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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Free Download English
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ( 時をかける少女 Toki wo kakeru shōjo ? ) is an animated Japanese product in 2006 from MADHOUSE , directed by Mamoru Hosoda and based on the novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui , of which the ‘ souls is a continuation. In Italy it was released in DVD by publisher French Kaze ; was broadcast in 2009 on the digital television network RAI 4 .
Makoto Konno is a high school student; one day trips in the science lab and accidentally bumps into a device that, as will be revealed later, allowing you to travel in time. When the girl falls from his bicycle to be knocked down by a train and unexpectedly saved, he discovers that, if he fulfills a jump long enough, it can go back in time to a moment in the choice of his life.
Makoto then starts to use this power to solve small problems in his life or just for fun. On the other hand, as pointed out his confidante, his aunt restorer, discovers that his every action should be to influence events almost always in a catastrophic way, and as a result is forced to repeatedly use his power to remedy the problems that she same, even unintentionally caused.
So when his friend Chiaki Mamiya confides in love with her, Makoto goes back in time to prevent hearing it, and then continue to have a friendship with the boy, only to force him to give in to the advances of a ‘ On the other girl, who becomes engaged to him.
His other friend, Kosuke Tsuda, ends up falling in love with her and tells him: in this case, Makoto uses her power to make sure that the guy you get engaged with Kaho, the girl whose grandmother has run Kosuke taken care of when he was a volunteer in a care home for the elderly. Meanwhile, Makoto has discovered a number tattooed on his arm: it indicates how many jumps in time are still possible. Him remains one when impulsively decides to avoid a phone call from Chiaki, who reveals them to know that she jumps in time. This, however, prevents to save Kosuke and Kaho, who are invested by the same train at the beginning of the story was to overwhelm her.
Just at the moment when the girl, who attempted to stop them until the last, assists with horror accident, time suddenly stops. It was Chiaki confesses that come from the future: shows the device that allowed Makoto to leap through time and reveals to be back in time to see a painting (which has restored Makoto’s aunt). Finally, Chiaki tells her that he used his final jump to save Kosuke and therefore can not now go back to the future, but even continue to attend it, because the future is not allowed to speak to the people of the past of the jumps in time and anyone who violates This rule is intended to disappear. Makoto, in tears, trying to stop it is only then that he realizes he truly love him.
Life starts normally, but Makoto is unable to forget his feelings. On the other hand, he finds that following the intervention of Chiaki on the timeline his last jump in time never happened, restoring the ability to jump in time again. He then decided to go back to the time when, in the lab, he found the device, at the beginning of the story.
When he finally finds the boy, tells him everything (Chiaki, in fact, still does not know that the future itself has revealed the truth). Shortly before returning to their own world, Chiaki hugs her, telling her that the wait in the future. Makoto, happy, replied that the race meeting.
One day Makoto happened many unpleasant stories, and in the end she fell under the train. But at that moment she realized that she could travel in time, changing the past, and thus saved. Inspired by the change in the past, Makoto says that because of its attempts to arrange his life often suffer from other people, and the number of hops available is limited. Trying to fix what she has done, she spent all attempts, but learned that Chiaki, her classmate – from the future. That he lost device for time travel, which accidentally dropped Makoto. Now he is back in his time, and not seeing that for which he made the jump into the past – now that is destined to burn in the fire – as this picture for another restoration. Makoto but promised to look after the painting, and that they would meet in the future.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Free Download English
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