks to the reactors at the feet. Spots three military aircraft hunting, which can hit multiple times. So the giant lost control, falling and crashing. In the fall it seems that Hogarth die.
This upsets the giant: it takes the memory to be a weapon, it becomes a powerful and monstrous version of himself and begins the destruction of tanks, attacking the military. Mansley and the general understand that the weapons are too ineffective and the only way to destroy the giant is a nuclear weapon; shot from a nearby Nautilus , armed with nuclear missiles, which give the coordinates of the giant.
Meanwhile, Hogarth is reached by the mother and Dean and resumes, as only fainted. They decide to go back to town and take him to the hospital, but are blocked by the armed forces, can not get too close to the city evacuated, made dangerous by the presence of the giant. Hogarth manages to untie the citadel, and reached the giant, stands between him and the ships of the army, who was about to attack. The boy tries to reason with the android. The giant returns if ‘at the sight of his friend, disabling their weapons.
Meanwhile, Annie and Dean are convincing the general not to attack the most giant, because it is really good and reacts only if attacked. The general is convinced, not giving more attention to allegations of Mansley, and as soon as he sees the robot quiet, holding the boy, he decides to stop the attack. In a fit of madness, however, the inspector Mansley snatches the phone from war to the general and orders the submarine to launch the missile, which is then fired. By pointing the missile to the current position of the giant, which is in the middle of the city, it is therefore intended to crash into the citadel and kill everyone there. Mansley is arrested by the general, but the impending tragedy can no longer lay apparently remedy. The giant, however, proves its altruism: after saying goodbye for the last time Hogarth tossed into the starry sky, hitting and making the missile explode into the stratosphere.

A few months later, Annie and Dean get engaged and the latter carries a statue of the Giant to remember him and his selflessness that saved the city. The general does deliver a parcel to the boy, which contains the only fragment of the robot found: one of his lives. That same night, the fragment lights up and begins to move by itself. The boy realizes that the robot is still alive and lets him go. The film ends in Langjökull glacier in Iceland: all the pieces are coming together and the robot is about to return whole, shielding alone. Right at the end he opens his eyes and smiles, happy to be a hero and not a weapon.The Iron Giant Free Download Full Movie English HD 720P
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